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Qingling Moon Full-time Job

Dec 30th, 2022 at 03:17   Independent & Freelance   Fatezh   142 views
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"We're back!" As if it had been a hundred years, finally, a voice came from outside the door, breaking the suffocating calm. I saw Jiang Bai carrying a big food box, needless to say also know that it must be the delicacies of Shixianglou, while Fang Lingling holding a gorgeous phoenix crown, Qiutong holding a jar of wine in each hand. As soon as the three of them entered the courtyard, they were all surprised to see the people standing in the courtyard. Bang! The wine jar in Qiutong's arms fell to the ground, and all the wine was sprinkled on the ground. Suddenly, the fragrance of the wine was overflowing. As soon as Fang Lingling saw the figure in the courtyard, she felt a heavy blow to her heart. Her whole body shook and her hands loosened. The phoenix crown fell to the ground, and the pearls on the phoenix crown scattered all over the ground. Only Jiang Bai did not know why he was carrying the food box and looked at the people in the courtyard doubtfully. Big Big Childe! "Autumn.." Brother Qiu! Qiu Tong and Fang Lingling called out at the same time that the figure in the courtyard must be Qiu Yi Pavilion, so proud and extraordinary figure, there is only one person in the world! Perhaps it was the sound of "bang bang", or the call of Qiu Tong and Fang Lingling, which woke up all the people in the courtyard. The people who had just come to their senses only felt a flower in front of them, and the figure flashed. When they saw it clearly again, they saw that the two people who had depended on each other had been separated, and the Qiuyi Pavilion stood in the middle. Qiuyiting holds Longyuan Sword in his left hand and Fengqingxue in his right hand. Separated two people look at each other, a slight sigh, should always come, can not hide and do not want to hide! "Big Brother, you're here." Qiu Yiyao opened his mouth calmly. Yiting, you're here. Feng Qingxue opened his mouth indifferently. The surface is light, but I don't know two people's hearts are very heavy,artificial banyan trees, a sense of powerlessness at the same time in the heart, just because the person in front of them is the last thing they want to hurt, but it happened to hurt, and must be hurt very badly! Very heavy! But it is helpless! "Yiyao, your parents miss you very much. Don't you go back and see them?" Qiuyi Pavilion glanced lightly at Qiuyi Yao, but the warmth of the past was no longer there, and it became cold and strange at this time. Qingxue, I've been looking for you for a long time. A long time! Qiuyi Pavilion turned to look at the wind and snow, and looked at her for a moment,artificial coconut palm trees, with a gentle tone like water and a thousand tenderness in her eyes. All the people in the courtyard, some understand the situation, some do not understand the situation, but at the same time deeply sigh, this wind and snow, ah, can let this not put the world in the eyes of the autumn pavilion to do so! Feng Qingxue looked at Qiuyi Pavilion, suddenly the heart was like being caught by something, faintly tight, faintly painful, looked away, but saw the wrist tightly grasped by Qiuyi Pavilion, very tight but not painful! He really didn't want to hurt himself, but he wanted to hurt him. "Yiting, will you let me go?" Feng Qingxue whispered. Qiu Yi Ting did not speak, staring at her eyes, whether a release, artificial cherry blossom trees for weddings ,silk olive tree, like the last two times in general, she will disappear again? "Yiting, I won't go. Will you let go first?" Feng Qingxue still whispered, looking up at him, with a kind of persistence, a kind of gentleness, and a euphemistic sigh in his eyes. Qiu Yi Ting slowly released his hand. Feng Qingxue turned to look at the other people in the courtyard and smiled, "a lot of guests, but unfortunately the timing is not right." With a smile floating, Jiang Bai suddenly turned his head, afraid to see that touch of red, afraid that touch of beauty stung his eyes, but what he turned into his eyes was a tree of burning peach blossoms, delicate and beautiful as her incarnation. Deer, are you all right? Feng Qingxue came forward and called the pale deer. Princess My son-in-law. I I Nope Nope Autumn.. The deer grabbed the wind and snow, as if he could get courage from her. She wanted to show that she didn't want to bring Qiuyi Pavilion, but she felt so guilty and nervous that she couldn't speak. Looking at the eyes of Qiuyi Pavilion and seeing the stiff situation now, she knew that the princess and the second son could not worship today, and the princess's long-awaited happiness was destroyed by herself! When Feng Qingxue heard this, he sighed, "This deer, ah, always can't get rid of the mistake of being nervous. Anyway, it's all come to this point.". Sure enough, the wind was blowing, and Qiuyi Pavilion was close by, staring at the deer. "What was your name just now?" "Gong.." Small I As soon as the deer, who was usually eloquent, arrived at the Qiuyi Pavilion, he was overwhelmed by its momentum and could not even speak clearly. "She called the princess and her son-in-law!" But Zhaohua rushed to answer, not adding insult to injury, but the name made him confused, he must find out. Princess Qiuyi Pavilion looked at the wind and snow, and her eyes were full of doubts. Princess? As if it had been a lifetime ago, alas! The wind and snow murmured and sighed. The sadness and sadness contained in this sigh is so obvious that the wind and snow, which were originally invisible to joy and anger, are confused and sad at this time, as if immersed in some sad memories, for a time, all the people in the courtyard can feel that sadness. Pouring snow. Qiu Yiting held her shoulder and pulled her back from the past so that she could look at him. Yiting, I'll tell you. I'll tell you everything. Feng Qingxue looked back at him, his eyes were clear, but it was like a pool of blue water that was unfathomable. At this moment, Qiu Yiting was expecting her to tell him the truth, but he was vaguely afraid that she would tell him the truth. But can the others please leave first? Feng Qingxue's eyes swept over the other people in the courtyard, and when he saw the boy in yellow, his eyes gave a slight pause. But the people in the courtyard were not moved and still refused to leave. Qiu Tong and Lu Er always follow their masters wherever they are. At this time, they refuse to leave when they see this situation, for fear that something will happen. Jiang Bai, on the other hand, stared blankly at the peach blossoms as if he had not heard them. But Fang Lingling looked at Qiuyi Pavilion. She seemed to be crazy. This person never looked back at her from beginning to end. Even her call seemed not to have been heard. There was only a wind and snow in her eyes. For a moment, her heart was painful and bitter, jealous and envious! She was not reconciled, she insisted that he look back at her! And the boy in yellow, after hearing the name of "princess",Faux cherry blossom tree, looked at the wind and snow in surprise and uncertainty, and it seemed that he would never give up until he understood it. As for the four followers of the boy in yellow, they would not leave him without his orders. hacartificialtree.com

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