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Quick Wear: Loyal Dog Development Program Full-time Job

Dec 7th, 2022 at 05:22   Medical & Healthcare   Zarechnyy   78 views
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"I said, little girl, the ability is not small!"! How dare you kidnap and hurt people? I guess your father can't save you this time! Gongsun Peng took off his sunglasses with a regretful expression. What do you mean? Brother Gongsun? Even if Liu Mei was stupid, she knew she was going to have an accident. The fat man told the brothers to tie these guys up and call the police! Gongsun Peng has never seen Xuanyuan war appear so nervous expression, you know he is recognized in their circle of expressionless. I know, Brother Peng! The fat man named by Gongsun Peng beckoned the other people who followed him to take off the coats of the small hoodlums and use them as ropes, tie them up and continue to let them lie on the ground. Liu Mei knew that this Gongsun Peng had not taken a fancy to herself at all. She should know that her mother had encouraged her to seduce this one. Unfortunately, because she was too young, people did not like her at all. In addition, she really liked Tang Hanyu and did not listen to her mother. Brother Gongsun, why did you tie me up? What's the matter with me? Liu Mei thought that even if Gongsun Peng looked down on himself, but after all, he also knew that he would not tie himself up, and now I see that she was completely wrong. Little girl, the courage is not small, even I dare not provoke people dare to offend, although my brother loves you, but unfortunately there is no way, so I have to be wronged. Saying the most gentle words and doing the most cruel things is probably what Gongsun Peng looks like now. Brother Peng, what shall we do? Wait here? They were still playing,86 smart board, and suddenly they were called to help. Nonsense, when brother Zhan finishes his work, he will come over and ask you to call the police. Did you report it? Gongsun Peng looked around this even a place to sit, really very irritable, originally came to this remote small county just to return a favor to the Tang family, came to invest, the result also encountered such a disturbing thing. You say a young girl, why do you have to die to learn others to play kidnapping,digital interactive whiteboard, now good, play big hair, you have to find a new partner. I thought I could go back to Kyoto right away, but now it seems that I can't go back in a short time, but the appearance of Xuanyuan Zhan is also a bit of fun. Yes, I asked my brother to call, and the police will come soon! The fat man flashed the wind with his hands, and the sweat on his forehead was endless. The autumn tiger was really poisonous. Give this girl's father a phone call, and we'll know each other! Recently, his father also treated him well, but unfortunately, it is estimated that there will be no possibility of cooperation in the future. Brother Gongsun, please let me go! Liu Mei did not know whether she was frightened or thought her father would come to see her like this. Anyway, she dared not let her father know that she had offended Gongsun Peng. My brother wants to, 75 smart board ,interactive panel board, but he can't! Put on the sunglasses, lying comfortably on a mat sent by a young man, fortunately, this group of dudes will enjoy the Lord, the car is not short of these things to fight at any time. Chapter 120 become a beauty in anger. Had it not been for the clothes on Xuanyuan Zhan's body, he thought he would have been killed by some doctors with his eyes, and anyone who saw a teenage girl stained red with blood would have been distressed. Besides, Qian Mo's pale face made him want to go back and abuse those guys ten more times. After watching him being pushed into the emergency room, Xuanyuan Zhan picked up his cell phone and called Gongsun Peng. Dapeng, keep an eye on those people and never let them come out. Although his tone is very flat, but as a brother from childhood to adulthood, Gongsun Peng can still hear his anger from the phone. Don't worry, but there's a little girl here who wants to give it to the police? They are not simple things, but some things are better to follow the procedure. Well, it's all handed over to the police, that is, no bail in any case, and I'll tell you what to do when you wake up. Looking at the time Qian Mo has not been sent out, Xuanyuan war even if she has been determined that her life is not in danger, but the thought of her body can not be easily injured, this injury will not have no impact. "I said, brother Zhan, who is the little girl who was hurt?"? Are you like this? Curiosity tickles his little heart! "Wait until we meet!" Then he hung up the phone and looked at the busy doctor. He could only hope that the wound would not break out and seal her body. Gongsun Peng looked at the mobile phone that was hung up again in his hand. He was really speechless. This man is really not generally cool. Did the little girl hear that? So feel at ease to stay in the Bureau, it's better to explain all that can be explained, otherwise my brother can't help you! Liu Mei at this time is really regret, how did not think of oneself just teach a rural soil girl, how to become like this now? When the police came over, they were shocked by the exclusion of the underworld. If it was just a general appearance, it would be nothing. These days, some young people learn the scene in the movie to get a bodyguard to act as an ostentatious, but why are all the younger brothers in the county now? This group of dudes had more or less contact with this group of policemen present, so they were all very familiar with each other, and it was awkward to look at them. Gongsun Peng, who was surrounded by all the dudes, had no intention of getting up at all, and this group of people really didn't need him to come forward. The fat man also knew that this was not just anyone who could entertain him, especially those who would come to greet the police. According to Brother Zhan, these people are locked up! After everyone was escorted to the car, Sun Peng got into the car driven by the fat man. Brother, where are we going? The fat man wiped the sweat from his head and looked at Gongsun Peng with a smile. Go to the flower shop to buy flowers! Leaning back in the car seat, he ordered with his eyes closed. All right, come on! The fat man started the car to leave first, and the playboy behind him was not so lucky, so he had to accompany the police to deal with the things behind him. Liu Mei couldn't react until she was locked up in the detention center. How did she end up like this? As for Liu's father, after receiving the phone call, he could not imagine that his daughter,electronic board for classroom, who was usually obedient, would kidnap and injure people. I want to go too! Liu Mei's mother also heard the phone, how can not worry? "Take more money and hurry up!" hsdsmartboard.com

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Quick Wear: Loyal Dog Development Program