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Sword devouring Full-time Job

Dec 30th, 2022 at 03:29   IT & Telecoms   Zarinsk   84 views
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The ban of not being able to fly in the air is meaningless to these later masters. After the six masters flew out of the woods, they all levitated over the clearing, looking coldly at the puppet giants who had been forced to move by the pressure they had released, with a cold light in their eyes. Ha ha, we have a tacit understanding, or hide together, or appear together. Could it be that the thoughts in your minds at this moment are exactly the same as mine? Suspended in midair, the man who jumped over Ye Feng's head said in a strange way. His voice fell, and the faces of the other five sank. An old man with white hair, white beard, tall stature, and an elegant smell of dust on his body looked at Taihongyi coldly and said, "Taihongyi.". Don't talk in a weird way. Who doesn't know that the little doll named Yu Muwan below is the person you value most in the Blue Sword Sect. Even if we don't do it, will you Taihong watch Yu Muwan die? In the face of the other side's reprimand, Tai Hongyi did not answer, but smiled. Glancing down at the disciple of the Blue Sword Sect standing beside Lu yuanbai, Tai Hongyi shouted, "Evening, there is nothing for you now. You can leave here." Yu Muwan, a direct disciple of the Blue Sword Sect, immediately bowed and nodded when he heard Taihong's rebuke. Taking advantage of the gap around the puppet giant being forced to move, the body flashed in the evening and rushed out of the gap beside the puppet giant. After leaving in the evening,inflatable air dancer, the white-haired old man also cast his eyes on Lu yuanbai and other Jian Xiu. "Lu yuanbai," said the white-haired old man majestically. Your courage is commendable, but your mind is not smart enough. I now order you, in the name of the Elder of Haoran Sword Sect, to return to the residence of Haoran Sword Sect and face the wall at Siguo Cliff. When do you fully grasp the essence of Qian Kun Yi Qi and Zhengqi Handprint? When can you leave? The words of the white-haired old man made Lu yuanbai's face show a trace of joy. Siguo Cliff looks like a punishment, but in fact, all the disciples of Haoran Sword Sect know that the experience and experience left by the sages of Haoran Sword Sect are everywhere on Siguo Cliff. On weekdays, Lu yuanbai and Yan Tingjun have never received such treatment,inflatable amusement park, except for Nie Ziyan, who is the first disciple to climb the Siguo Cliff. Thank you, Great Elder. Lu yuanbai said respectfully. Yan Tingjun waved to his side, and the two men quickly left the open space. In the vast open space, there were only a dozen puppet giants who could not move as if they were under a spell of immobilization, as well as eight other strong men of the Sword Sect. Seeing the rest of the people standing awkwardly, the white-haired old man said coldly, "Why, do you want me to escort you out of here in person?" The old man's words changed the faces of the female disciples of the Unfeeling Sword Sect, Chang Hongliang and others. All the people did not dare to refute, all dejected left the open space, fled here in an instant. After all the people left, the white-haired old man suddenly waved his sleeve. Long sleeves dance, a surging wave of air like mountains and seas gushes out, bombarding the puppet giant, smashing the body of the puppet giant. With one blow, Inflatable indoor park ,Inflatable dry slide, all the puppet giants were eradicated. The old man cast his eyes on the poor mythical beast not far away and shouted in a dark voice, "You impostor can get out and let the real master behind you come out." With these words, the old man bent his fingers and shot out a strong finger wind from his fingertips, which fiercely hit the eyebrows of the poor and strange mythical beast. With a muffled sound, Qiongqi's body was directly hit and flew tens of meters, bombarding heavily on the sacred tree behind it. Climbing up from the ground, the poor beast's eyes were full of fear and panic. Seeing the old man bend his fingers again, he immediately put his tail between his legs and quickly hit the sacred tree. The body collided with the sacred tree, and the body of the poor and strange mythical beast immediately disappeared in the trunk. Without waiting for Qiongqi's whole body to get into the trunk, a deafening roar suddenly came from the sacred tree, and then the Qiongqi mythical beast, covered with blood, flew out of the sacred tree again. The body of the poor and strange mythical beast fell heavily on the ground, and its limbs kept twitching. See the poor strange God beast was beaten all over the bones broken, dying, hiding in the distance of Ye Feng three people, can not help but face discoloration. "What kind of existence is the real master of the mythical beast mentioned by the elder of Haoran Sword Sect, who can hurt the poor mythical beast like this?" Things to now, Ye Feng this just understand, poor strange God beast is not the most dangerous existence in the canyon, really make all Zongmen dare not play Taiyi God wood idea, I am afraid there is another reason. The strong trunk of the sacred tree is constantly twisted, and layers of strange ripples emerge on the surface. As the ripples spread more and more, forming a swarthy hole, Ye Feng three people were shocked to find that a powerful force surged out of the sacred tree, imprisoning their vitality. Not only Ye Feng and Lei Yang were imprisoned by this sudden appearance of energy, but Shangguan Weifeng also lost any ability to attack. The three men, unable to move, could only look ahead and watch a young man with a red face and white teeth, handsome and evil in his face, come out of the sacred tree. The young man's appearance is the same as that of human beings, but his eyes are blue and blue. His two pupils of different colors, emitting a powerful energy, Ye Feng just gazed at these eyes for a moment, feeling a burst of dazzling, soul energy seems to be out of the rejuvenation furnace, flying out of the body. ***ing human powerhouse. Why are you disturbing my rest? The young man's voice was strange, broken, and not fluent. Hearing that the evil young man's tone was so strange, Ye Feng's mind moved slightly. He called this group of people as strong human beings. Is it difficult for this evil young man not to be human himself? Ye Feng heart speculation, suddenly, hidden in his arms of the small white quietly out of the head. Looking at the evil young man, Xiao Bai's eyes were full of hostility. Although it did not send out a roar, but from its grinning appearance, Ye Feng still felt that Xiaobai regarded this evil youth as an enemy. In the void, the strength of six unfathomable, is likely to be the nine-level sword, or even the sword level of the strong, looking coldly at the evil youth in front of him. Hearing the question of the evil young man,Inflatable bouncer, the elder of Haoran Sword Sect, who was just like the leader of these masters, had a cold look in his eyes. joyshineinflatables.com

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I run a restaurant in another courtyard.