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Quickly wear a female companion: your man is blackened again. Full-time Job

Dec 1st, 2022 at 04:56   Medical & Healthcare   Davydkovo   115 views
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How familiar this story is! She jerked her head back and her voice became excited. "What else did you dream about?" Could it be that he remembered what happened to Childe Xuanyi in that lifetime? "I also dreamed that I had a child with her." Murong Zhuo looked at her deeply and his voice was very low. "It's just that I didn't protect their mother and son.". She should.. Hate me very, very much. Not well protected? Jovi burst out laughing with a cold expression. What's not protected? It was his own order to kill! She, and the baby in her belly, are just his abandoned playthings! "Jovi, what on earth can I do to get her forgiveness?" "It's simple." Jovi lifted the corners of her mouth and smiled badly. "When you die, all the traces in this world will be erased, and she will naturally not hate you." "Is it?" "Of course, if I were her, I would never be able to forgive the emperor." "What if I give everything I have just to get her forgiveness?" "Impossible." Jovi leaned close to his ear, her voice as sweet as poisoned honey. "Unless you can give her back the child she lost." Of course, this is impossible. Child Murong Zhuo looked at her for a long time, hesitated for a moment, and suddenly asked, "Jovi, do you want to have a child?" "I don't want children." Jovi quickly interrupted him. Even if there is another one, it can't be the child she lost. All she cared about from the beginning to the end was the innocent fetus that had not yet formed and had suffered a tragic accident. What she had lost, he could never teach her to regain. Because of this,ultrasonic cutting machine, throughout her life, she could not forgive him! …… Emperor Yong'an and his wife, Xiao Zhou Hou, wasted thirty years in the palace. As soon as the thirty-year time limit was up, Jovi was completely bored. She ordered someone to build a wheelchair and pushed Emperor Yong'an to the top of the city wall, squinting her eyes and facing the rising sun,ultrasonic welding transducer, her mind was ethereal. There was a layer of orange light on Xiao Zhou's cheeks, which were no longer young, adding a little tenderness to her face. Look, the sun is coming up. She said with a smile. No matter how the world changes, the sunshine is always so gentle. Murong Zhuo stared at her smiling eyes without blinking, and his expression was already a little crazy. Yeah, it's so gentle. He murmured. Xiao Zhou has been fighting with him for thirty years. In the past, he always smiled. This time, he rarely saw a soft trace on her face. Promise me to live. Jovi suddenly said. Even if it is painful to live, you should drag your disabled body and live well, do you know? Murong Zhuo's heart suddenly rose a very strong sense of uneasiness. In the blink of an eye, Jovi had jumped up the wall and turned to smile at him. I used to say that I would destroy everything you care about. She gave a hearty laugh, ultrasonic sonochemistry machine ,ultrasonic spray nozzle, and her voice was as sweet as a girl's. "I've ruined everything except one thing." Murong raised his weak arm with difficulty, only touching a golden red sleeve. He wanted to hold her tight. He was afraid that she would slip out of his hand again. However, the fingers, which had lost their tendons, were so helpless that he, a useless man, was trying to catch something in vain. That thing is myself, isn't it? Qiao Wei's face burst into a brilliant smile, "-Childe Xuanyi." Not a question, not a rhetorical question, but a statement. How could she not recognize him when they had been so close? In his body, the part that belonged to Childe Xuanyi gradually woke up. Since he cared about her most, she destroyed herself and taught him to live in the pain of loss forever. I hate you Hate to.. At the risk of her own life, in exchange for his life of grief. The smooth golden red cloth turned mischievously in Murong's burning palm and quickly pulled away, as if it had never appeared before. Jovi was right in front of him, like a huge butterfly, dancing lightly and falling quickly down the wall. With a dull "thump", the legendary life of the little Zhou Hou was over. "No-" Murong Zhuo's eyes were red, and his sad voice was pulled intermittently by the wind. Soon, she couldn't hear what he was saying. Little Georgie! …… "In the 37th year of Yongan in the twilight kingdom, Qiaowei Zhou, the little Zhou who seduced the Lord and played with power, fell from the city wall. The murderer was suspected to be Murong Zhuo, Emperor of Yongan.". Prince Murong vowed to avenge Xiao Zhou in the morning and evening, and then launched a coup in the East Palace to seize the throne and ban Emperor Yongan. The cowardly and incompetent Yongan Emperor spent his old age in a dark water dungeon at the age of sixty-nine. In the teahouse, there is a storyteller who holds the history books and talks a lot. The common people always have a great heart of gossip about the love and hatred of the royal family. If you want to talk about the story of the love and killing between Emperor Yong'an and Xiao Zhou Hou, the old man can say that he did not catch his breath in March and May. Xiao Zhou Hou is sinister and vicious, and Emperor Yong'an is weak and incompetent. This pair, ah, are really wronged! "Emperor Yongan is not weak." In the corner, suddenly there was a voice out of place. He just loves Xiao Zhou too much. Love to.. Reluctant to hurt, to hate. This couple's little taste is really too much for ordinary people. When the tea guests heard this, they looked back. The corner was empty and there was no one there. It was as if what they had just heard was only an illusion. Alas! Outside the teahouse, a thin Taoist priest in a burnt yellow Taoist robe stamped his feet and looked up at the sky, as if he had seen something of interest, and his eyes narrowed. Finally Is it reborn? "If you want to know the cause of past lives, the recipient of this life is." "Predict the consequences of the afterlife, the author of this life is." The Taoist priest shook his head and flexibly shuttled through the crowd. Soon, he was overwhelmed by the hustle and bustle of people,ultrasonic dispersion machine, such as mud cattle, such as the sea, there is no trace to follow. Chapter 609 Finale (1). fycgsonic.com

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