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Ringing horse Full-time Job

Nov 29th, 2022 at 04:28   Independent & Freelance   Rubtsovsk   127 views
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Just then, Sun Cripple's elbows bumped into the stomachs of the two Tsing Yi men who had grabbed his arms. The two Tsing Yi men let go with a muffled snort and bent down! Sun Yanzi picked up the jujube crutch and added it to the back of their necks. The two men in Tsing Yi climbed down and stopped moving. The ancient blind man sneered and said, "Master Cha!"! There's no need for you to speak. My lame friend has done it himself. Tell me, how did Master Fei Mu Shu come out? "You know better than I do," said the moustache. With a slight exertion of his ten fingers, the ancient blind man's moustache snorted, so his teeth grinned and his face changed. "Master Cha," said the old blind man! I'd like to hear yours. The moustache hurriedly said, "a prison head and six forbidden children have all been cut down, the locks have been discredited, and the felon Fei Mu-shu has disappeared. That's what happened." "When did this happen?" Asked the old blind man. "The night before last," said the moustache. The ancient blind man's hand on the moustache's shoulder fell down and slid down against the moustache's spine. The moustache straightened his waist, closed his eyes, and slid down like a face. The ancient blind man smiled coldly and said, "With this skill, I dare to come out and catch people!" "Blind man," said Cripple Sun! This The ancient blind man slanted his head and said, "Let's go!"! If you have something to say on the way, a few messengers have come to send us instead of walking. How can we live up to this kindness? You go first! Sun Liuzi looked up at the other two men in Tsing Yi and said, "We don't want to hurt anyone. You'd better not ask for trouble. Please step aside." The remaining two men in Tsing Yi did not dare to do it. Not only did they not dare to do it,Nail Making Machine manufacturers, but they were really obedient and immediately retreated to one side. "After you, sir," said Sun Liuzi. Cripple Sun is a man with a heart. At this moment, he called the childe instead of the girl. Miss Yan understood. She immediately stood up and walked out quickly! "Blind man," said Cripple Sun! Let's go together! The ancient blind man grabbed his stick and ducked out. Although he was blind, he would not touch anything, let alone hit the door frame! Miss Yan had a horse tied outside, and the ancient blind man and Sun Cripple untied two official horses. The three of them braved the wind and the yellow dust all over the sky to gallop westward! In the wind can not open his mouth,Nail machine supplier, a mouth is a mouthful of sand, there is a stomach of words also have to temporarily endure. The sky is full of yellow dust, almost no one can be seen on the opposite side, let alone distinguish the direction. At this time, walking depends entirely on experience and familiarity with the terrain. Cripple Sun took the lead, and Miss Yan and the ancient blind man followed side by side. They couldn't be far away. If they were far away, they would be separated! It was not yet dark, but the wind and dust covered the sky, and it was quite dark before it was dark. I don't know how far I walked, but I know that after walking for more than an hour, the wind suddenly became smaller, and a little light appeared in front of me. Sun Xinzi heaved a sigh of relief and said, "It's really not easy to get to Hulugou!" "Hulugou", as its name implies, Nail machine manufacturer ,Nail machine supplier, it should be a ditch, in fact, it is good, it is a big valley, like a gourd from north to south, three sides are mountains, the wind is blocked by mountains, weakened a lot. Into the "gourd ditch" a look, dozens of families scattered around the ditch, some still on the three sides of the high hillside. At this moment, the wind in the "gourd ditch" was only smaller than that outside, but it was not without wind. The wind was still blowing, and the straw pile was blown away by the wind. A few straws flew up for a while, and a few straws flew up for a while, everywhere. The two doors of every house were closed tightly for fear of a little wind, and only the light in the crack of the door on the window was silent and empty. "How's it going?" Asked the old blind man? Cripple! "I'm looking for it," said Cripple Sun. "Hulugou isn't a big place," said the old blind man, "but I'm afraid it's not easy to find someone like that." "Brother Sun," said Miss Yan! He used to come here every six months. What was he doing here? Cripple Sun shook his head and said, "We don't know that.". ” "Then whose house has he come to?" Asked Miss Yan. "Is there a friend of his here?" "Maybe," said Cripple Sun, "but we don't know." "Can you ask a family about it?" Miss Yan asked. Cripple Sun hesitated for a moment and said, "Let me try." He got off his horse and limped to the door of a nearby house on a jujube crutch. It took him a long time to knock on the door. Miss Yan could see it clearly. Without saying a few words, the man who opened the door shook his head and closed the door again. Sun Yanzi walked forward again on crutches, even several families were the same, and finally Sun Cripple came back, shook his head and said with a wry smile: "Girl!"! Looks like we're in the wrong place! Miss Yan's heart sank a long time ago. "Didn't he come here?" She asked. Cripple Sun frowned and said, "That's strange. I mentioned Master Fei's name, but they don't even know each other." The ancient blind man sneered and said, "Maybe Master Fei didn't come here. If you don't even know him, it's a mystery. Master Fei is a noisy horse. Eight years ago, he was killed in a lawsuit. Today, eight years later, he killed people and escaped from prison. I'm afraid they're afraid Master Fei will get them into trouble." Cripple Sun raised his eyes and said, "Blind!"! Do you also believe that Master Fei escaped from prison? "I didn't believe it," said the old blind man, "but.." "But what?" Asked Sun Cripple? If Fei Ye were a man who could escape from prison, Dafeng of Fengtian Prefecture could not even trap him for a while. How could he be besieged for eight years? "Not bad," said the old blind man in a daze! How do you think Master Fei came out? "Well," said Sun Cripple, "maybe it's us.." "Don't leave us alone," said the ancient blind man. "We've all met the people in Fengtianfu who eat the grain and get the salary. What about us? We'll put it on our backs. They'll put it away on their backs and delay the case. They can do it, and they dare. As for saving such a felon, they don't have the guts. We know they don't dare!" "If you say so," said Cripple Sun,Nail production machine, "did Master Fei escape from prison by killing people?" The ancient blind man said, "That's a very clear statement about getting a salary. I don't think it's true. I thought people would always change. If I was locked up in prison for eight years without seeing the light of day, no one could stand it." 3shardware.com

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