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Rebirth of Hokage Full-time Job

Nov 24th, 2022 at 07:51   Human Resources   Sarapul   62 views
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Hearing this question, one of the assistants looked back at the direction of the glass wall. My Lord, the Hokage and the Elders are still here, but they keep up with my Lord. "What's wrong with them?" Inoue Qingyuan's hands kept moving and continued the operation. They all seem to be looking at subject number three. You know, it's about to take a direct punch from him. At this point, the senior medical ninja with countless medical work experience could not go on. After all, what they are going to do later is too bloody. For the silence of his assistant, Inoue Qingyuan naturally knew why. He knew that he had been called cruel, but just say it, and their words would not change what he had decided to do. Find a person to go out to inform the three generations of adults, let them wait, no matter what they see,outdoor digital signage displays, do not make any sound! If it affects this operation, I won't let anyone go! Of course, these words are equally valid for you! The last sentence added made the assistant who had just taken a few steps tremble. It was the first time he had spoken in such a stern tone in front of others, and it was natural that others would not adapt to it. Raised his head and looked at Inoue Longer's smooth and undulating chest, Inoue Qingyuan lowered his head again. Father,face recognition identification, don't worry. It's just a sleep, and when you wake up again, those disabled limbs will become a dream of the past. With the completion of the initial work of the operation, the next step will begin. A medical ninja came to the man tied to the steel frame with a special potion in his hand. The special shape of the bracket limits the man's ability to move to the greatest extent, even under normal circumstances, he is also very difficult to break free, let alone has been tied up now. The man looked at the medical ninja who did not know what was in his hand and blinked his eyes desperately in fear. His body was out of control and he could only express his thoughts through this action. He used to think that he would not be afraid, but the experience of this period of time made him, who thought he was as tough as iron, facial recognition thermometer ,smart whiteboard price, not want to recall. It's not physical torture, it's mental torture! The feeling of powerlessness that he could not resist at all made him wake up from nightmares again and again. He had thought that he was not afraid of death, but he did not expect that when death came, he would suddenly become so timid. No, don't. Please don't. Let me go! Please let me go! The body, which had been restricted by special means, could not even shout out, even if it exhausted all its strength, it could only make a lower volume than normal voice like this. The medical ninja with the potion gazed at the man's pleading eyes, shaking his hand and almost spilling the medicine out of the bowl. He did not expect that a prisoner like this could show such a look of desire. This infinite yearning for life made him stop the action of giving medicine. Just because he couldn't do it. Why, what are you still doing here? A sudden sound beside him made the medical ninja's body tremble as if it had been struck by lightning. Big, my Lord, I, I am really. The ninja looked carefully at the teenager beside him, not knowing how to express his meaning. 'You've Been so calm, don't you think it's terrible to take a limb from a living person?! ' He wanted to point at the young boy and ask him so loudly why he did it! Ask him why he doesn't care so much about a person's life. Inoue, who turned to the medical ninja, noticed the struggle and hesitation in the adult's eyes and shook his head in his heart. Give me the bowl. With a faint command, Qingyuan took the bowl of medicine from the other side and looked at the black liquid in the bowl as if he were thinking about something. You must think I'm very cold-blooded in your heart? Mingming thought so in his heart, but still shook his head of the medical ninja so that Inoue Qingyuan could not help but send out a laugh. "It doesn't matter if I say it in cold blood, after all, the profession of doctors is not as glamorous as it looks on the surface." It's like talking to yourself, and it's like talking to other people around you. Qingyuan's voice was so loud and small that people could not hear it clearly. Who are we? What village are we in? Where do we stand? A series of three questions popped out of his mouth, as if he were asking himself and as if he were asking others around him. Actually, I don't want to do that either. Inoue Qingyuan continued with a self-deprecating smile on his face. It's just that we're medical ninjas! It's a medical ninja from Konoha Village! Should we let go of the enemy and the chance to save our companions and friends? "Oh, maybe you'll say it's just an excuse for myself." Qingyuan looked at the ninja who dodged his sight and stopped. If he is persuading others, he is also persuading himself. It is not known what his reputation will be like after this operation. It is better to be concerned about what others will say about you in the future than to be timid and stop moving forward. Those things are just things after that. To tell you the truth, he is also afraid, and he doesn't want others to say that he is cold-blooded. It's just, what if we don't? Inoue took his eyes back and turned to the man who had been stripped naked and tied to the bracket. This gentleman who didn't know he was once a ninja in the village. Do you remember what I said to you before? It's almost time for me to make good on my promise. Please rest assured that I will try my best to make you feel no pain. Speaking of which,touch screen kiosk, you are also the benefactor of our family. The man looked at the bowl slowly approaching his mouth but could not dodge, as if he had heard the words the teenager had said before. Your life will come to an end today, and I will use your body to push another person to glory. hsdtouch.com

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