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The arduous struggle of a mouse Full-time Job

Nov 29th, 2022 at 04:31   IT & Telecoms   Rubtsovsk   134 views
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"Damn, I can't believe I've turned into a rat and I have to go to the hospital for an injection. What kind of world is it?" I'm sad to think. No, half a month later, the vaccine was developed, and the human government issued an urgent notice that all pets and animals in Hangzhou need to be vaccinated, and those who are overdue will be killed without mercy! Animals that had developed symptoms, including dead animals, were massacred and destroyed in the "Auschwitz concentration camp" (the crematorium for all animals). So cruel! 5555555, my young heart can't bear to think. So Huahua and I were taken to the pet hospital by Zhang Xiaoqian to receive vaccination. At the gate of the pet hospital, after our temperature was measured to prove that we were not ill, we began to line up in a long queue, waiting for the injection. Wow, there are so many pets in the hospital. The number of Huahua and I are 316 and 317. When will I be dizzy? Just wait, I'm not afraid of running out of time anyway, but the pets in the pet hospital are crying, and the noise is really unbearable for me (but there is scientific evidence that rats are afraid of noise pollution). At the end of my patience, I used the universal language of animals and shouted: "TMD, if anyone of you quarrels again, I will stun it!" My mouse shouted in such a voice that the whole pet hospital was quiet in an instant, and all the pets were no longer "crying". Hey,plastic pallet crates, hey. It seems that since the cat and dog war, through the unintentional spread of animals, my reputation is also famous outside! Hey, being a celebrity is ***ing different! Arrogant enough! All the humans in the pet hospital saw me, the white mouse, call out a few times, and all their pets suddenly quieted down and looked at me in amazement. As human beings, of course,plastic pallet price, they can't understand what I say in the language of animals! I'm just very surprised and puzzled. And for this strange thing, and the eyes of the public, my master is also my dream lover Zhang Xiaoqian, but there is nothing wrong, but very elated that I have such a powerful pet. I am dizzy ~ it is the schoolgirl of big strip as expected. Although I told all my pets to shut up, I didn't know why they were crying until it was my turn to plant the vaccine. 555555555, I was wrong, I should not be wrong to blame them, the immediate situation who, who can not stand. Why? You see, the pet nurse in front of you is holding a big needle in her hand. What? You said the needle was not big, just ordinary size? Come on, you're human! We're pets, especially when I'm a mouse. Shit, plastic pallet manufacturer ,plastic pallet suppliers, that needle to me is like a nurse holding a mallet and telling you to give you an injection. Are you afraid? The nurse was so cruel that she gave me an injection. At the moment when she inserted the needle into my little PP, I cried out: "God, it hurts so much!" And then I shed tears of pain and regret. Hey! Men don't shed tears easily, just because it's not the time to be sad! All the pets on the spot gave me a contemptuous look at my cowardly behavior of telling all the pets to shut up while shouting and crying. Cold ~ After the vaccination, Zhang Xiaoqian took me and Huahua home. When leaving the pet hospital, the pet doctor ordered: now all pets are not allowed to go out, if they go out, they will be shot, when they can be released, wait for the government to inform. In addition, the doctor also sent Zhang Xiaoqian a thermometer to measure the pet's body temperature to keep an eye on the pet's physical condition. Oh my God! What kind of world? No going out? If you go out, you will be shot? When will it be released and wait for the government's notice? Isn't that like being in prison? 5555555, my freedom! ………… The first chapter of life is always self-improvement, the ninth chapter of mice writing online games can also be VIP. Because of the outbreak of epidemic atypical mouse inflammation, Huahua and I were locked up at home, not allowed to go out, and even the balcony was locked. Depressed, our only place for entertainment and leisure is also gone. Hey, I am now: the mouse in the glass cover, the future is infinitely bright, but there is no way out! Perhaps you will ask, I am a mouse, can't I find a hole like an exhaust vent to climb out? It's a pity that the outside world is in chaos now. As long as animals are shot outside, their lives are still important! Being bored and depressed, Huahua slept on the sofa (I felt that she was used to being shut down), while I couldn't sleep, so I wandered around the rooms at home. Uh? This room is.. Study? Hey, I've been here for so long, and I haven't been to the study yet. Anyway, it's boring. It's good to find a book to read. Thinking of this, I tried my best to open the door of the study and entered the study. Fortunately, the door was not closed, but unclosed, otherwise I would not have been able to get in! When I jumped three times through the chair and jumped onto a large desk to see what books were on the shelf next to me, I was attracted by another thing and immediately gave up the idea of reading. The reason is that I saw a computer. Oh, my God! I haven't seen the computer for months, brother, I miss it so much! I was so excited that I jumped up and down on the desk. Although because I am an orphan, I can not afford to buy a computer, but I have been to the Internet bar, especially like chatting online, playing online games, reading novels. I haven't touched this thing for months since the last time I touched the computer and now I'm a mouse. As the saying goes, in modern society, computers are more intimate than girlfriends for most men. How can I not be excited when I see them? And I looked at the underground socket,plastic bulk containers, this computer is also connected to the network cable, ha ha, is a computer that can access the Internet. binpallet.com

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