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Reborn Overlord: The Prince Regent Is Too Fierce Full-time Job

Mar 2nd, 2023 at 05:05   Financial Services   Barnaul   67 views
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She remembered very clearly that the body she had passed through was the seven princesses of Dayu, and that the regent was her nominal brother, perhaps. She liked her brother, but his brother liked someone else, and then she killed the woman he liked in a fit of anger, and his brother began to hunt her down. It must be so! Why else would she have so many scenes of killing in her mind? And her feeling to the palace is also very strange, was possessed by him, she unexpectedly did not hate him, the only explanation is. She likes him. But in the end, she was injured and almost died. She was good at martial arts, and there was still room. How could she get to this point? The regent must have done something to her! What a bloody drama. Gong Yimo suddenly had a feeling that he didn't want to find his memory so much. Snow Lotus saw that her daughter's face was blue and white for a while, and did not stimulate her, and said, "It's all right if you fall out with him." People like him are too dangerous. Maybe it's good for you to forget your feelings for him and start over. Snow Lotus thought that Gong Yimo disliked Gong Yimo and had a child, so they fell out, but when she thought that her daughter liked Gong Yimo very much, she advised her to do so, but she did not expect Gong Yimo to look at her face and nod affirmatively. Yes! I won't be so stupid in the future! Gong Yimo thought that she would never appear again, in case she remembered her feelings for Gong Yimo, wouldn't she start a new round of sadistic love? Snow Lotus nodded, "you can see the best." I thought the regent was a good one, but I didn't think that like those smelly men, it would be best if my daughter could put it down. Two people chicken and duck talk, completely did not find that behind the seemingly harmonious communication, there is a great loophole! What kind of Oolong is this? So, if you have something to say between people, you should make it clear that too much brain supplement will lead to problems! Snow Lotus saw that Gong Yimo was still unhappy, thinking that her daughter must have suffered a great blow this time. Her eyes could not help falling on Gong Yimo's stomach, thinking of something,potassium sulphate fertilizer, she could not help saying. Have you ever thought about what to do with the child? Gong Yimo gawked at his stomach, the child is still small, what to do? Snow Lotus looked at her with hatred. "You don't want to take the child alone in the future, do you?" Gong Yimo nodded, the master himself is still a child, she is ready to bring up this child is also right. When Saussurea involucrata heard this, she glared in an instant! "Is the autumn wind not willing to take responsibility?!" "No." Gong Yimo just felt that she had not recovered her memory and could not rush to do anything irreparable. Snow Lotus saw that the autumn wind did not refuse to take responsibility, and her face softened a little. "Since he is willing to take responsibility, don't delay this matter. Get married. Otherwise, what's the matter when the child grows up without a father?" Gong Yimo opened his eyes wide, "not good?" Somehow, when it comes to getting married, she actually thinks of the palace. Damn, why does she think of that man! "What's wrong with that?" Snow Lotus looked at her with a bad look in her eyes. "Why, calcium nitrate sol ,Magnesium Oxide price, are you still thinking about the Regent?"? He's done this to you, and you're still thinking about him? Her words are very misleading! Gong Yimo was more and more sure of the dog blood fantasy in his mind, so he hesitated a little. At this time, the snow lotus has been overbearing decision, her daughter is so good, why to hang on the regent? The autumn wind is very good, silly is silly, but to the foam son obedient, nothing can be picky, not to mention between them already had the child, gets married is should. That's settled! I'll go back and tell Fuya. Said, he took a somewhat complicated look at Gong Yimo, "when the time comes, how about giving you an identity?" Gong Yimo's thoughts were a little confused, and Wen Yan could not help looking at her, but saw some embarrassment on the charming face of the snow lotus. And then you will.. Marry the Princess of the Lotus Kingdom. Is there any objection? Gong Yimo thought quickly in her heart, if she promised, wouldn't she be called Snow Lotus Niang? She looked up at Snow Lotus with a look of indifference on her face, but her hands were tightly holding her clothes. In fact, she didn't care as much as she acted. So Gong Yimo sighed, "Whatever.". ” There is obvious joy on Snow Lotus's face! The daughter admitted her! But she held back and nodded with a reserved look on her face. "Without further ado, do the marriage before your belly grows up!" Gong Yimo is already powerless, "." You can do whatever you want. Snow Lotus is a man of action, since Gong Yimo agreed, she went to do it! Wait, you said you didn't ask about the autumn wind? Doesn't he want to be responsible for getting her daughter pregnant? So when the palace did not know, his mother-in-law was ready to marry his wife! —— "Wang Ye, this is the place." Luo Qi's efficiency is very fast. There are many small countries around the industry country. It is said that there is only one city. They have found several places around these days. This lotus country is the last one. Lotus Kingdom. Gong Yi sat on his horse, dressed in black, and read the two words softly. Because it has been confirmed that the imperial elder sister is still alive, so the state of mind of the palace has stabilized a lot recently, but looking for someone still has not stopped, as long as the thought of the imperial elder sister is around, not far from him, he would like to pull her out immediately! He swears! After seeing Huang Jie, you must bite her hard! This leprechaun, unexpectedly came and ran, ate him up and wiped him clean and slipped away! I can't stand it! Chapter 652 of the main text. Gong Kui drove forward, and sure enough, like Gong Yimo, he was stopped. The guard saw a line of people in the palace, although their number is very small, but each is very cold! The leading man was even colder, and he was not an ordinary person at first sight, so the guard was embarrassed and asked. May I ask who you are? Luo Qigang wanted to answer, but Gong Kui stopped him with a wave of his hand. Gong Yi. The palace announced his name, at this time he stood high above,Magnesium Oxide MgO, looked down at the guards below, and ordered in a very cold tone. Call your king out to him. Gong Kui said this very arrogant, do not know that it is to smash the field! But the palace was so powerful that the guard swallowed saliva and went to report it without saying a word. stargrace-magnesite.com

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Reborn Overlord: The Prince Regent Is Too Fierce