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The Emperor of the Secret Service Imperial Concubine, I want to destroy you. Full-time Job

Dec 30th, 2022 at 03:14   Marketing & Communication   Samara   77 views
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The non-feather king on the side saw this and turned to look at the woman he had not noticed since he came in. Fallen Feather? The birthmark on Luoyu's face is symbolic. Shh. Yan Lie immediately waved his hand and motioned to King Feiyu not to disturb him. It was the most taboo for someone to interrupt him when he was doing his work. King Feiyu immediately choked. Face but raised a smile, who said his ugly daughter-in-law and three son Mo Yan feelings are not good, look, this is not very good, spend effort to help him heal it. The room was suddenly silent, and everyone quietly looked at Luoyu and Jiaxuan Moyan. With a visible speed, the black gas slowly faded from the body of Jiaxuan Moyan and pushed towards the corner. When Yan Lie saw this, he was overjoyed. Luoyu's strange martial arts are so powerful. Good, good. King Feiyu's fighting spirit is not good, his eyes are still there, and his face is full of joy when he sees it. His ugly daughter-in-law is really capable, his vision is good, ha ha. Ga. Silent smile just blooms on the face, Jiaxuan Moyan body black light suddenly big Sheng, a forced open feather. Luoyu stumbled and took a step back. But Jiaxuan Moyan's body shook, his eyebrows wrinkled tightly, and a trace of blood seeped out from the corners of his mouth. Saner. King Feiyu was frightened. Don't worry Jiaxuan Moyan closed his eyes tightly, but said in a hoarse voice. Chapter 320 I want to break off my marriage. One side of the feather frowned deeply, facing the eyes of Yan Lie and others, he said in a deep voice, "I can't fade away. It's very strange." Yes, it's just very strange. Yan Lie frowned. So what to do? Liu Yuchen interrupted anxiously. All the people in the room frowned tightly for a moment. To say that there are ways,ultrasonic extraction cbd, some people do not have a great God behind them. At this time, Li Xuan, who had been leaning on the door, suddenly plugged in. As soon as the words fell, the eyes of Yan Lie, King Haozang and others immediately brightened. Purple King, how can they forget such a great God? No, not him. Jiaxuan Moyan's face suddenly darkened. Don't talk nonsense. Yan Lie's face sank and he glared at Mo Yan. This is not a child's play,ultrasonic spray nozzle, Mo Yan, you need to know that you can bend and stretch to be a real man. King Haozang looked at Jiaxuan Moyan and spoke earnestly. Liu Yuchen, Jia Xuanli, Bin Chenxing and other people's faces are unpredictable. If you want to save your rival in love, will you still have this face in the future? Besides, whether the rival in love will be saved or not is still a matter. Fallen Feather, you. Although far away from the feather, but the purple king appeared, the news will not know, the feather king also knows a little bit. Then he turned around and looked at Luoyu, opened his mouth and suddenly stopped. Father, I don't. Bang, Yan lie directly a palm, knocked out Jiaxuan Moyan. I don't think it's appropriate for Luoyu to go. Why don't we go? King Haozang as a landlord, Jiaxuan Moyan had an accident here, how can not get rid of the relationship, ultrasonic cutting machine ,ultrasonic metal welding, immediately thought about it. Yan Lie nodded: "That's what I mean." Cloud kill day and fall feather and Jiaxuan Mo Yan, this relationship, they know more clearly. He asked Luoyu to come forward and ask Yunshitian for help. By virtue of the cloud to kill the day that temper, it is estimated that a knife directly killed. Help? Don't even think about it. King Feiyu was also an experienced man. Seeing this, he knew six or seven points. He immediately nodded and said, "Well, thank you, King." "Where? What's the difference between your son and my heir? Go, go, go now." King Haozang took the lead and went out of the door. Behind him, non-feather king, Yan lie, two people followed closely. Chapter 321 I want to break off my marriage. Standing in the room, Liu Yuchen watched the three of them leave. He turned his head and looked at Luoyu hesitantly. "What do you think is the possibility?" Fallen feather reached out to pick the hair between the forehead, a wry smile on her face, she did not know. The cloud kills the day is absolutely knows that what hermit how to deal with. But let him save Jiaxuan Mo Yan, really, she does not do hope. Night, dark. At this time, the falling feather room where the cloud killed the sky. Master, Haozang Guozong has made a move. Yan Fei's voice sank like ice. Keep up. The cloud killed the sky, and the eyebrows were cold and heavy. Yes The swallow flies away like flying. Sure enough, I couldn't hold back. The only thing left in the room was Yanlin, who followed the clouds to kill the sky, with a flash of light in his eyes. Just then, the white light outside the window flashed, a fist-sized phoenix did not look like a phoenix, a flying eagle did not look like a flying eagle bird flew in from the window. Yan Lin quickly took a look at the information on the bird, and immediately turned to look at the cloud to kill the sky: "Master, the hermit people also have action.". ” The cloud killed the day to listen to the words, has been sitting still figure slowly stood up: "Go." He would like to see what the hidden people who hurt the fallen feathers were planning to do. How did you get involved with the Luoyu family again. The night was flying, and the three non-feather kings came toward the residence of the cloud killing the sky, while the cloud killing the sky got up and went in the other direction. And in the dim light of night. The breath of conspiracy is constantly flashing. Several dark shadows lurked like smoke. Imperial College residence. Yan lie and other masters left, leaving a room full of beaten army. Jiaxuan Moyan woke up slowly from his coma and looked at his father and others, whose face was almost as black as the bottom of a pot. Don't be black. King Haozang is right. A real man can bend and stretch. Liu Yuchen thought for a long time and only thought of this sentence. Only in exchange for Jiaxuan Mo Yan's face more black. Seeing this, Bin Chenxing smiled and said, "Don't worry, maybe.." "Whoosh." At the moment when Bin Chenxing opened his mouth, an invisible sword suddenly broke through the air under the night and shot straight into the feather. Fallen Feather Ben turned toward the door, just in the middle of it. Then his face sank and he turned sideways to avoid it. At the same time, the body moved like lightning, two steps forward, grabbed Li Xuan leaning against the door, and threw his backhand on the bed of Jiaxuan Moyan. Chapter 322 I want to break off my marriage. The other hand quickly grabbed the sword decorated on the wall, a sword across the air, the sword pointed to the southeast, the air even cut two invisible sword gas toward Jiaxuan Moyan. At the foot of a slip at the same time, three swords, people have been stopped in front of the bed of Jiaxuan Moyan. And Liu Yuchen,ultrasonic sonochemistry machine, Jia Xuanli, haven't reacted yet. The invisible sword gas is flying, and the black gas in front of the eyes is faint. fycgsonic.com

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