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The complete works of Sherlock Holmes Full-time Job

Nov 24th, 2022 at 08:12   Independent & Freelance   Balakovo   161 views
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Because I saw him, Mr. Holmes. That was on the second night. Sir Robert turned and passed us, while Stephens and I shivered like a pair of rabbits in the bushes, for there was a little moonlight that night. But we heard another man walking behind. We are not afraid of him. So when Mr. Robert passed, we straightened up, pretended to be walking in the moonlight, and rushed up to him carelessly. Hello, buddy! Who are you I said. He probably didn't hear our approaching footsteps, so when he looked back and saw us, it was as if he had seen a ghost from hell. He let out a cry and ran away. He can really run-if you ask me to say something, I won't hear or see him in a minute,inflatable castle with slide, and we won't know who he is or what he does. "Did you see him in the moonlight?" Yes, I remember his yellow face-a low man. What could he have to do with Sir Robert? Holmes sat thoughtfully for a long time. Who will accompany Mrs. Beatrice Fuld? He finally asked. Her handmaiden, Cary Evans. She has been with her wife for five years. "Not to mention loyal?" Mr. Masson became uneasy. "She's loyal enough," he said at last,inflatable amusement park, "but I can't say who she's loyal to." "Ah!" Said Holmes. I can't expose people's privacy. I understand very well, Mr. Masson. Of course, the situation is clear. I already knew from Dr Watson's description of Sir Robert that he was dangerous to any woman. Don't you think that might be the reason why their brother and sister quarreled? "The rumor has been known for a long time." She may not have seen it in the past. Let's say she suddenly finds out. She wanted to fire the woman, but her brother wouldn't let her. The weak man could not realize his will because he had heart disease and could not walk. Her vindictive maid still couldn't get rid of her. So she didn't talk to anyone, and she was sulking and drinking. Sir Robert took away her pet dog in an exasperation. Can't these all be strung together? "Yes, it can be strung up so far." "Exactly!"! That's it. But what does all this have to do with going to the crypt at night? We can't explain it. 'Indeed Not, sir, and there are others I cannot explain. Why would Sir Robert want to dig up a dead body? Holmes stood up suddenly. We only discovered this yesterday-after I wrote to you. Yesterday Sir Robert went to London, Inflatable indoor park ,large inflatable water slide, so Stephens and I went down to the crypt. Everything else was the same, except that in one corner there was a small pile of human bones. "Did you report it to the police?" Our visitor smiled coldly. Sir, they won't be interested. All that was found was a mummified head and a few bones. It's probably an ancient corpse from a thousand years ago. But it wasn't there, I swear, and so does Stephens. It was piled up in a corner covered with boards, and that corner was always empty before. "What did you do?" "We didn't care about it." "It is wise to do so.". You say Sir Robert left yesterday. Is he back? "I should be back today." "When did Sir Robert give away his sister's dog?" This day last week. The little dog was howling outside the old barn, and that morning Sir Robert was in a temper. He picked up the dog and I thought he was going to kill it. But he gave the dog to Sandy Bain, the jockey, and told him to give it to old Barnes at the Blue Dragon Hotel. He didn't want to see the dog again. Holmes sat thoughtfully for a long time. He had just lit his oldest and most smoky pipe. "I don't know yet what you want me to do about it, Mr. Masson," he said finally. Can you be more specific? "That may be the answer, Mr. Holmes." The guest took out a paper package from his pocket and opened it carefully to reveal a charred broken bone. Holmes looked up with interest. "Where did you get it?" There was a heating boiler in the cellar under Lady Beatrice's room, which had not been used for a long time, and Sir Robert complained that the cold had set it on fire again. Harvey's in charge of the boiler-he's one of my boys. Just this morning he came to me with this. He found the bone when he was digging out the ashes of the boiler. He didn't think much of the bones in the stove. "Neither do I," said Holmes. Can you recognize what this is, Watson? The bone has been charred into a black mass, but its anatomical features are still discernible. "This is the epicondyle of the human leg," I replied. Pretty good Holmes became very serious. When is this fellow going to burn the stove? "He burns up every night and leaves." "So anyone can go at night?" "Yes, sir." "Can you get in from the outside?" "There is only one door outside, and there is another door inside, which leads down the stairs to the passage of Mrs. Beatrice's room." This case is not simple, Mr. Masson, and it smells of blood. You mean Sir Robert wasn't at home last night? "No, sir." "So it wasn't him who burned the bones, but someone else?" "Very well, sir." "What is the name of the hotel you just mentioned?" "Blue Dragon Hotel." "Is there a good fishing spot around the hotel?" The honest trainer looked puzzled, as if he were sure that he had met another madman in his troubled life. I hear there are trout in the river and pike in Hall Lake. That would be great. Watson and I are well-known fishing enthusiasts-isn't that right,Inflatable outdoor park, Watson? If you have a letter, you can send it to Qinglong Hotel. We're going there tonight. Don't go there to find us. Write us a note. If you need me, I can find you. I'll give you a mature opinion when we have a certain understanding of the matter. joyshineinflatables.com

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