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Rebirth tipsy early summer Full-time Job

Mar 14th, 2023 at 05:10   Independent & Freelance   Balashikha   5 views
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Lan Haibing sat alone in the empty living room. The world of current affairs on TV was over. A Taiwanese family ethics drama began to play. He didn't listen to what the characters said in dialogue. After thinking about it for so long, he basically removed all the obstacles that should be solved and could be solved, but he didn't expect to be blocked in this pass. Since he liked early summer, Then why.. Dad and Aunt Chu got married. If you are with Aunt Chu, you will become a family. Isn't it good? Just because of brother and sister status? No, no, Dad is not such a superficial person, because of such an obvious and far-fetched reason to stop himself, otherwise, he would not dare to marry his friend's ex-wife, besides, the brother and sister are not related by blood. So what is the real reason? Blue Sea Ice is a person who wants to do one thing, he must do it well. Investigate everything clearly before doing it, and consider all possible accidents and formulate a plan to deal with them. Never allow any unexpected events to affect the outcome you want. And now, what he thought was the easiest pass had become an obstacle? He won't be reconciled if he doesn't ask for a reason! Moreover, he believed that he would be able to convince his father, but before that, he needed to get the other party to nod. There was no reason for him to struggle here alone, and that one was still making trouble for himself? The blue sea ice made up its mind, and naturally it was no longer upset. If there is a problem, just solve it. It is useless to tangle with it. Therefore, he does not do useless work. The second day of a good night's sleep,heavy duty racking system, full of energy, is as brilliant as the morning sun, full of vitality. Early summer feels the spirit is very good, at least, she and Meng Tao thing is a foregone conclusion, of course, early summer feel that although the outcome is different from what she thought at the beginning, but she is not sad not sad to suddenly decide to like the person out. In early summer,pipe cantilever rack, I felt that it was really my impulse, or just a hormone secretion after my brain was stimulated? I won't go into the specific reasons. Anyway, it's over. As usual, after school, early summer pulled up Shu Wanru, who had been picking for several days, and they were ready to go to the company to have a look. All the things were left to Sang Qi to do alone. These two people, who were suspected of being idle, finally felt sorry for their conscience. Shu Wanru's car stopped in front of two people on time, early summer was going to catch her free ride together, open the door one foot just stepped in, a gust of wind behind him, the sound of neat brakes sounded, the blue sea ice with the car stopped in the gap between Shu Wanru's car and the roadside steps less than two meters, early summer exclaimed that he thought he would hit himself, his heart beat faster. He glared back at the perpetrator, Pallet rack supplier ,radio shuttle racking, and the result was a familiar royal blue, and if he wanted to complain, he swallowed it back. Get in the car! Blue Sea Ice leaned over from the front seat to open the door lock and said to the early summer. In early summer, she looked at Shu Wanru with a teasing face and then looked straight at the blue sea ice in front of her. She weighed the two sides. Finally, Shu Wanru got into the blue sea ice car with her eyes full of banter. The two cars went to the city center one after the other. The early summer looked at the back of the big blue head: "You don't have to go to the company?" Recently, it seems that the blue sea ice is really leisurely, even in the school can not meet him, even in the first grade corridor to meet the second grade senior, early summer feel that things are getting more and more strange, but can not think of what is wrong. It was not until the students looked at her more and more strangely that they suddenly realized in early summer that every time they met Blue Sea Ice, they had already taken the initiative to say hello before they could avoid him, and they could not pretend not to see it, so. The students began to spread gossip about themselves and Lan Da! Early summer had no choice but to say that they were brother and sister. Although they would no longer spread the gossip about themselves and the blue sea ice, the troublesome things came. They began to have more friendship with themselves. Their classmates obviously changed their attitude towards themselves. Moreover, the weight of early summer was obviously more than that of their previous schoolbags. They were not postmen. Why did they promise others to help send letters and gifts to him? Why don't you sneak it in his car? If you want to give it to yourself face to face, early summer feels that it's too strange for her to do it. | Pai Pai Novel Forum lyg021 Handwritten, Please Specify for Reprint | Chapter 23 heart-to-heart talk on the rooftop. Early summer do not know why, always feel a little uneasy, as if something is going to happen, but everything around is normal, early summer gradually doubt whether they are a little menopausal? Maybe it's the restlessness of adolescence? Liang Luoxi has begun not to talk to himself, do not know the specific day, is suddenly began to want to speak and stop want to say and do not say the appearance, and then began to hide from themselves, even their own initiative to chat up is perfunctory a few words on the silent, as time passes, early summer also feel tired panic, doubt Liang Luoxi is not because he can not become a lover, also do not want to make friends with his ears? If he wants to give up, what can he do if he feels reluctant to give up this friendship in early summer? After all, the maintenance of friendship is not a unilateral effort to insist on it. After lunch, they went to the roof to bask in the sun. Early summer told her troubles to Shu Wanru, the tone can not help but some lost, Liang Luoxi, but after his transfer to the sea soul, the first person to extend a hand of friendship to her, of course, reluctant. Shu Wanru smiled a little strange, looking at the eyes of early summer revealed a kind of pity? Immersed in a decadent atmosphere of early summer is not noticed. Shu Wanru felt that in early summer, this kind of girl, who was obviously very smart, but had rough nerves, wanted her to understand that it was more laborious than the sun revolving around the earth, so she needed someone to mention it. Shu Wanru raised the corners of her mouth, smiling a little cunningly. Remembering what Lan Haibing had said to herself, Shu Wanru decided to give Lan Da a face: "In early summer, have you ever thought that you want Liang Luoxi to be your good friend, but you don't want to go further with others. It's a very sad thing for Liang Luoxi. Every day, when you face the girl you like,Pallet rack upright, you can only draw a line as a friend." He's just a boy, not a saint, okay? omracking.com

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