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Running water life Full-time Job

Dec 1st, 2022 at 05:50   Tourism & Restaurants   Davydkovo   84 views
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Examination Liu Zhenyi had a headache at the thought of the exam before the holiday. She has no problem in science, but Chinese is still very ordinary, and except for these main courses, she is a piece of shit in other courses. What to do? What if I don't do well in the exam? Although there was some fear in her heart, at the same time, she felt a little excited. After working so hard for so long, isn't it just waiting for the time to test? She. Definitely more than Liu Lian-er, isn't it! Dressed in uniform and curled up on a bench, Liu Zhenyi suddenly remembered the scene of that day. It's been almost half a month, but. The man's appearance was as if it had been engraved in his mind, and he could not forget it at all. If she could be as confident as that man, wouldn't she be so confused? Since the last time I saw their minister in the ice emperor, Liu Zhenyi really wanted to see him again. Yes, once is good, once is satisfied. Liu Zhenyi did not know if she liked the minister, by rights, did not even say anything, just looked at him from a distance, it is impossible to like it, although that day from the mouth of the support group know that his name is Atobe Jingwu, but only know a name, absolutely will not like it, but. I want to see him again. Liu Zhenyi found that Atobe Keigo was like a different magician, with dazzling light all over his body, or that he was like a human-shaped magnet,outdoor digital signage displays, as long as he had seen people, he would be attracted away. That's why the girls in the Ice Emperor Support Group are so fanatical. Maybe It's because he's so special that he's attracted to him. His behavior, his every move, is something Liu Zhenyi has never seen before. She wanted to live like the minister of the ice emperor, with dazzling appearance and arrogant temperament. She also wanted to gain the same self-confidence as him. She wanted to live like that man, arrogant but loved by others. He It's so special. Even if Liu Zhenyi is a good child who loves learning, but, in any case, she is also as ordinary as sixteen years old,digital signage kiosk, no, in Japan, to say seventeen years old, here ah, is the nominal age, well, back to the topic, no matter what, she is the same as ordinary high school girls, love fantasy, want to be liked, want to find a boy to fall in love! For example The minister of the Ice Emperor. Of course, she knew the idea was wrong. She just thought about it. Didn't her mother say that she should study hard and not lose face for her. The most important thing now is to prepare for the English speech contest after spring break, not to think about it. Liu Zhenyi, of course, knows what her mother thinks. She wants to hold her head up more in front of her colleagues in Japan. However, Liu Zhenyi sometimes really want to indulge, temperature screening kiosk ,face detection android, want to do something bad or do something that would never be done at ordinary times. Like having a lot of fun, or skipping a class or something. But She is afraid of her mother's anger, afraid of her disappointment, she is a timid person, she only dare to think but dare not do! Just like last night, her mother told her that she would take advantage of the long Christmas and New Year holidays to go out with Liu Jingsi for a few days, and leave her and Liu Lian-er alone at home and ask her if she would like to. Liu Zhenyi wanted to say no at that time, but because he was afraid to see his mother's disappointed face, he said yes against his will. In fact, it's not that she hates being alone at home with Liu Lian. Now their relationship is much better, but the problem is. Is it safe to have only her and Liu Lian-er at home? Bad people are not worried about what, she is not the first time alone at home, but, and a person who likes to watch dismembered animation stay in a room, OK? "Hey, what are you doing?"? It's a cold day. "Liu Xian Qi?" Liu Zhenyi, sitting on the school bench, raised his head when he heard the sound, only to find that it was Liu Xianqi. Counting up, she should not have seen Liu Xianqi for a while, because he had to fight for the joint entrance examination, but when he was so nervous, how could he have time to wander around the school? "To see me so surprised?" Holding the book in his arms, Liu Xianqi naturally sat directly on the bench, next to Liu Zhenyi. Not really. After pulling away from Liu Xianqi, Liu Zhenyi asked, "Where have you been all this time?"? I haven't seen you for a long time. Nothing, a little thing. "Liu Xianqi had a touch of sadness at this moment, but soon, he asked the girl beside him with a smile:" It's you, what's wrong? Look like a sad face? Shrugging his shoulders, Liu Zhenyi replied, "Nothing." She did not know how to say, could it be said that she was worried about being dismembered by Liu Lian? How is it possible? She herself thought it was too outrageous. If she said it, Liu Xianqi would laugh crazily. However Maybe you can discuss it with him in a subtle way. After all, he is also a boy. Maybe he knows what boys like to do when there is no one at home. Thinking so, Liu Zhen turned to look at Liu Xianqi and asked, "By the way, do you think a boy who looks very honest will do bad things?" "恩 ? A bad thing? Liu Xianqi raised his eyebrows and looked at the girl in puzzlement. Um. That is to say.. What can I say? Liu Zhenyi scratched his head and grunted for a while before continuing: "For example." I mean, like, would he suddenly go off the deep end when there's no one at home? "Ah!" Listening to the girl's question, Liu Xianqi raised the corners of his mouth, feeling that he had fully understood that he was not just talking about whether he would take advantage of the fact that adults were not at home, and that it was really hard to understand what he said. However, it is no wonder that she would say so obscure, a girl is inevitably embarrassed. But if you want to talk to him, he has the obligation to remind you. With this in mind, Liu Xianqi sat up straight and looked at Liu Zhenyi very seriously. He began to say: "You have to protect yourself. Remember, as long as you are a boy, no matter how serious he is at ordinary times, you will want it very much. Therefore, you must pay attention to your own safety. Don't be compromised by his two sweet words." Want it very much? Every one? Liu Zhenyi was completely shocked. The boy's heart is too difficult to understand, everyone wants to play dismemberment? Nope No way! Ah, yes, just asked the adult is not at home,face recognition identification kiosk, he will not want to do bad things, rather than ask the dismemberment. Whew. I'm scared to death! Thinking that she had misunderstood herself, Liu Zhenyi quickly patted her chest with her hand. hsdtouch.com

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Appreciate green tea expert male protagonist [wear quickly]