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Supreme Rhapsody Full-time Job

Dec 1st, 2022 at 04:56   Public Service   Dalnegorsk   147 views
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Suddenly a dark shadow fell on the scene. It turned out to be the coquettish woman. She moved to the side of Zhao Yongtian. She frowned and said in a coquettish voice, "I heard that you two old people are both in and out. Why are you alone tonight?" Huo Sha I don't complain about the cold hum, disdainful tunnel: "Taishan let you live. I thought you would turn over a new leaf, but I didn't expect you to be as lascivious as before. It's not so cheap this time." "Cough." Cough. I won't be angry if I don't mention the matter of Mount Tai. After you mention it, I will hate you even more. I will get it back with interest. Take it! As soon as the red shadow flashes, deceives the body to grasp, Zhao Yongtian also shouts loudly: "Old ordinary man, lies down to me!" " Attack at the same time. Huo Sha's body did not move a step, but with a wave of his left hand, a gust of wind greeted the two of them! Two stuffy hum not, Zhao yongtian and coquettish woman pedal back three steps, two people look at each other, right and left to attack again, fire eyelids a turn, cold way: "This move will destroy the skill of both of you first. Pay attention!" As soon as he raised his left hand, he shot out two wisps of strength and divided them into Zhao Yongtian and the coquettish woman. At the moment when the powerful figure was about to come into contact, two dark shadows shot at him, only to hear, "If you two don't go back to the palace to find the little girl, why are you here?"? The bodies of Zhao Shuitian and the coquettish woman bounced out, turned in the air,ultrasonic spray nozzle, and fled to the east. Both of them were dressed in long black Mandarin jackets, with a yellow belt around their waists. One was holding a judge's pen, and the other was holding a wampee. Huo Shisha looked at the man's appearance and felt a shock in his heart. "Don't come here," he said with a laugh. "Now we can settle the account of the past year. In front of Baijue Temple, Nangong Bo, a middle-aged Confucian scholar named "Southern Confucian", abolished his martial arts in a unique way. The judge of death was in charge of death and the judge of life was easy to live. Haven't the two of them lost their power? How can it reappear in Jianghu? This is a mystery! A puzzling mystery! With a flash of green, the living judge said to the dead judge,ultrasonic molten metal, "Old Guan, I haven't seen this old man for decades. Try to attack him in three moves." The dead judge turned his strange eyes and said with a smile, "I'm in charge of the dead, and all my moves are dead moves. If you want to test me, it's still your old age!"! I'm worried about the fire. How come I haven't seen the second brother yet? Judge Sheng nodded his head and said, "It's reasonable, it's reasonable. You should always pay attention to his tricks and try it first." Step by step to the fire evil spirit, the fire evil spirit has a test of the other side's ability to progress to what extent, two eyes staring at the judge to bully the potential. Judge Sheng gave him such a leisurely look. He was stunned for a moment. He stopped and said, "Friend, do you want to fight with me with one hand?" "Of course!" "So you can't walk ten strokes!" "Not necessarily!" Judge Sheng shook his head and said, "I don't want to get such a disgraceful harvest. You put down that baby and let it go." I don't worry about the fire. I glanced around and said with a sneer, "Your purpose is on this baby. How can I be fooled by you?" Judge Sheng smiled ferociously and said, "Of course our purpose is on the baby, sonicator homogenizer ,ultrasonic extraction cbd, but it's not enough to use the means of taking advantage of the situation. Don't worry!" "I'm afraid you don't mean what you say," I snickered. The judge became angry from embarrassment and said in a deep voice, "Anyway, you can't escape death tonight. It doesn't matter whether you put it down or not. Prepare quickly. Three strokes will send you away. Do you have anything to say?" "If you have the ability to make a move as soon as possible, don't bother!" "Well, next year today is your day of sacrifice, remember!" A figure, as fast as an electric shock, went around the body of the fire! From the distance came one by one, "-recruit.." "Two strokes." "Three.." The word did not fall, a light smoke flicked up, like lightning, and shot at the place where I was not worried about the living judge and the fire. After a "boom", the figure suddenly separated, and a thin old man stood quietly between the two of them. Judge Sheng fixed his eyes on it and said with a sullen sneer, "If you don't stay angry, will you come to make up for it?"? Hey, I really don't want to live at the same time. I wish I could die at the same time. Tonight I will help you both! "With you, hum, you don't deserve to say this to me.." Shuishaliu retorted. At this point, he turned to Huo Sha and said, "Laozhang, the baby has been poisoned. Hurry up and find a way to wake him up. I can get rid of these two sections." "You two old friends have developed a sinister skill," said Huo Sha. "Don't underestimate the enemy, second brother." The body bounced up and shot south. The dead judge sneered and shouted, "It's not that easy to leave!" Shaking like a ghost, Huo Sha stopped him. He gasped, thinking that the old devil's skill was not what it used to be. It seemed that if he didn't go all out, he would never be able to get rid of the entanglement. As soon as he thought about it, a cold whisper rose from behind the dead judge Guan, saying, "Guan, I'm regretting that you ran away in front of the Baijue Temple. I didn't expect to meet you again tonight. It's your fate!" When the death judge heard this, he suddenly turned around and moved out to the right at the same time. As far as his eyes could see, he did not even notice that a bamboo basket messenger had deceived him in some way. He couldn't help trembling all over his body. "How can you still be alive with the Yin and Yang Finger of Life and Death and the Body Method of the Blood Shadow of the Devil of Heaven," he said in a surprised cough. The bamboo basket messenger looked up to the sky and burst out laughing. He said disdainfully, "What is the Supreme of the Hades? He wants to kill me with his'Yin and Yang Finger of Life and Death 'and'Blood Shadow of the Devil of Heaven'. Hum, it's still early. If I kill him, what kind of'Two Immortals Beyond Heaven 'is it?" The death judge feared that after the bamboo basket messenger was seriously injured, he not only recovered his strength in a short period of time, but also was several times higher than before he was imitated, as evidenced by his silent deceiving of himself behind his back. Horrified, he pretended to be calm and said, "Who is your excellency?" "You call yourself a judge of death," said the bamboo basket messenger with a sneer. "You are in charge of the life and death of the people in the martial arts world, but you don't even know who I am. It really makes people laugh for three days!" As soon as the death judge's strange eyes rolled over, he said,Ultrasonic emulsifier machines, "Although I am in charge of the life and death of the characters in Wulin, you dare not show up. Even if your name is listed on the book, I can't speculate!" fycgsonic.com

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Peerless Thief: Miss Waste Wood Seven by Night North [Crossing]