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Single Facer Corrugated Board Production Line price Full-time Job

Apr 7th, 2023 at 10:21   Financial Services   Samara   42 views
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Single Facer Corrugated Board Production Line price Machine Photo Apply Photo Machine DescriptionHydraulic Shaftless Mill Roll Stand 鈼?Symmetrical structure, may clamp two scroll at the same time, may load or unload scroll without stop the production. 鈼?nbsp;Hydraulic control. Lifting and lowering, open-close and right-right adjustments of arms are operated by hydraulic system 鈼?nbsp;Pneumatic control of the web tension 鈼?nbsp;The paper chuck adopt expansion type Railing and Track 鈼?nbsp;Moving paper roll, light and flexible 鈼?nbsp;Rail way is on the ground, main structure is welded with 16# steel, firm and durable 鈼?nbsp;Upper steel plate will be welded when it is assembled 鈼?nbsp;Each set of mill roll stand consists of two sets of railing for reels Pre-Heater 鈼?nbsp;Each roller surface is well whetted and chrome plated, sooth and durable. 鈼?nbsp;Electro motion adjust the dimension of pre-heater, the range of adjustment: 60-270 掳鈼?nbsp;The pre-heating roller is made according to national container safety standard 鈼?nbsp;Pre-heating roller and guiding paper roller are electically galvanized 鈼?nbsp;Electro motion adjust the dimension of pre-heater, suitable with different grades of paper and machinery speed銆?/span> 320S Cassette Single Facer 鈼?nbsp;The main corrugating type of the mainframe corrugating type (Tungsten Carbide Corrugating Roll is optional). 鈼?nbsp;The corrugated roller is designed under the pressure roller, which reduces the center of gravity of the machine and reduces the vibration. 鈼?nbsp;The design structure of the inner suction corrugated roller is used to make the paperboard more smooth. 鈼?nbsp;The glue department adopts the independent transmission, according to the PLC automatic control adjustment of the glue quantity, the whole movable structure, convenient for cleaning and maintenance. 鈼?nbsp;Steam fast change: fast plug type conversion of steam, convenient and flexible. 鈼?nbsp;The size of the glue is automatically adjusted according to the speed or electric adjustment. 鈼?nbsp;320mm of corrugated roller material selection 48 chromium molybdenum alloy steel. 鈼?nbsp;The pressure roller is 400mm 鈼?nbsp;Cots is 280mm 鈼?nbsp;Phi 160mm scraping rollers 鈼?nbsp;Phi 400mm automatic rotary heating roller 鈼?Corrugated roller, pressure roller, coating roller, locking control. Bridge Conveyor 鈼?nbsp;The single-sided corrugated single machine processed accurately through transmission belt to the bridge using the reserve for the next process. 鈼?nbsp;Department of traction speed and single machine synchronous control by frequency conversion. NC Slitter Scorer with Cut-Off 鈼?nbsp;Synchronous control, cutter speed is strictly in synchronization with the speed of single facer. 鈼?nbsp;Jifeng tungsten steel thin knife is featured by automatic grinding, long service life of blade and high slitting quality 鈼?nbsp;Independent servo control for longitudinal knife arrangement, which is quick, accurate and reliable 鈼?nbsp;Longitudinal cutting speed is controlled by frequency convertor and adjusted synchronously according to paperboard speed 鈼?nbsp;Standard waste absorption port, the position of left and right ports is adjusted automatically according to edge cutter during replacement. 鈼?nbsp;Fuji AC servo motor, server 鈼?nbsp;All low-voltage apparatuses are Schneider. 鈼?nbsp;The box and base are made from excellent castings that can ensure strict aging, precise machining and long-term and stale equipment operation 鈼?nbsp;Alloy steel cutter shaft that can ensure precise machining, dynamic balancing, high rigidity and small inertia 鈼?nbsp;Precise alloy steel gearing and serrated blade, stable, tidy and accurate paper cutting 鈼?nbsp;Cross cutting is controlled by AC PMSM and AC servo controller to ensure highly accurate cross cutting and high efficiency 鈼?nbsp;Automatic replacement, replacement connector with automatic insertion removal 鈼?nbsp;Standard reservoir capacitance and impedance, stable and energy-saving cross cutter 鈼?nbsp;Precise NSK and IKO bearings imported from Japan with original packaging 鈼?nbsp;Super wear-resistance and low-noise gears imported from Taiwan 鈼?nbsp;There is no need to replace bearing within 10 years Automatic Hanging Basket Stacking Machine 鈼?nbsp;4-segment belt transport, stacking with hanging basket, accurate counting, automatic stack change, tidy stacking 鈼?nbsp;Dynamic sandwich conveyor belt at first segment, the clearance between upper and lower belts can be adjusted manually 鈼?nbsp;Stable overlaying transport of paperboards, at the second and third segments; automatic transport speed adjustment during stack change and order replacement 鈼?nbsp;Double dynamic transport belts at fourth segment; automatic placing of upper transport belt 鈼?nbsp;Paperboard transport controlled by CPG reducing motor and frequency converter; synchronous transport speed and paperboard speed 鈼?nbsp;Accurate counting, automatic stack change and quick and accurate order replacement 鈼?nbsp;Belt-type hanging basket stacking platform; stable lifting of hanging basket platform controlled by AC servo 鈼?nbsp;Paperboard alignment belt is controlled by AC servo to prevent paperboard warpage and align paperboards with the rear stop plate 鈼?nbsp;Rear stop plate is controlled and positioned by AC servo to realize quick and accurate adjustment during order replacement 鈼?nbsp;When stacking reached the set quantity, paperboards will be output stably and crossly at variable frequency 鈼?nbsp;Standard non-dynamic roll paper holder that can facilitate direct tumbling and stacking Machine Specification Max. Mechanical Speed150m/min Production Line LengthAbout 27meters Flute ProfilesA,C,B,E flute Total Power3 Phase 380v 50hz 92kwSingle Facer Corrugated Board Production Line price website:http://www.upgcorrugatedmachine.com/corrugated-board-production-line/single-facer-corrugated-board-production-line/

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