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Playing the Universe in Online Games Full-time Job

Nov 24th, 2022 at 08:08   Tourism & Restaurants   Fastovetskaya   183 views
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The abuse of players from various forces is almost accompanied by the whole game world. Impossible tasks, perverted tasks, tasks without assholes..! The language of abuse is varied, so that many NPCs have gained experience and learned a lot of the art of cursing. Although they don't know what many words mean. Has been far away, the people have flown back to the spaceship, it seems that the Demons is impossible to catch up, this is gathered together to the spaceship. There are many rumors in the Wolf City, but seeing the power of the Black Knife with their own eyes, these NPC strong people really admire it from the bottom of their hearts. After all, the Black Knife itself is just an earth pole. With the basalt suit, it is a celestial pole, but it should not have such a strong strength. So everything is very simple, the strength of the castellan black knife itself is no small matter. At this time, it was also recognized by these people. Xuanyuan Dragon took his leave and returned to Xuanyuan City directly through the transport array on Xuanyuan. Quite a bit full of worry feeling, black knife also picked up the phone, learned that the city's goblins are very excited, after all, once again and the dragon clan has contact, and the contact with the dragon clan was the pride of the goblins, as for the blue dragon altar, no problem, the materials brought by the goblins are enough to build. Besides, this does not require any special materials, but in full force. Can be completed in a few days, but the dragon belongs to the common people of the dragon clan, can only recruit their dragon beast, so the altar is not very useful,Nero Marquina Marble Slab, not enough, even so, is also a good start, after all, they are also the real dragon clan, and the black knife in the hands of those just contaminated with the dragon gas and the formation of the bone dragon is not a grade, now can not recruit, does not mean that later can not recruit ah. The spaceship flies back with all its strength. Now the technology of the spaceship makes the speed much faster than the last big action. I believe it is very difficult for the Demons to catch up. The black knife falls into meditation and is willing to be dull. No, the big milk in this game, wait,Artificial Marble Slabs, our fierce wolf is back. The black knife brothers this action finally suddenly something and did not see, learned that the eldest brother super good luck, in the air can contact with the blue dragon, but also built the blue dragon altar, some regret not to participate in, the altar has a great interest in them around the goblins to help, but these goblins are also very helpless, can only endure. . What's the difference between the altar? ” "What's so special?" "I'll help!" The black knife brothers unconsciously helped, and their mouths were not idle, which made the goblins' heads bigger several times. The black knife on the spaceship smiled askew at this time, because as the main force of Xuanyuan Family, such as Xuanyuan Dragon, went back first through the transport array, the representatives of several other forces, such as Oriental Family, came to the fierce wolf, because they knew the temperament of the black knife, although there was no Mei, but it was already very explicit, Carrara Marble Slab ,Agate Slabs For Sale, even the black knife understood that several forces headed by the Oriental Family were going to support the black knife to become the leader of the alliance. Words show that they are disappointed with the dragon official, they do not stand on the side of the dragon, but with other ethnic official hot, hope that the fierce wolf city can make some achievements, so that they will lobby several other dragon forces to support the fierce wolf city to become the leader of the alliance. It seems that these people have sharp eyes, and when they know that the task is almost impossible to complete, they also feel the huge gap between the Xuanyuan family and the Wolf City, and plan to support the Wolf City as soon as possible. Oriental family not only has the in-laws relationship with the fierce wolf city, but also the relationship between the young Lord Oriental Pole and the black knife is extraordinary, so these things are all handled by them, after the others left, the representative of the Oriental family also fell behind, implicitly said that he would lobby Xuanyuan family, let them understand that they do not have the ability to compete with the fierce wolf city for the position of the leader of the alliance. In order to avoid the unnecessary loss of their own people. Send away all the people, black knife also feel high spirits, did not expect that once the small hoodlum will have today, ah, such a God-given opportunity, can seize ah. Being YY. Crystal phone rings He was very discontented to pick up, he was fantasizing with the army to occupy hundreds of planets, where all the people feel enslaved, was disturbed by the phone, very uncomfortable. Brother Black Knife, is that you? The voice was very haggard, as if it had been rubbed and abused, but the voice of the black knife sounded a little familiar, but could not guess who it was. Mobile phone novel network anytime, anywhere to enjoy the fun of reading! Chapter four hundred and seventy persistence, long dead three brothers Chapter 470 "Of course it's me, brother. Have you been cooked? Why are you so weak?" "Black knife careless way, did not have the nerve to ask, but still thinking about who this is, how to listen to the voice so familiar ah." That's great. The eldest brother still remembers us, the three brothers who explore the sky, the sea and the earth. "Ha ha, of course I remember. It's you three brothers." Black knife exultation, this often dead three brothers how suddenly appeared, brought back their previous memories, I do not know if they are often dead ah, such an alternative player how can they forget it. Brother Black Knife, our brothers have something to talk to you about. It can also be regarded as business, hehe. The three brothers who often die are still so weak. No problem. Let's have a good drink. I'm on the ship. I'll be in Wolf City soon. You wait for me in Wolf City. "All right, big brother, meet and talk!" "What's the matter with these three boys?" Black knife shook his head, did not care too much, just some curious how these three boys are weak, is it really indecent assault? Next, the ship returned to the Wolf City smoothly, the harvest was good, the core got a lot, but the black knife was kept by himself, the penance of the Crystal Dragon Cave, so that he could clearly recognize the role of these cores, now get, all intend to use themselves. There were three people in the crowd. It looks haggard and old, with dull eyes, black eyes and trembling limbs. It seems that only half a life is left. It's not easy to see such a special player in the game. Brother, you won't be raped by a savage. How did this happen? Big brother avenges you. Saw often dead three brothers, black knife almost can't recognize, hurriedly come forward,Silver Travertine Slabs, these three boys now even the earth pole has not reached, but made like this, is the reality of the accident. forustone.com

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