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The author of "Immortal on the Immortal" is at the end Full-time Job

Mar 8th, 2023 at 03:20   Financial Services   Samara   59 views
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You don't remember me anymore. Also right.. You were so young that you had no memory of anyone at all. Talking to himself, as if to me, more like comforting himself, the purple eyes, slow and bright, the voice of bitterness, as if crying, such a tone, people can not figure out. Moon, my child. Such a sudden sound, such as the sudden collapse of the day, I abruptly fixed on the bed, the corners of my mouth want to say something, but can not open their mouths, only a shake, and ears, can clearly hear his voice. I must have scared you! Also right.. I don't even know what I am now, let alone you. The blurred shadow was closer, but with the faint light alone, he could not see his appearance at all, he could only feel a faint outline, the feeling of proximity was obvious, but he did not feel the existence of breath. You When I find myself able to speak, I only say a simple person. I want to say more, but I can't. The man opposite looked a little happy, so slowly, a hand gradually reached out, but when it reached me, I could not feel anything, fingers penetrated my face,outdoor palm trees, bringing the feeling of goose bumps and hair standing up. ……” Obviously, such a result, he also felt regretful to express silence, but not long after, he heard his voice. Sound, like a wordy "mother." You see, I can't even touch objects now, and I don't even remember, hehe! What a failure! If I can be with you, you don't have to live like this, what the lower world experience,artificial plant wall panels, all deceive those fools, children, we are sorry for you. As he spoke, his words became sobbing and painful, but I didn't know what I should do to comfort a person who couldn't even move his body, let alone. I'm his child? Still Just call me a child. Who is he? What are they referring to? Listening in a daze, there are many questions in my heart that can not be answered, and I only rely on my weak thinking to keep a little bit of memory clear. You can rest assured that I will never let it happen. Suddenly, there was a bang outside the window, a touch of gorgeous color floated in, quietly looking at my side, but when I looked at him, and then looked back at the original position in front of the bed, where there is no one, there is not even a trace. ".." Shocked by a wave of things, covering his mouth, surprised eyes, I can move, can also speak, this is why? Who on earth is that man just now? On the eyes of doubt, faux ficus tree ,large artificial blossom trees, silence for a while, then, to that still do not give up any clues waved. What's going on? Was someone here just now? "." "What?" "Does the ancient God still exist in this age?" "As far as I know, the only one left is the Longevity Star, and the others have already passed away." After a pause, I still asked in words that I didn't believe myself. If I say that the one who came just now must be the true God of ancient times, do you believe it or not? Asked this, is my own, also feel more absurd, but the other side, but a serious face looking at me, such an expression, let me shake. I'm afraid. Was it your father who came just now? Although the words are not affirmative, but his father two words, but really hit me, why, I just now, dare not think about these two words! Didn't I always know I wasn't the child of my current father? And Bai Min is not a parent, but why, when they face these things, began to become unlike themselves? "Father?" In his mouth, he asked softly, like asking someone else, but it was himself. Outside the window, the night is still quiet, but just the shadow, but how can not find, only some, just silently looking at me. On the table, I do not know what is used to light the lamp inside the table, but this lamp can be as bright as day, no less than the luminous pearl. Without saying anything, he sat down and looked at me with a twinkle in his eyes. I should have told you the other thing I found out.. If it is your father who came just now, it is impossible, because the soul of God on the master of ceremonies has not returned to the world, he is still floating in the world. And.. "What?" After a pause, the expression made me a little nervous. If I was right before I was saved by you last time, the frozen body in the secret garden of the Emperor of Heaven must be the master of ceremonies! Ben sat down with me, and when he heard about the ice, he suddenly stood up, and behind him, the chair that had fallen to the ground, no matter what it was, he rushed to something and asked in a hurry: "Where?" That time, it was because I was seriously injured by the Emperor of Heaven that you saved me. And. If he is injured, he is afraid that he has seen the master of ceremonies in his secret garden! There, behind the forbidden gate of Taoyuan. Behind him, the door clanged heavily, Sikong, dressed in white, stood on the edge of the door, gloomy, and could not see any expression. Seize the immortal It was already a winter night. Although I didn't feel any cold during the day, it was a little different at night. Wearing only single clothes, I stood on the edge of the draught and looked at Sikong. Obviously, he was slower than one step. I didn't know where he lived now, but it was certain that he was not doing well now. The little dark color on the white clothes was particularly dazzling, and I didn't know if something had happened. The Lord of God. “……” The relative silence is very unnatural. Although called him, but did not get his response, such a Sikong, or Kongsi, is hard to figure out. Why did he follow me all the time, even to my surprise, I don't think he really liked me, and the kiss downstairs at the Lion. Makes me feel unreal. When I recovered a little Pure Brightness,fake ficus tree, I felt a lot of doubts about the current situation. He shook his head violently. God King. Lord Kong Si, I am very grateful for what you have done for me. If possible, I hope I can do it as much as possible. hacartificialtree.com

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The author of "Immortal on the Immortal" is at the end