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Shang Guan Ding Qing Tian Fei Long Full-time Job

Feb 21st, 2023 at 06:21   Engineering   Salavat   112 views
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After a burst of flying, Lengfeng was about to ask where Rushuang lived. But Rushuang stopped and pointed to the bottom and said, "I live here. Brother Leng, please go down and sit down for a while." Lengfeng replied with a smile: "What a coincidence!"! Xiaosheng also lives in this shop, girl, please! Ru Shuang smiled unexpectedly and floated down to the courtyard. When Lengfeng opened the door, he knew that they lived in the same room diagonally opposite the courtyard. After Bai Rushuang entered the cold peak room, in the bright light, after a relative conversation, he understood exactly the relationship between each other, and felt more familiar as an old friend. At the same time, each other's hearts are secretly praising each other's appearance and talent, and feel that Ying Qinghua really has a good eye and has found a handsome friend comparable to him. But in the depths of Lengfeng's heart lake, there is a kind of inexplicable taste! The night outside the window is as cool as water, and the fourth watch is coming to an end. They agreed on plans for tomorrow, said good night to each other, and then went to bed separately. The next day at dawn, Bai Rushuang sent Lengfeng two people to cross the river, and then chartered a fast boat to go upstream from the waterway. There were four men in the boat, all young and strong. After Bai Rufang boarded the boat, everyone was attracted by her face and wished her well from time to time. One of the youngest, with a strange mood, hesitated to speak several times. Bai Rushuang thought to himself, "Are you on the pirate ship?"? Hum! If you do something wrong,Nail Making Machine price, you will be killed by the sword of the girl! Unexpectedly, when she was thinking of countermeasures in the cabin, she saw the youngest man at the door of the cabin and asked respectfully, "Excuse me, Miss, why didn't Master Ying come?" Bai Rushuang asked him in a daze, unable to figure out what character the other party was? How can know oneself and the relation of Ying Qinghua, can't help saying casually: "Hey!"! Which Master Ying are you asking? Where did you meet him? The bookworm replied with a smile, "Did the girl really forget?"? Last year when I was in Lingjiapu in Jianshi,Nail production machine, I took part in the treasure hunting with my family teacher and admired the unique learning of Master Ying. Miss, didn't you go with Master Ying? The family teacher is the'golden dragon in the waves', little M Shi Kun, remember? Rushuang suddenly realized and said to him with a smile, "Oh!"! You are Gao Zu of Sect Leader Qin, no wonder you know me! How is your teacher? How can you do business in Wuhan? "Thank you, girl," replied Shi Kun! The family teacher is very good! Because I once received a notice from the elder Jiuxian, saying that it was Shaolin. The leaders of the three factions of Wudang and Kunlun jointly invited various gangs to gather in Wudang Mountain on the day of the Dragon Boat Festival to form an alliance. So my teacher sent me to work in the Han River area. Under the cover of doing business, I secretly paid attention to the water activities of the Red Star Sect. Is Miss going to Wudang? When Rushuang heard the reason, she was very happy. She immediately said, "I'm here because Master Ying's parents were robbed by the Red Star Believers. It is said that I took a boat from Wuchang to the upper reaches of the Han River yesterday morning, so I took your boat to track down and rescue them. Can your boat speed up a little?"? If you can catch up with the ship with the triangular red star, please inform me immediately. "Oh!" Said Shi Kun hurriedly! I see! All right, let's go as fast as we can! As long as the wind remains the same, we may be able to catch up with them tomorrow morning. Miss, please rest at ease, Iron Nail Making Machine ,High Speed Nail Making Machine, and I will take care of everything. With that, he bowed out and went to deal with the business of sailing. Make white as frost, reduce a lot of worries, and wait for the opportunity quietly. But in this respect, Lengfeng is much more laborious than her. Because, according to the original plan, is tracked from the waterway by Bai Rushuang, Lengfeng two people along the Han River, every day in the dock of the night place to leave two people scheduled to mark, in order to find each other to meet. At the same time, Lengfeng should also pay attention to the situation along the road, so as to avoid being landed by the Red Star believers on the way. Thanks to Lengfeng's extraordinary mount, he ran very briskly! Finally in the north bank of the Han River, did not encounter any unexpected difficulties! Until the next night, when Lengfeng and Bai Rushuang met again in Zhongxiang County, they felt that things were difficult and discussed the way again. As a result, by Lengfeng flying ride to FanCheng waiting, pay attention to the passing ships; the water is still by the white frost boat tracking. Sure enough, this method had a harvest, at noon the next day, Lengfeng caught up with two two-masted ships, both sailing straight at full sail and going upstream. The one in front was more magnificent, with a two-foot-long triangular red flag fluttering in the wind at the bow, and a large number of people on board, all in gray clothes. As soon as Lengfeng saw it, he was filled with joy! That is to say, they rode forward slowly and watched their movements along the coast. This is near a small river bend, the Han River has gradually become turbulent, and the boat is slowing down. So Lengfeng followed each other forward, feel relaxed and happy! In the evening, they stayed in Fancheng. At the beginning of the day, Lengfeng and Bai Rushuang met before they took action. At this time, the two big ships were moored side by side on the river in the west. The lights on the ships were bright, and they were interlacing cups and plates, shouting and drinking six times. The sound of the banquet was mixed with drunken words and laughter. In particular, the more magnificent ship was playing and singing, shaking the lonely river nearby! There was a banquet table in the cabin, surrounded by six Red Star believers, and four local prostitutes were moving around. The two men sitting in the upper horizontal seat were a grey-bearded old man and a big man in his forties, who were talking as if no one was watching. After Lengfeng and Bai Rushuang consulted, he called Xiaolan and Shi Kun to move the clipper close to the side of the ship in order to meet and save people. Then the two men split up, each aiming for a ship; with their present skill, they could easily jump on board and hold the guards. The churchgoers who were drinking heavily in the cabin were still unaware. Bai Rushuang stood still for a while on the more spacious and magnificent ship, and was about to make a sound to lure the believers out of the cabin when Lengfeng was already fighting the enemy on another ship. But because there are more than ten people in the cabin, although they are all ordinary people in martial arts, it is not easy to control them all at the same time. The pawn was shouted and scolded by them in a burst of anger, which made the people in the cabin on this side of the frost alert and rush out, eager to rush to the rescue. White such as frost hurriedly a flash charming body, shot to intercept the person who rushed out, a type of "falling flocs in riotous profusion", the illusion of a heavy palm shadow, that is, to attack the person who went out of the cabin door first. It was the grey-bearded old man who was the first to rush out. As soon as I saw the figure in front of me,nail manufacturing machine, I felt the strong wind. I knew that someone had made a move, and his skill was very high. I was forced to raise my palms, and my figure flashed to the left. 3shardware.com

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Shang Guan Ding Qing Tian Fei Long