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One-handed Beggar-Return of the Pearl Landlord _ txt Novel Paradise Full-time Job

Dec 7th, 2022 at 05:25   Tourism & Restaurants   Dalnegorsk   231 views
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As they spoke, the three of them had already walked up to the rockery, hid behind the stone, and looked forward. Sure enough, they were facing the theater below. Although there was a reed shed blocking them, they could not see all of them, because the mat shed was built high and large, and the area in front of the stage could still be seen. On the way, I heard that the bandits had stopped shouting, scolding, and angrily asking questions. The host and guest seemed to be arguing on the platform, explaining the festival, and the play had not stopped. Then several men, together with two thieves with silver medals, hurried out and went to the horse shed beside the shed to prepare the enemy's original horses. Another two men walked out of the crowd and went to the front of the fort. Three men followed, like a small leader in the castle. As soon as he recognized the two dwarfs behind him, he suddenly saw a man galloping up. Before he arrived, with a wave of his hand, Zhang Wu hurriedly led the two men down together. The man had not yet come to the opposite side, so he waved his hand and turned to go first, looking very urgent. Three people hurriedly catch up. As the man led the three of them to gallop around the tree, he whispered, "It's not a good place for you to hide. It's far away from the horses. Please hide there. It's easier to get up.". The two castle owners suspected that the old thief was full of tricks. There was more than one thief who stole the iron ring. The iron ring had been stolen. Because two thieves were injured and could not get away, they deliberately started the alarm and stole the iron ring to escape. They were angry, and the thieves spoke rudely. The two village owners were very angry. Old dog men and women heard the news, but make a counter-charge,temperature screening kiosk, insist that the master does not speak of friendship, if not the two guests to offer, then go to the future waiting. Although he sold his master's kindness, he only asked the two village leaders to tell him how far to escort him. He would never do anything within the limits of what he said. No matter how far he sent him to the horizon, there would always be an end. He would listen to the distance, but he must make it clear, so as not to be ignorant and hurt the harmony of his disciples. How are the two village leaders willing to bow their heads to greet the old dog men and women? Before the Lord of the Great Stronghold could answer, the Lord of the Second Stronghold was already furious. He said with a smile, 'We have received the amulet from the elder today. In order to turn a big thing into a small one and a small thing into nothing,face recognition identification kiosk, we have not even fulfilled the friendship of the host. Instead, we have lost the Iron Double Ring, which was famous in Jianghu in those days and which everyone worshipped as a God. We have lost it. Not to mention the escort, fortunately, although the two young brothers are young, they have traveled thousands of miles, and there is such an easily invisible senior letter around them, I think there is also his origin. The Foolish Brother, however, had benefited from the Iron Old Hero in those years. He knew that the visitor was not his closest relative or friend, so he would not give him this gift. He wanted to show his heart a little. In fact, this ring was inadvertently recognized by the sixth brother of Hong. The visitor did not say hello first, so it can be seen that his brother did not need us. With the foolish brother such an incompetent person, also can not talk about escorting what people, but the rain is too heavy, did not expect beforehand, in the past years and the iron old hero often together, people before and after the praise would be his enemy, facial recognition thermometer ,interactive whiteboard prices, the iron old hero has been incognito for many years, visitors do not say his residence since the inconvenience to ask. People here, injustice has a head, debt has a master, the strong survive and the weak perish, there is nothing to say. In my absence, two minor brothers, who had never met before, were forced to look for bad luck, which was not only unreasonable, but also embarrassing on the master's face. In order to resolve this matter, even the water and wine also did not toast his brother, really ashamed. His brother, if his face, may stay for two days, our brothers can not even keep two small iron rings, how can we talk about boundaries? Brother Tai is not only within the castle wall, but also makes us feel embarrassed when we are masters, so we feel very kind. When the two of them leave, I will only see them off until they cross the Zhuangqiao Bridge. How about everything? "The Second Stronghold Leader was also very angry. He knew that the old thief was afraid that the people he brought would be outnumbered and suffer immediate losses. The two beloved thieves were injured again.". Although the heart hates extremely, never dare to really start at that time. In such a heavy rain, there is water and mud everywhere outside the fort. The old thief asked us about the date limit. The Second Stronghold Leader knew that the rain would be heavy. He said that he would take shelter from the rain within a radius of twenty or thirty miles outside the castle. Even human habitation was rare. How could he ambush him? He also pushed the guest to stay and did not tell the time of their departure, meaning that if he did not bully people too much here, he would let him go, otherwise the host would not sit idly by. The most important thing in Jianghu is to celebrate a festival. If you want someone to tell you the boundary, you must immediately see the effect and show the color. Even if you are separated by a thin line, you will not cross the boundary. No matter how much you hate your enemies, they will not see it. Once you cross the boundary, you will have an explanation to your friends. You will not let him go even if he has thousands of troops. It is important to keep your word. You must do it, and you can't blow your mouth. In such a muddy field, see how the old dog men and women ambush. As soon as the enemy crossed the Zhuangqiao Bridge, it would be a shame if he did not turn it over and escape half a mile away. Here, however, we take advantage of the geographical advantage to treat the old dog's enemy slowly and kindly. When he finds out the actual situation, he will quietly point out and take the opportunity to escape. He doesn't even know the shadow, so he can order people to take turns to watch day and night. It's impossible to guard against it, and he must be ashamed of himself. Just now he left in anger, but he didn't ask him to stay. How crafty the old thief was. How could he not hear such explicit words? But the words have been exported, more unexpectedly two village master outspoken, tone buckled so tight, no words to answer, gas to the extreme, sneer at twice, and crustily skin of head said two crazy words, then wait for the horse to start. On this side, Second Master Tian got another message and learned that the old thief was the best friend of Yan Shuangfei, an old prostitute. Eighth Master Tang was assassinated, including the old dog men and women. Because he associates with the old prostitute thief, the old prostitute thief is full of retribution, I do not know how he will not know. This is also the reason why Master Jiang refused to believe what he had said earlier. Old dog men and women come here, the reason is that the number of people in the village is small, and there is a lot of gold and silver in the storehouse. They want to seize the opportunity to attack, and suddenly loot the whole castle. After listening to the opera, it rained heavily and there was nowhere to go, so he pretended to be a passer-by and took his disciples to the door to see him. This is full of evil thoughts. When Master Tian heard that he was angry, he heard what had happened. When he learned that the old man and woman were leaving, he suddenly thought of an idea. He ordered the two of them to meet. With the help of the horse,Interactive digital signage, he got up first. On the one hand, he ordered people to delay deliberately. When the horse of the enemy arrived, they had already rushed out first. hsdtouch.com

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