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Tang Shuanglong Biography-Huang Yi _ txt Novel Paradise Full-time Job

Mar 14th, 2023 at 05:09   Independent & Freelance   Balashov   6 views
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Shang Xiu Xun immediately peeked at Xu Ziling and said, "Why are you here in your spare time? Isn't the situation very tight now?"? The young teacher should know that I must follow the instructions of my ancestors and will not get involved in the disputes outside. Kou Zhong winked at her with a wink. Shang Xiu Xun understood and watched the maidservants retreat to wait for orders. "What's so mysterious about it?" He asked. Hou Xibai suddenly stood up and moved to a calligraphy scroll hanging on the east wall to watch and exclaim: "Song Erge's handwriting is so well written, free and easy, and implies rigorous law in the wild, which is very rare.". A poem with a good word is better than a poem with a good word. The long sky is the same color. Crossing the midstream is like snow and reed flowers carrying a full boat. Where is the father-in-law on the river? The misty waves are still autumn in the Han Dynasty. Whether describing scenery or feelings, it is a wonderful pen. Shang Xiu Xun could not hide his joy. "Shall I hang this scroll here?" He asked cheerfully. Kou Zhong and Xu Ziling suddenly put down their worries. Shang Xiu Xun and Song Shi Dao were obviously like fish in water. As long as they had a chance to get along with each other, they could not be separated from each other. Shang Xiu Xun is no longer lonely. Before Hou Xibai could answer, Kou Zhongzao tried to flatter him and said, "There can't be a better one!"! A match made in heaven. Shang Xiu Xun was so amused by his punny words that even his ears were red, and his expression was so moving that Hou Xibai, who had just turned his head away, could not turn his head back for a moment. The beauty gave Bai Kou Zhong a hard look and said, "If you talk nonsense again, no matter whether you are a young marshal or an old marshal, you will be served according to my family law." Kou Zhong opened his eyes and said with a smile, "Beauty owner, please calm down. Let's get down to business. We're here to report the latest situation to our number one confidante. The owner knows that things have changed. Ha!" Shang Xiu Xun was honored by Kou Zhong as "the number one confidante." He immediately changed his anger into a smile. Hearing that something had changed, he said blankly, "What has changed?" Kou Zhong pretended to be serious and said,Industrial pallet rack, "We turned enemies into friends with that boy Li Shimin, and we're going to.." Shang Xiu Xun's pretty face suddenly turned white. "Don't be ridiculous," he said in horror. "I just refused to provide Li yuan with a horse, but you came to tell me that you had made up with the Tang Dynasty." "Don't misunderstand the owner of the mall," said Ba Feng with a dumb laugh. "The villains are just holding Li Shimin to the throne of God, not surrendering to Li yuan." Shang Xiu Xun breathed a sigh of relief and frowned. "What on earth is going on?" He asked. When Kou Zhong explained clearly, Shang Xiu Xun stared at Kou Zhong for a long time without blinking. He nodded and said,heavy duty warehouse rack, "This is indeed the best way for the world. It's rare for Kou Zhong to say that he will stop. It seems that he is much happier than before.". Alas! What should Xiuning do? Everyone understood the meaning of her last sentence. If Li Shimin broke up with the family, Li Xiuning would be caught in a dilemma, and no matter which side won, she would be heartbroken. Sister Fu rushed in like a gust of wind and said, "Mr. Song is back!" When she went out, Song Shidao, who was in high spirits, floated up to her and said with a long smile, "I know how to pick the time to come back!"! Not sooner or later. "They have something earth-shaking to tell you," said Shang Xiuxun. Song Shidao naturally sat down in the armchair next to Shang Xiu Xun, who was facing the four of them. He said with a smile, "Dad has told me that this is an unexpected change and turning point that shocked the world. Kou Zhong, you have done a good job. You can lift it and put it down. This is the real hero." Suddenly, warehouse rack manufacturer ,Pallet rack beams, it turned out that Song Shidao was rushing back to Lingnan to see Song Que. Needless to say, he apologized to Song Que and asked for his consent to the marriage with Shang Xiuxun. Kou Chung-na was willing to miss the opportunity. Zheng Rong said, "We've come to the ranch to pay our respects to the owner. Apart from reporting the recent situation, the more important reason is.." Ha! I was afraid that Song Erge was too shy to ask the owner for marriage. Ha! So we do it for you, and the betrothal gift is the peace and comfort of the Pegasus Ranch. Unable to resist, Shang Xiu Xun blushed and said angrily, "See you, Kou Zhong's big head ghost!"! I don't have time for this! Then, with a fragrant breeze, he left them and slipped outside with shame and joy. The remaining five big men, you look at my eyes, there is a kind of joy from the bottom of my heart. "Thank you very much," Song Shidao sighed! Especially Ziling, at this moment I began to deeply understand the real meaning behind your advice. "Hou Xibai exclaimed," What did Ziling say to Second Brother Song? " "I'll tell you later," said Xu Ziling cheerfully! Frankly, I won't say it. Some words can come out like running water under certain circumstances, but in another environment, they can't be said. What I said to Song Erge is something like this. "Then I want to know more," said Hou Xibai. "It must be very touching." Kou Zhong cleared his throat and said, "Don't go too far. We came here to invite my second brother out of the mountain, but now I'll give up the idea. We'll have a happy meal tonight, and we'll leave tomorrow." Song Shidao said lightly, "If I ignore the future peace and happiness of China because of my own happiness, what do you think Xiu Xun will think of me?"? Do not have any worries, we share happiness and misfortune. On the way back, I went to Xiaogu to pay tribute to you and carve words for her stone tablet. If you want to know what I carved, you will know when you go to Xiaogu to pay tribute to you. At dusk that evening, there were ten feasts in the hall of the Pegasus Ranch. All the people with a little status in the ranch were present, including Kou Zhong and Xu Ziling's bitter rival Lan Gu when they were servants. Now, of course, they were afraid to ingratiate themselves with them, and Kou was particularly polite to her. Shang Xiu Xun was obviously in a very good mood, and without avoiding suspicion, he and Song Shidao both toasted each other. After the banquet, everyone went back to their rooms to have a rest. Kou Zhong pulled Xu Ziling and said, "We have come a long way to pay our respects to Master Lu and thank him for his cultivation of us. Tell him that thanks to the underground Arsenal designed by his old man, the world will have the hope of peaceful reunification." Xu Ziling had this idea for a long time, and without saying a word, he followed him to the backyard. The guards along the way only saluted them respectfully, without saying a word. It was another starry sunny night, but the mountains far and near changed into snow-white new clothes, and the trees in the garden were covered with ice. There was no one around. Two people revisit the old place,long span shelving, think of the scene of the past, Dasheng feeling. The backyard is filled with fragrant and fresh air, and it is so cold that it is peaceful and comfortable. The familiar voice of Houshanshui Waterfall came faintly. They walked side by side along the winding corridor. omracking.com

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