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The Great Demon King [Finished Version] Author: Inverse Heaven Full-time Job

Mar 14th, 2023 at 05:10   Independent & Freelance   Balashikha   6 views
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With the cry of Fass, more and more corpses stood up and began to attack any living people around them mercilessly according to the last trace of nostalgia for life. They never knew whether the target of his attack was his close comrade-in-arms who had been drinking and whoring with them last night. The panic caused by the resurrection of the corpse instantly spread throughout the bandits who attacked the city. At this time, the frightened bandits had no intention of continuing to attack the city, only an idea of getting away from this evil place as soon as possible. There were even some bandits with blood on their hands who devilishly began to sing the sacred hymns of the Church of Light, as if this could purify the dark forces around them. Unfortunately, the God of Light will never extend an olive branch to these faithless guys. When a zombie uses his weapon to pierce the body of a robber who sings hymns, all the robbers who continue to sing hymns immediately stop this meaningless action and just turn around and run away. Want to run? It's not that easy! Han Shuo, grinning grimly above the wall, like a demon who reigned over the earth, flew high into the sky from the wall, waving his skull staff, creating acid swamps and filling the road between Fass and these people. Shoot him! Shoot him! Fass suppressed his fear and pointed at Han Shuo's crazy roar. He himself took out a huge and priceless crossbow and aimed at Han Shuo to shoot a crossbow arrow. Poor Fass. I told you to play with you. Look how many gold coins you left me. Ha ha, the armor and weapons on the ground, maybe there are some expensive gold coins on the lost robbers, how can I thank you? Han Shuo looked at Fass with a smile, and as soon as he lifted his empty right hand, a brilliant red light fell into his palm from the nine heavens, and another "bloody chop" was gradually taking shape. Volume I Chapter 333 Change Novel Bus Updated: July 7, 2010 14:35:16 Words in this chapter: 5490 Dozens of bows and arrows with a "whoosh" roar, flying rain shot at Han Shuo, however, has not yet waited for the arrival of these rain-like arrows, Han Shuo's hands have been brewing into a group of deadly red awn, once again flew out. It is also 30% of the power of the Demon yuan that is poured into the Demon Front, which absorbs 30% of the power of the Demon yuan. There is a howl of endless resentment. The fresh souls that have just been absorbed by the Demon Front, with a trace of their last yearning for life, send out an unwilling resentment. However, the souls of those robbers who were tightly bound by the killing front could not escape from the eternal imprisonment of the killing front. Instead, their hatred and resentment contributed to the power of "bloody chop", a group of brilliant fireworks-like light, blooming a colorful and enchanting. From the hands of Han Shuo fly to kill the magic front, once again flying into a blood red sun full of barbs, all the arrows have not been close to Han Shuo, then in the "blood light ten thousand mang chop" urged to kill the magic front stirred into pieces. The power of the killing edge, which had not been weakened at all, Narrow aisle rack , crossed a dazzling and graceful arc in the sky with endless resentment and evil spirit, and fell straight towards Fass and others. No, the leader, get out! Next to Fass, the robber was so surprised that he screamed and turned around and ran away on his horse like a lost dog. Seeing that his men fled in panic, Fass, who had planned to scold him, suddenly remembered the cruel scene where the blood had passed. He could not help but shiver. He did not dare to pretend to be a hero to stay here. Like him, he turned around and ran away. Splendid blood fell down, like a ferocious ghost, smashing all the characters it met. First, five or six robber chieftains were crushed to pieces, and under the manipulation of Han Shuo, the evil front, with the evil spirit of the sky, roared and stirred in the air, and went straight after Fass and others. One by one, the corpses came back to life under the canopy of the undead, blankly attacking all the creatures around them, and the dead, whose intestines were still hanging outside, came over with weapons and blood. Apparently goaded the bandits who should have continued their desperate rush to Breton City. The most instinctive action of human beings in the face of fear is to run as far as possible, and these robbers have brought this advantage into full play, and the elite of the gallery who came on horses have obviously fled much faster than when they rushed over. There are even some people who have rushed out like lightning before the acidic swamp of Han Shuo has taken shape, and they don't know where their potential comes from. Of course, more robbers were intercepted by the acidic swamp, which was filled with the smell of death and the smell of corroding everything. After more than a dozen robbers accidentally walked into the acidic swamp and dissolved into more than a dozen skeletons. All the robbers who had not yet escaped suddenly became honest. The front is the acid swamp where they can die immediately, and the back is the approaching dead bodies, and the robbers, who are in crisis on both sides, are struggling to measure which side is safer out of extreme attachment to life. Half ring, the desire for life overcame their fear of dead bodies, unable to fly through the air like Han Shuo. Forced to suppress the fear in his heart, he grasped the weapon in his hand and aimed it at the approaching corpse. These dead bodies, or former best friends, have just died, but under the threat of death, the robbers know what to do. Kill! I don't know which robber gave a low drink. The robbers who were still alive no longer had any hesitation, and they turned the sharp weapon in their hands to these comrades-in-arms who had just died, and killed them for their own lives. Cut off the head of the body, and let the dead comrade-in-arms die without the whole body. omracking.com

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