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The bejeweled wife of rebirth Full-time Job

Dec 7th, 2022 at 08:10   Marketing & Communication   Zarechnyy   145 views
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The stones on the brooch can be smaller, as can the bracelet. My arms are so thin that they don't look good on thick ones. Zhou Pu smiled and stretched out his hand with a ruby bracelet on his wrist. Excuse me, when was Miss Zhou born? "November." Yan Wan raised her eyebrows in amazement and said, "Topaz is the birthstone of November, and it is rich in color.". Blue is available from dark to light, and there is more room to choose. However, because it belongs to the mid-range gem, Miss Zhou may not like it. "It's my own moonstone. How can I not like it?" Zhou Pu retorted. Because the price is cheaper, Miss Zhou may feel.. "I'm wearing jewelry, not money!"! As long as it suits you, it is the best. It's up to you! Zhou Pu looked very busy, and as soon as the half-hour appointment arrived, the secretary came in to remind him. Then I'll go first, and I'll show you the sketch after it comes out. If there is a time requirement.. "I don't wait to wear it. It doesn't matter how long it takes." Zhou Pu waved his hand, "only the things designed make me satisfied!" Yan Wan politely took her leave and walked out of Zhou's revolving door, then she couldn't help laughing. Zhou Pu's request is not high,sonicator homogenizer, as long as she is satisfied.. Can be satisfied with the word. It's hard to say. Anyway, she doesn't ask for time, just think about it after the big exam. Yan Wan shook her head, returned to the office, and saw a drawing on the table, a sketch of the ring. This is not mine.. "Yan Wan sat down and took the white paper.". Three equal wavy lines make up the main body of the ring. But apparently the middle line is thicker, with a row of small broken diamonds. Because the lines are hollowed out,ultrasonic dispersion machine, it doesn't make the ring look heavy. At the ring, the three lines are combined into one strand, which is very ingenious when it is closed. It uses a curved radian, which is not very abrupt. Obviously, this is Liu Li's improvement based on her design idea, which looks much better than her original idea. Love txt first "Back?"? Zhou Pu's order is not small, right? "Yes, she ordered a five-piece suit, but the gem is topaz." Why don't you use aquamarine? The exterior quality is not much worse, but the price is higher than topaz. She was born in November, and the topaz stone happens to be her birthstone. Moreover, ultrasonic dispersing machine ,ultrasonic metal welding, I also have selfishness, no more consideration of materials, pure quality and large pieces are not uncommon, the design is relatively loose. "Well, blue topaz is not as expensive as wine yellow, and it's not uncommon to have a good purity. You're used to being clever.." Liu Li glared at her angrily. "I've changed your design. What do you think of it?" "It's much better than my original idea. I used a surface as a platform for three wavy lines, which was very heavy.". If you modify it like this, the ring will look much more delicate. And it's inlaid with broken diamonds, which may be more attractive to young girls. Chapter 91 celebration After finishing the exam very early, Yan Wan walked out of the school gate with a relaxed face. The bright sunshine splashed on her face, which made her squint. Yan Wan, how did you do in the exam? You've missed as many classes as I have. Looks like we're all going to flunk a few. Chen Xiaorong caught up from behind her. Does she look like she's going to be in class? Yan Wan looked suspiciously at Chen Xiaorong's listless appearance and decided not to stimulate her, but said "um" casually. Let's go and find a place to relax! Chen Xiaorong has a very warm look. No, Yixin said she would come to pick me up. Yan Wan shook her head. As soon as I turned my head, I saw Yan Yixin's black Passat parked on the side of the road. Are you really in love? Chen Xiaorong is envious and jealous. Sort of. Yan Wan smiled and waved to her. Yan Yixin opened the car door for her, two people just smiled and said two words, and did not see the hot drama of kissing, and the girls around the birds, Yan Wan just smiled shallowly, buckled his seat belt. It seems that I did well in the exam, and my mood is written on my face! It's time for dinner. I've booked a table to celebrate your success. Yan Yixin said with a smile. It should be OK. I am very sure of the topic. Not surprisingly, the scholarship should be no problem, just a few. Yan Wan is rarely arrogant. Caesar Hotel is located in the prime location of the city center, especially the revolving restaurant on the roof, which is the best place to enjoy the city's scenery. Why is it so grand today? Yan Wan was a little uneasy, looking at her casual clothes and sports shoes, and then looking at the clothes around her, she finally had the consciousness to buy one or two pieces of jewelry. You've finished your freshman year, and the exams are expected, so of course you should celebrate. Yan Yixin opened the dining chair for her, ordered the meal very familiarly, and asked her advice in the middle. Do you want to drink today? When Yan Wan heard him ask for a bottle of champagne, she couldn't help thinking of her drunken past, but she really didn't dare to release it. Feel free. I'll do it. Yan Yixin said playfully. Yan Wan smiled and touched the cup with him. The impact of the glass is only a touch that points, Yan Wan really just took a sip, Yan Yixin stared at her: "You are really casual ah!" "If you get drunk, you have to carry me back. I heard that drunk people are very heavy." "Don't worry!"! Even if you were twice as heavy, I could hold you. Yan Yixin said with a smile,ultrasonic cutting machine, his eyes falling on her face. Just a sip of champagne had brought pink to her cheeks. I don't like drinking, and I think it tastes terrible. Yan Wan shook her head. "You'd better not impose on others. Drinking is a man's specialty." "Women can drink more than men." Yan Yixin laughed. You're in charge of drinking and I'm in charge of eating. Yan Wan raised her eyes proudly and looked like a successful trick, which made Yan Yixin lose his mind for a moment. You would pick.. That's all Right. I want you to carry me back when the time comes. It is said that people who are drunk are very heavy. Yan Yixin joked with her original words. fycgsonic.com

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