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Sword Poison Plum Fragrance-Gulong _ txt Novel Paradise Full-time Job

Mar 8th, 2023 at 03:21   Security & Safety   Saint Petersburg   72 views
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The old man said, "I have the good intention to teach you not to commit suicide, but you are so ignorant. Before he had finished speaking, the masked man waved his hand to stop the conversation and did not speak. Suddenly, with a groan and a wild cry, he turned around and flew away, but there was a faint sound of sobbing."! The old man scolded, "What a madman." Xin and Wu were not confused, but they caught a glimpse of a long sword lying on the ground next to them. Only then did they realize that the masked man was probably trying to cut himself off, and the old man saved his life. At the same time, they wondered what the masked man could not put down and wanted to die? When the old man saw the masked man turn around and walk away, he was stunned. Then he sighed slightly and picked up the sword on the ground. Come at a walk. Xin, Wu two people hide behind the stone, in the heart greatly surprised, dare to feel this guy is heading for his invisible place, in any case can not escape. Xin Jie had a clear head and knew that the old man had no malice. He might as well come out to meet him. Then he patted Wu Lingfeng. Knowing that Wu Lingfeng would be wrong about what he meant, he suddenly stood up, choked, and shot his sword. The old man had no intention of coming, but happened to be heading for the place where the two of them were hiding. Suddenly, he saw a sword blocking the way. He was stunned and retreated in great fright. Wu Lingfeng slightly wields the sword, the rainbow light swallows and puffs, the momentum is astonishing! Suddenly, the old man shouted wildly, "Ah!"! Broken Soul Sword- The first day of the Taishan Sword Meeting begins with the rising sun and the confused morning dew. In front of Riguan Peak,65 inch smart board, a group of heroes gather, Mount Tai is high, and this wonderful sunrise scene is the best in the world. But see the rays of the sun, the rainbow slightly holding a rising sun, Qunhao can not help but indulge in the wonderful scenery. The Taishan Sword Meeting was presided over by Wudang, the first sect in the world. Amid the sound of ceremonial drums, Taoist Chiyang, the head of Wudang, came out proudly. The Taishan Sword Society was originally a martial arts association,interactive panel board, not limited to sects, but how many people in the martial arts world can surpass the talents of the five sects? So every time, although it is a martial arts meeting of the world's heroes, it is the struggle of the five sects. However, this grand meeting of Wulin is rarely seen once in ten years. No one is willing to give up this opportunity to observe. The Taoist priest from Chiyang proudly walked to the center of the meeting hall. He slightly checked his head and opened his mouth, saying, "Ten years ago, at the top of Daizong, we sent Taoists to the Taishan Sword Meeting. As a result, the world elected Master Li of Kongtong as the best sword in the world." When he said this, he gave a slight pause, and the people of Kongtong immediately gave a loud cheer! Chiyang Taoist smiled and continued, "Today, ten years later, all the martial arts people in the world gather here again and want to introduce the world's master of swordsmanship. But there is a rule. Hey, all the heroes who participated last time are not allowed to participate again!" He spoke softly under the cheers of Kongtong people, but it was still clear to everyone's ears, smart board for conference room ,75 smart board, which showed that his skill was extraordinary! The Taoist Priest Chiyang went on to say, "People in the martial arts world are not good at empty etiquette and conventions. Please give me some advice." Then he began again and stepped back slowly. Don't look at this group of heroes standing more than half of the sun view peak, but most of them are holding the idea of insight, so as soon as the red sun side retreats, everyone will talk secretly. First of all, the most noticeable thing is that none of the two factions of Emei and Kunlun has participated, and secondly, the Diancang faction has only arrived at Lu Fang, a thousand-handed swordsman. These three factions are far less numerous than the Kongtong and Wudang factions. Just then, an old monk with a clear face and two young monks suddenly came up from the lower peak of the sun. When Qunhao saw them, they were awestruck and moved. The monk climbed to the top of the mountain and shouted, "Amitabha, the old monk is too late." When the Taoist Priest of Chiyang saw this, he hurried forward to check his head and said, "Master Ku, I've been away for ten years." "Don't mention it, Taoist friend," said Ku'an with a smile. "I just don't want to break the oath I made ten years ago." The Red Sun Taoist priest sat down in silence with a long and slightly hot face. When Qunhao saw that the master of Emei Bitter Nunnery had led his disciples to come in time, he did not realize that he was whispering and making a lot of noise. The Taoist Priest Chiyang and others paused and shouted, "The Taishan Sword Meeting is about to begin. Which hero can be the first to.." Suddenly, there was a roar in the crowd, and a man came out of the crowd. He interrupted the Taoist Priest Chiyang and shouted, "Ten years ago, the Taishan Sword Meeting was also the first appearance of our elder Hong, the hero of the wild and green forest. Could it be that all the masters of the five schools can only observe people's actual situation before they can do it?" These words were so arrogant that they scolded all the five factions. The Taoist Priest of Chiyang snorted coldly and flashed his eyes. He couldn't help being frightened. "So it's the benefactor of Shuanghaolin on the left of the mountain," he said in a loud voice. "I've lost my welcome!" Lin Shaogao smiled proudly and said, "Lin, with a sword in his hand, dares to ask the world's heroes for advice." What he said was a scene, but because his eloquence was not good, and because his momentum was overbearing, others mistakenly thought that this person was arrogant and arrogant, but in view of the name of Shanzuo Shuanghao, he only dared to curse secretly. Suddenly a shadow of a man stood out from the crowd. The halberd pointed at him and scolded him, saying, "Your Excellency speaks wildly. There must be something extraordinary about it." As soon as everybody looked, actually is Kongtong's absolute sword Yu Yifei. As soon as Yu Yifei appeared, everyone knew that the sword would start immediately, and he could not help but step back. As soon as the words flew out of his mouth, Lin Shaogao gave a long laugh and "choked" his sword. He used a left-handed sword, so his moves were very strange. With a cold smile, Yu Yifei slanted his sword to Lin Shaogao's left rib with a rainbow light. Lin Shaogao "led Shaoyang again" and swallowed Yu Yifei's attack with his left sword! Yu Yifei had been instructed by Li E to teach him how to defeat the enemy, so he was not in a hurry. His long sword was slightly closed and released, but he still killed Lin Shaogao, the Golden Hammer of the Divine Sword, at the Purple Palace acupoint on his chest. Lin Shaogao's original style remained unchanged, and his right palm suddenly sank. He wanted to seal the sword with the style of "peacock spreading its tail", so that he could counterattack with his left sword. Knowing that Yu Yifei's long sword did not split, and then killed fiercely, it suddenly turned into the style of "fierce wind and rising sun". Unexpectedly, Lin Shaogao was so bold that he attacked with the style of walking in the palace and stepping on the Hongmen Gate. He was slightly startled, and his body suddenly turned down to the sky, but his right palm used a backhand to "clap the calf". As soon as the flying move is empty, the enemy has arrived,smart board whiteboard, hurriedly jumps in the air, the long sword vibrates, violently pokes down more than ten swords. hsdsmartboard.com

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Sword Poison Plum Fragrance-Gulong _ txt Novel Paradise