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Sin before luring immortals (supernatural, bt) Author: Big Prawn Full-time Job

Dec 1st, 2022 at 04:56   Training   Saratov   58 views
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My mind was still in chaos, and I was shocked by the call in my mind. I didn't know what I had done, but when the black iron blade went deep into the chest of the man beside me, I suddenly felt the world spinning. I hurt him, I really hurt him! I never thought it would come true. Even after he hurt me like this, I never thought my hands would be stained with his blood one day. But what's happening now? I stared at him blankly. And on his indifferent face, there was hardly a trace of pain. Just that lip, that originally coquettish such as red lotus lips, in a little bit, a minute of passing color. My heart was beating wildly, and the indescribable sharp pain seemed to spread in my chest. How on earth can I separate my love for meditation from the person in front of me? I can't do it, and I never wanted to do it! Body, can not help but tremble. The hand holding the hilt lost its strength almost completely in the next moment. However, his strong hand, but a grasp of mine. Instead of letting me let go of the hilt, he used my hand to stab the black iron dagger deeper into his chest. I almost screamed, but a strong lump in my throat turned my voice into a sob. The gurgling blood flowed from the thin body, and I watched helplessly, trying to reach out and cover it, but it was in vain. Why are there so many? So much blood, is it Sier's or his or theirs? "Menger, come here and get rid of him!" What is the use of Sizhu's cry at this time? I can hardly miss my eyes now, and I can hardly think except to stare at him and look at him. But his face, which was getting paler and paler, broke into a smile of relief. I once made a bet with myself that although you were angry with me, you still had me in your heart. You see, now,Ultrasonic nano dispersion, I won the bet after all, right? You love me so much that your face is white with fear. His hand, covered with blood, raised gently, as if to gather the scattered hair between my ears, but suddenly stopped at the moment before it fell. It's dirty. Oh, wipe it first. He lowered his head in front of him and looked for his clothes on his chest. However, the blood so turbulent gush out, there is a great flow of momentum not to give up, his thin clothes have long been dyed into bloody clothes, how to clean the ground instead of letting him wipe his hands? His delicate eyebrows finally wrinkled. Not for the pain, not for the blood that is about to dry, but because I can't wipe my hands clean to hold my hair. I don't know why, but I feel like I'm losing my mind again. Why? He always has the magic to force me into his world. Even though the world is crazy and twisted, ultrasonic metal welding ,ultrasonic sonochemistry machine, it always contains great love. At this time, he regarded life as nothing, others as air, and my injury as a gift, which made my heart, which could not be strong, cry out like tearing pain. This different and stubborn love, after all, is the most cruel and the most irresistible poison. He looked at me with pity and gently wiped away my tears. His eyes focused on me, no matter whether the immortal behind him was eager to try or not, no matter how many people shouted and abused behind him, and no matter how pale his face was after losing too much blood, it was always so brilliant. Will you come with me? His seductive voice is like a bell from a distant country. I was almost drowned in his deep and brilliant eyes. Leave my son's body — "Shut up!"! You damn old man! One second, the tender and tender eyes became bloodthirsty and crazy in a staggered moment. I was so close to him that I could clearly see his strong murder when he looked at his father. Raise your hand, and the light of the nether world will flourish. Only then did I realize in a trance that his spiritual power did not seem to be reduced by the weakness of his body, but became stronger and stronger. Could it be that this is the return of the immortal constitution? Was he so determined to die with me that he released his spiritual power without scruple? Dad was almost unavoidable, and the light of his hand split his soft armor. If it hadn't been for a thousand years of cultivation, I'm afraid he would have been scared out of his wits at this time. The presence of the immortal, one moment is still rubbing his hands to catch meditation, but this moment has been scared out of his wits, what is more, even fled in a hurry. Less than a wick of incense, the huge ancestral temple once again restored its cold silence. Apart from Sizhu and Xianweng, there were only Luoxi Daxian lying on the ground vomiting blood and us. Menger, what are you waiting for? Sizhu was so anxious that he almost rushed forward, but was dragged by Cuizhu Xianweng on his side. My heart, once again, is cold to the bottom of this sad world. An absurd idea flashed into my mind. It's better to die with the ghost king. What is the meaning of lingering in this world without nostalgia? But what about the cold medicine? I remember the man who was sleeping on the bed, and I came for him. His green eyes, his harmless smile, are the warmest gifts ever given to me. What's wrong with him? Why get involved in this mess for nothing? As soon as I turned my head again, I was full of resentment towards the ghost king. How can you fall into the trap of his spoiling again and again? Ruthlessly ignoring my angry look again, he looked at me, locked his eyes on me, and just smiled. Menger, don't lose sight of your heart any more, in fact, what you really like. Only, only, me! I stared at his face until the confident and contented smile slowly spread to the corners of his eyes and finally disappeared. He is such a person, no one can read him, no one will guess him. Just like now, his face was as pale as paper, his lips were almost transparent,ultrasonic cutting machine, and his breath was too weak to distinguish, but he could still hug me and say such unbridled words one second before he fell down. The blood runs out and the breath is cold. The ancient sword to ward off evil spirits was stuck in his heart from the beginning to the end, and the hilt was deep. Meng'er! Come here- ".". fycgsonic.com

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