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Phoenix prisoner Full-time Job

Dec 30th, 2022 at 03:29   Security & Safety   Dalnerechensk   68 views
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Chu Yu had no reaction, but Liu Sang shouted over there: "I don't want it!" He was intuitively dissatisfied, "I don't want to leave Chu Yu's side." Not expecting Liu Sang to refuse so simply and directly, Zhong Nian Nian looked slightly injured. She took a soft look at Chu Yu and gently opened her red lips and said, "What do you think of the princess?" Chu Yu stared at her and said with a smile, "If you can persuade Liu Sang to go with you, naturally I won't object." Although Zhong Nian Nian appeared too suddenly, but Chu Yu thought carefully, her identity would not be false, if she really had any bad plot, just need to take advantage of the time when Liu Sang went out alone to send someone to take away, with her ability, it is not difficult to do this, but since she personally came to see her plea, this side shows her sincerity. But. Even if Zhong Nian Nian is really Liu Sang's sister, if he wants to take Liu Sang away, he has to be willing to do so. Although she hoped that Liu Sang would leave her side and not be confined to such a small piece of heaven and earth, she did not want to twist his will by force. If Liu Sang doesn't want to, he can only be sorry for his own sister. When she said this, Chu Yu was ready to see the guests off, although she might be worried about where to go next, but she did not want to have the slightest bit of reluctance. At this time, Zhong Nian Nian made an action that surprised all the people present. She bent her knees and knelt down in front of Chu Yu regardless of how much dust there was on the ground. At this time, her eyes were no longer weak in disguise, but magnanimous and clear: "Thank you,inflatable water slide, Princess." Seeing her like this, Chu Yu was slightly stunned. "Liu Sang hasn't promised yet," she said with a wry smile. "It's too early for you to thank her." Previously, she only said that Zhong Nian Nian's affectation was interesting, but now she could feel her sincerity. She was no longer a princess. Zhong Nian Nian didn't need to be so respectful and careful to her at all. I'm afraid it was mostly for the sake of Liu Sang. Liu Sang looked at Zhong Nian Nian with some uneasiness in his heart. He just shouted out that he regretted not leaving, but not for the sake of not leaving, but for fear of hurting his sister's heart, which he had not seen for many years. After thinking about it, he pulled Zhong Nian Nian's sleeve and whispered: "Sister, I don't want to be separated from the princess. Anyway,Jumping castle with slide, it's very big here. Would you like to live with us?" If Zhong Nian Nian lived in Chu Garden, he would not have to leave Chu Yu, but also be able to reunite with his sister, which would be the best of both worlds. Liu Sang thought very well, but unfortunately both sides were reluctant, Chu Yu stared at Zhong Nian Nian's lips, for fear that she would spit out a good word, not to mention the relationship between Zhong Nian Nian and Rong Zhi, she did not want such an eye-catching million people to live in her home, what if it provoked wild bees and butterflies everywhere? Zhong Nian's eyes were also somewhat hesitant, but she did not answer directly. She only stood up and turned her head and said something in her ear. When she spoke, Liu Sang's face changed, and she looked at Chu Yu frequently. Obviously, the content of the words was related to her. Chu Yu was curious, but it was inconvenient to listen to them. When Zhong Nian Nian had finished, he straightened up and left Liu Sang's ear. Liu Sang still stood in a daze. After a while, he made up his mind and said, Inflatable water park on lake ,Inflatable water obstacle course, "OK, sister, I'll go with you!" Chu Yu was stunned: What did Zhong Nian Nian say to change Liu Sang's mind so quickly? Chu Yu repeatedly asked Liu Sang several times, asked him if he was willing to follow Zhong Nian Nian to leave, the reply was that he was not forced, she carefully observed his expression, found that he only blushed, not like being threatened to force the appearance, although puzzled, but only let him go. Watching Liu Sang and Zhong Nian sitting in the sedan chair together, the sedan bearers carried them away, Chu Yu's heart was full of disappointment, although she wanted Liu Sang to leave, but when he really left, she suddenly reluctant to get up. Chapter 239 pairs of shadows in pairs. Disappointed, she withdrew her gaze from the entrance of the lane. Chu Yu looked at Huan yuan and Ah Man beside her and said with a forced smile, "You are the only ones left to accompany me in the future.". "Although there was another Hua Cuo living in the house, that guy just practiced swordsmanship crazily every day and used her as a hotel. He also went to Guan Canghai from time to time to fight, because Guan Canghai never laid a heavy hand on him, but he could guide his deviation in swordsmanship.". Also don't know what flower wrong hair crazy, in know the queen mother Feng, view the sea and let three people's relationship, and they in this after the whole story, unexpectedly still life and death that let stop then in this Luoyang city, firmly keep here don't move. However, Hua Cuo was usually only active in the yard, and did not go out to cause trouble. Chu Yu had the idea of raising more bodyguards, so he let him live in Chu Garden. Huan yuan looked at Chu Yu's lost expression, and there was an impulse in his heart to soothe all the worries between her eyebrows, but before he had taken any action, his heart suddenly woke up and rationally restrained the actions that should not have been taken. He lowered his eyes and whispered, "Let's go back." Chu Yu nodded, the first to go inside, Huan far late for a moment to keep up, between the two, to maintain a distance, from the past to the present, silently, is always such a distance. Neither too unfamiliar nor too ambiguous. This is just right, a step back is reluctant to give up, but further is dangerous. Zhong Nian Nian and Liu Sang sat in the sedan chair, and the two brothers and sisters talked in detail about their experiences after these years of separation. Most of the time, Liu Sang was talking, and Zhong Nian Nian was listening, echoing softly from time to time. After saying a lot, Liu Sang suddenly remembered something and asked, "By the way, sister, how did you know that Chu Yu and I lived here?" When they escaped from the Southern Dynasty, they still spent a lot of time. Just now, they saw that Zhong Nian Nian was excited and neglected a lot of things. Now that they think about it, it is very strange. Zhong Nian Nian was stunned by the question. "I used to have a wide circle of friends," he said with a smile. "It's really easy for me to find someone. What's more, you are my only family member. Naturally, I always make people pay attention to your whereabouts. Not to mention that you came from the Southern Dynasty to the Northern Dynasty, you went to that wild place. I'll find you,Inflatable 5k obstacle, too. She spoke so sincerely that she effortlessly let Liu Sang put down his doubts and hugged her and said, "Sister, you are so kind." joyshineinflatables.com

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I run a restaurant in another courtyard.