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Seven Swords of the Oriental Yulanling Full-time Job

Nov 15th, 2022 at 09:15   Marketing & Communication   Pavlovskiy Posad   175 views
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"Let's meet by chance," said Ren Ruchuan. "Let's be bosom friends. Don't stand on ceremony, Brother Nan." Long Xuewen looked pleasantly surprised and asked, "Is the Peach Blossom Land mentioned by Brother Ren the Peach Blossom Land recorded by Tao yuanming in the Jin Dynasty?" "Who says otherwise?" Asked Ren Ruchuan? The place where we live is the ancient Peach Blossom Land! Long Xuewen clapped his hands and said, "That's great. I've loved to read The Peach Blossom Spring since I was a child, and I've never been able to find what I want." 'Road ', always feel sorry, do not want to really have that place! Yi Rubing said with a smile, "The Peach Blossom Spring is only written by literati. In fact, apart from the mountains and rivers, there are fewer people, so it doesn't count." It has to be a secret place. Ren Ruchuan said with a smile, "But even if ordinary people want to go, it's not easy to get in." Long Xuewen exulted and said cheerfully, "That's great!" Four people eat breakfast, will go out, together on the road. The next day, he arrived in Linxiang, hired a boat, changed the waterway, crossed Dongting, and took Changde. Nan Zhenyue knew that they were walking like this, of course, on the one hand, it was much more comfortable, on the other hand, perhaps in order to hide their whereabouts. Spring breeze in March, is the season of sunshine and wind, along the way, we are not looking at the sky from the window, is to talk about literary theory. Wu, slightly express their views, four people of the same age,Cold Drawn Seamless Tubes, naturally very fit. For several days in a row, Nan Zhenyue, from the conversation between Yi and Ren, had faintly heard that the ancient Peach Blossom Spring seemed to be a secret gang? Also like a sect in the martial arts world? Inquire a few times, two people just laugh and do not answer, after talking about self-knowledge, so the heart is more suspicious. Dou Zhongzhong. A few days later, when the boat arrived in Taoyuan County, southwest of Changde, Yi Rubing pointed the boatman north along the river and stopped at the foot of Yigang Mountain. The ship. Everyone gave up the boat and landed. Yi Rubing and Ren Ruchuan led the two men straight to a path. Here is the Wuling Mountains, along the way,aluminium coated tubes, there are mountains, but the mountains are like Dai, the trees are lush, and the scenery is very clear. Li. Into the mountain gradually deep, the mountain path is also narrow up! The four of them walked quickly all the way, and after about half a meal, they were already close to a peak in the sky. Nan Zhenyue looked at the shape of the mountain. Strange and dangerous, the front seems to be a whole mountain. But near the line, it turned out that there was a water gorge hidden in the middle of a prominent Baizhang cliff, and the water flowed out of the gorge. Flow, converge into a vast stream, both sides are peach forest, brilliant red clouds, endless! Because the terrain along the stream is higher than the road, it is impossible to see that there is a gorge hidden inside. Four people walk along the cliff below the cliff, into about half a mile, only to see a stone archway, horizontal frame on the stream, written on the "ancient peach blossom." "Source" four seal characters. "Are we there yet?" Long Xuewen exulted. Yi Rubing smiled, raised his hand, played three coins, and flew straight into the peach grove like a meteor. In the twinkling of an eye, the second one caught up with the first one, beam impact tubes ,Cold Drawn Tubes, and the third one caught up with the second one. Qian Qian struck each other and made two sounds in the air. "Ding" "Ding" sweet crisp sound! Nan Zhenyue blurted out, "Brother Yi's'Three Stars Chasing the Moon 'is a very clever trick!" Yi Rubing looked back and said with a smile, "Don't make Brother Nan laugh. Brother is just telling the sailors to sail to pick us up." The voice did not fall, the fruit saw from a Taolin Yigang, flying out of a small boat, the twinkling of an eye has been under the archway, docked and stopped. Nan Zhenyue took a closer look at the boat, which was made of a whole mountain tree, round outside and square inside, with a sharp front and a sharp rear. The style was very peculiar. Standing at the stern of the boat, a strong man with his whole body in the water saw Yi and Ren, and he was respectful. Yi Rubing raised his hand and said, "Brother Nan, please get on the boat." "Brother Yi," said Long Xuewen, "are we going to get on the boat? If the forest is not exhausted, there will be a mountain, and the mountain has a small mouth, which can lead to people. Really? ' "If you don't take a boat, you'll never get in," said Ren Ruchuan with a smile. As he spoke, everyone stepped down one after another and sat down in the boat. The water depended on the man to lift the bamboo pole, gently click, the boat is like flying, upstream, about half a mile, has been sailing to the water. At the end of the gorge, there was a two-foot-high water cave. The water was turbulent and the sound of the stream was like thunder! The man suddenly somersaulted into the water from the back. He moved so fast that when he entered the water, his hands pushed the back of the boat. Along, two feet kick the water, push the boat against the current, into the water hole. "Please lie down, brothers Nan," said Ren Ruchuan. It turned out that when the water cave first entered, the top of the cave was still two feet high from the surface of the water, and when it entered, the boulder on the top gradually lowered its pressure. Come, the lowest place, but a few inches away from the boat! Supine cabin, but listen to the flood sound, deafening, but the speed of the boat is not reduced! But for a moment, a circle appeared in front of him. The light of the sky has entered the cave. The boat went straight to the cave. After a wave, the water suddenly calmed down. It turned out that in the mountainside, the torrent seemed to gush out from the right side and flow towards the mountain. The boat had sailed against the current here. In the impact zone, the pressure is greatly reduced, as if the wind and waves are calm, and the boat is even more light and steady. After a short time, he reached the exit of the grotto, and the water was close to the man's boat. Ren Ruchuan jumped to his feet and said with a smile, "Brother Nan, this meeting is really here!" Nan Zhenyue saw this ancient Taoyuan so secret, the heart can not help but raise a little more alert! It's just that the Dragon Brothers have more experience in Jianghu than themselves. They are usually meticulous, but today they are all smiles and happy. Almost without the slightest doubt in general! Stepping out of the grottoes, I was suddenly enlightened. It was a flat land surrounded by towering peaks. About hundreds of acres, at a glance, but see a brilliant red clouds, showing numerous palaces, painted pillars flying curtains, green tiles heavily. Nan Zhenyue looked secretly surprised, who in the end is living here? There was such a momentum, but it was strange that it was just at noon. Slant, so big in a valley, unexpectedly not see a person! Yi Rubing seemed to have seen Nan Zhenyue's intention and asked with a smile, "What do you think of this mountain, brother Nan Da?" Nan Zhenyue was startled. "The Peach Blossom Spring is gone," he intoned with a smile. "The world is not human!"! Long Xuewen interface "Yes," he said, "this is really a fairyland on earth, a paradise." "Second Brother,stainless steel tube 304," said Ren Ruchuan, "when you two brothers Nan first came here, would you like to take them to the palace to see them.." cbiesautomotive.com

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