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Strange horror Full-time Job

Mar 14th, 2023 at 05:12   Human Resources   Balashikha   3 views
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It was a long time before he struggled to his feet. Behind him, there was no one. He was completely soaked with sweat at the moment. He literally walked through the jaws of death. At this moment, the person he thinks of in his mind.. But it's colored glaze. Glass for Bo Shao, should be a very strange person, the two of their past lives have no intersection. However, they were very familiar with each other in previous lives. But Berthau constantly resists the absurd concept of his past life. Even if there is a previous life, Bo Shao does not think he is Yi Shaoqing. He doesn't want to admit it. However, he did have a special feeling for the colored glaze. Just then, his cell phone rang. Hello Who is it? "Mr. Sun?"? Can you come to T city now? A big discovery.. A big discovery! "What?" "What did you say?" Asked Bo Shao in surprise. The voice could be recognized as an investigator sent by the chairman to T city. They were ordered to search ancient sites for clues related to the curse of the ghost eye. What did you find out? "Yes.." Bones! A staggering number of skeletons! Under the ancient ruins we discovered last time, a large number of skeletons of what looked like babies were dug up! Roughly calculated, probably more than a hundred! Over a hundred baby skeletons? This can not help but remind Bo Shao of the countless deformed babies with purple pupils, which are closely related to the Black Gate. "More than a hundred.." What on earth are those skeletons. "We infer that the skeletons should be more than a thousand years ago." Things are big, it's hard for us to end, although we bribed the management of the local ruins, but digging out so many skeletons, it's impossible to go on secretly.. I hope you will come in person, Mr. Sun. The bones of a hundred babies? What the hell is going on? "Besides.." There's one more thing I have to tell you. Mr. Sun.. "What?"? Say it! "Eyes.." Beneath the ruins, there is the shape of a huge, blood-colored eye! It seems to be formed by real blood. But It's been a thousand years, and the blood. It hasn't dried up yet! Bo Shao's mobile phone fell on the ground. He was stunned for a long time. What's the matter Probably Seven evil spirits.. Countless deformed babies. Seven ghost eyes and a black door.. Also Just now That face.. The purple pupil on that face made Bo Shao recall Ren Senbo. For Bershaw,Carbon in Pulp, that man was his worst nightmare. He's the devil. From the moment he appeared in front of him, Bershaw's life was changed. The father is the steward of the nobility, which sounds like a servant, but the father's situation is different. In the dangerous market, the Sun family's business has repeatedly faced many crises. Father followed the chairman from a very young age, managed the Sun family's finances, and gave his father a lot of ideas. To this day, the Sun family's deposits and real estate in various countries are managed by Boshao himself. Although this was opposed by the Sun clan, after all, the head of the Sun family is Sun Zhengyan, and both Boshao's father and he are trusted by the Sun family. However, coltan ore processing ,coltan ore processing, Bo Shao did not have such deep feelings for the Sun family as his father did. Because he was afraid of the man. He was afraid of Jing's father, Ren Senbo. Boshao's father often traveled around the world to deal with the financial affairs of the Sun family. It was when Bershaw was three years old. A Jing's mother, Sun Lingxiu, often falls into strange nightmares. She was restless repeatedly, but could not find the source of her uneasiness. Later, this condition became very serious, and even the physique began to deteriorate. Bo Shao has always regarded Lingxiu, the daughter of the Sun family, as an amiable elder sister. At that time, he was also very anxious. One day.. Bo Shao's father brought a man to the Sun family. That man is Ren Senbo, a famous psychologist. He is a friend of his father by chance, because Miss's condition has become very bad, so he brought Ren Senbo to try psychological treatment for Miss. Bershaw's life began to change from that day. When Ren Senbo first stepped into the Sun family, Bo Shao could not have a good impression on him. He did not do anything bad, nor did he hurt anyone in the Sun family, nor did he cause any harm to Boshao himself. But Berthau just couldn't stand his presence. Because of his eyes. Those eyes seem to be the symbol of the devil. That man is the devil. Bo Shao, who was only three years old, left a deep shadow in his heart. Later, he did something that could not be forgiven. He took away the most cherished princess of the Sun family, Sun Lingxiu. Bershaw, at that moment, swore in his heart that he would never forgive him. She also looked forward to Miss Lingxiu's return day and night. However, although Miss Lingxiu had returned to the Sun family many times later, she was reluctant to leave Ren Senbo. Even if. Knowing those eyes is a sign of disaster. The first time I saw Ren Jing, Bo Shao didn't like her. She doesn't have those strange purple eyes, but. She is Ren Senbo's daughter. But Boshao, out of the face of Lingxiu, also helped their mother and daughter many times. Each time, when they leave, the pain of the chairman is more intense. Like Bosho, he deeply hated and feared the existence of Ren Senbo as a man. Four years ago, Miss Ling Xiu died. When the news came, the chairman survived in the hospital for three days. And Bosho is more painful. From that moment on.. His hatred for Ren Senbo also reached its peak. He came to China and attended the funeral of Miss Ling Xiu. At the same time, I was surprised to learn that Ren Senbo had left Miss Ren Jing. At that time,Portable gold trommel, his hatred for Ren Jing was weakened. After all, she is Miss Lingxiu's only flesh and blood in the world. Even if she has the blood of the devil. So Bo Shao helped her and bought a villa according to the instructions of the chairman, while paying close attention to Ren Jing's life. And at this time.. And the nightmare began to deepen. ore-magnetic-mining.com

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Her big devil, put it on.