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Ruyishu Full-time Job

Dec 30th, 2022 at 03:14   Marketing & Communication   Saratov   267 views
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By the time they got off the bus, the two men were still making noise. When Xie Shuyuan came over, he saw the two men, one left and one right, standing by Xiao's legs, like two little protectors of the Dharma, but they kept saying that they wanted to, wanted to. Xi'er, what do you want? He said to his father, "Xie Shuyuan watched his little daughter dressed up as a fairy, with colorful dumplings on the left side of her waist and a jade gourd on the right side. Yuxue is so lovely that people want to pinch it." Dad, I'm going to draw a sugar figure, draw a sugar figure. "As soon as Xie Qingxi saw the big backer coming, he immediately changed his direction and acted like a spoiled child.". Xiao's face turned cold and she said to her seriously, "Xi'er, if you continue to make trouble out of nothing, be careful that Niang will never take you out again." "Daddy, Daddy," Xie Qingxi anxiously stretched out his hand to Xie Shuyuan and wanted him to hold him. Although outside, Xie Shuyuan saw his daughter so eager, and immediately reached out to hold her in his arms, teasing her. Dad, I want dragonflies made of bamboo, as well as painted sugar figures, and small windmills. "Xie Qingxi,Ultrasonic nano dispersion, in order to go out to play, simply acted like a spoiled child to the extreme, counting one by one with his little fingers.". When Xie Shuyuan saw his son standing below with an eager expression on his face, he had to say to Xiao with a smile, "Fortunately, we came earlier. If Madam is tired, we will go to the colorful shed to have a rest first.". I took Xi'er and Zhan'er around here. It's rare for children to come out, and they are all children's minds. They should love to play. When Xiao saw that Xie Shuyuan had already agreed, he had to nod helplessly,ultrasonic emulsifying machine, but he still told him to bring more boys and maids around to take care of the two monkeys. But facts have proved that it is never reliable for men to take care of children, no matter what age they are in. Chapter 22 encounter kidnappers. Chapter 22 The Dragon Boat Festival has always been lively, and it has become more and more lively since the arrival of the governor of Suzhou. The dragon boat race, which was originally sponsored by wealthy private businessmen, has now taken on a bit of official color because the governor has made adults come to watch it every year. Since the first day of May, the area around the Suzhou River has been very busy, and the coast has long been occupied by small traders. And this kind of festival, which attracts the attention of the whole city and the people of the whole city, can not be missed by businessmen. Even the Suzhou Chamber of Commerce organizes all kinds of businesses to carry out all kinds of promotional activities at this time, such as buying two pieces of silk and satin to send one piece of cloth, and buying three taels of silver to reduce three yuan. If Hsieh Ching-hsi came out to go shopping at this time and saw such promotional activities, he would have to sigh that the wisdom of the ancient people was really infinite. Such a modern promotion method can be used with such ease. Of course, as soon as Hsieh Ching-hsi felt the victory of the stage, her mother finally relented and allowed her to follow Hsieh Shu-yuan to the street markets along the Suzhou River. Xie Shuyuan rarely leisurely led the three children to play in the street, but because Xie Qingzhan and Xie Qingxi were dressed in the same color clothes, and were of the same height and age, the two children walked in the street like the golden boy and jade girl, ultrasonic sonochemistry machine ,ultrasonic cutting machine, but anyone who saw them could not look back. Dad, I want to draw sugar figures, "although Xie Qingmao often brings them some interesting little things from outside.". But after all, he didn't buy it himself, so as soon as he saw the sugar man's stall, Xie Qingzhan pointed at it in a hurry. Hsieh Ching-hsi also saw it, so she said happily, "Dad, I want it too, I want it too." Xie Shuyuan saw that they liked it, so he led the child over, followed by several boys. Xiao Shi originally wanted him to take the servant girl, but he is also a parent official in Suzhou, go to the street with a few servant girls in the side, like what words? "Master, how do you sell this sugar man?" Xie Qingxi gathered to the front of the stall. Although the stall was surrounded by children, most of them already had sugar figures in their hands. The few who didn't, they just looked at it longingly and didn't open their mouths, presumably because the family was so poor that they couldn't even afford this little thing. Young lady, I am the craftsman who paints the sugar figurine, but I dare not call you this master. "The craftsman who paints the sugar figurine really likes the little girl who is carved with powder and jade. He hurriedly said:" There are two ways to sell this sugar figurine. One is that you choose the pattern and give money according to the price of different patterns. Another is that you spend three coppers to play the turntable once, and it will be the one you turn to. ” Xie Qingxi looked at the patterns painted on the turntable, including dragons, phoenixes, tigers, rabbits, mice, and different patterns. She looked up at the sugar picture that had been made and inserted on the shelf. She pointed to a fairy holding the moon and asked, "How much is that?" "The girl is really good taste, this Chang'e holds the moon but extremely difficult to do, every time I also do so a few here to attract guests, this you give twenty coppers to become," the craftsman saw her dress of wealth and honor, opened his mouth and said. Old Li Tou, when someone came to buy it yesterday, you sold it for fifteen coppers. Why did you sell it for twenty coppers today? "A little boy next to him, dressed in coarse clothes and not even wearing shoes, said loudly.". Xie Qingxi turned to look at him. He was only four or five years old. His hair was oily, his face was dirty, and he sniffed when he finished speaking. Old Li Tou's sugar figurine was exposed on the spot. It was hard to avoid becoming angry from embarrassment. He said angrily, "Little son of the Feng family, if you can't afford a sugar figurine, don't ruin my business. Hurry up and get out of here." Although the child surnamed Feng was scolded, he didn't care at all. He just wandered around the sugar painting stall, staring at the sugar paintings, not to mention how much he wanted to eat. Master, do business to be honest, since you sell to others fifteen coppers, should also sell to me, "although Xie Qingxi is not poor money, when she does not like to be a sucker.". Old Li Tou looked at Xie Shuyuan, who had not spoken all the time and was standing behind the little girl with his hands on his back. He looked at the noble spirit of this man, and he was afraid that he was an official. So he said quickly and ingratiatingly, "If the girl wants it, I'll make you a fresh one right away." "I don't want it,ultrasonic dispersion machine," Xie Qingxi curled his lips. Old Li Tou: ".." "Ha ha, they don't want it." The child surnamed Feng clapped his hands and laughed, quite a bit of misfortune. fycgsonic.com

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