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The Internet celebrity is a cute pet. Full-time Job

Nov 15th, 2022 at 09:21   Marketing & Communication   Partizansk   146 views
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"I mean, brother Zou Yi, I'm sorry for your loss," said Lin Fan. There will be more magic pets, not to mention that it is only an ordinary magic pet, and it has no auxiliary effect on you. I have asked my father to re-recruit the top magic pet breeding team. Do you remember the Sheng Lin who bred the SS + level magic pet for His Majesty? With him personally leading this magic pet breeding team, I believe it won't be long before you can have a SS + level magic pet. The more he listened to Lin Fan, the tighter Zou Yi's eyebrows became. Why did he think Qingli was dead? "Lin Fan," said Zou Yi, "are you hiding something from me?" Lin Fan on the other end of the communicator suddenly became nervous. "I.." he said. Nothing? What's the matter, brother Zou Yi? "It's all right," said Zou Yi. "I have something else to do. I won't talk to you first." Lin Fan laughed and said, "I just need to rest. The doctor said I can't answer the phone for too long.". I'll go to see you after I leave the hospital. Goodbye, brother Zou Yi. After hanging up the communicator, Zou Yi's eyebrows still did not open. Why did Lin Fan think Qing Li was dead? Zou Yi slowly breathed a sigh of relief, hoping that he would die just because he felt that he had not taken care of Qingli for more than half a month. But he didn't like the tone of understatement just now. And if it wasn't for a kind-hearted person who helped him feed Qingli, I'm afraid he would really die. In Zou Yi's heart, gave Lin Fan a big X number, although the other side is not intentional, but this matter he thought of fear,push button toilet flush valve, never allow related things to happen again. Just as Zou Yi was about to contact 3326 and 3327, the sound of ringing the doorbell suddenly came. Qingli swished out from his feet and hid in his room. Just as he was about to jump on the top of the bed, Qing Li remembered. Oh, the master is back. There is no need to be afraid. After a period of time on tenterhooks, I was really not used to the stable days. Zou Yi went to the door to open the door, face to face first pocket head was sprayed with a face of colored paper, only to see Zou ran bags of gifts,Time Delay Tap, exaggerated shouted at him: "surprise!"! Xiao Qing Li! Zou Yi:.. Chapter 29 Standing outside the door, Zou ran looked embarrassed and laughed twice: "Oh, I'm sorry, brother. I thought it would be Qing Li who came to open the door.". Didn't you tell him I was coming to see him today? Zou Yi frowned and said, "Do you think Qing Li will come and open the door for you?" Zou ran squeezed into the room and put bags of things on the sofa. "Why not?" He said as he walked? We have a good relationship, and he wants to thank me for my help this time. The more Zou Yi listened, the more he felt something was wrong. "Didn't you say you hadn't been to my house?" He asked. Zou Ran opened a bag of snacks and said, "I've never been here before!"! Is there a problem? "How can you help Qingli if you haven't been here?" Asked Zou Yi. Zou Ran smiled mysteriously and said, "Can't you help if you don't come over?"? Besides, even if it comes to your house, it may not be helpful. Speaking of it, I'd like to thank Grandma. She's really awesome! The more Zou Yi listened, the more confused he became. What was the situation? Help feed Qingli, and thank grandma? Could it be that Grandma and Zou Ran helped him take care of Qingli during this period? But it's not right either! He checked the surveillance, Concealed Flush Valve ,Self-closing Faucet, and no one came! There is a good chance that grandma will erase the surveillance. But Qing Li stayed here for half a month, and she couldn't have come here only once or twice. If you come to feed every day, it is not realistic to cut off all the monitoring. Unless There is one place that can't be photographed, and that is the reserved express channel. Packages with a caliber of no more than 60 centimeters will be delivered by the express channel, Zou Yi finally thought of where the loophole is! He immediately went to the side of the express delivery system and clicked on the receiving and dispatching system to check the receiving and dispatching records. It was found that two packages had arrived on the day after he left, and in addition, one had been sent out. In addition, more than a dozen packages arrived one after another. According to the records, he saw two pacifiers, two special blankets for milk foxes, and two toys such as milk foxes. Besides, the pair of things arrived at the same time. Zou Yi's eyebrows suddenly Zou up, turned to look at Zou ran, asked: "You." Forget it, I'll take you to see Qing Li first! Then he turned around and walked into Qingli's room and carried Qingli out. At this moment, Qing Li's heart is collapsed, from Zou ran into the door he recognized who this handsome young man is. Isn't it Luan Si, the leading actor of Duckweed in Troubled Times? So he turned out to be Zou Yi's brother? There are thousands of coincidences in the world, and he seems to have met the most bloody one. The next copy to do modeling can meet the master's brother, and he seems to have known his existence? He thought about it and guessed that the host's IP address or network account had betrayed him. I know I can't hide it this time, but why do I have a feeling that I have to come out and admit it? When Zou Yi took Qing Li out, Zou Ran pushed the thin bangs in front of his forehead, frowned and said, "Brother, where is Qing Li?"? Oh, is this little baby your phantom pet? God, it's so cute! But although it is very lovely, but what I want to look for is Qing Li! "He is Qing Li," said Zou Yi. Zou ran looked at his eldest brother with a look of disgust and said, "Brother, things have come to this point, so don't hide it any more, OK?"? We all know, and you're still hiding it! Pedophilia is not good, but since you are really serious, we will not object! But brother you have to be careful, do not let Zou Cheng and little aunt seize the handle, they do not know what will happen. The competition between you and Zou Cheng began from childhood, and now we are facing the abdication of Grandpa, but he will not stop until he reaches his goal! Brother, I'm saying this for your own good! The more I listen, the more I feel that what Zou Ran said is not right. What is pedophilia? When did he become a pedophile? He and Zou Cheng have been compared since childhood, but he has never been interested in this comparison. They can compare if they want to, and it has nothing to do with themselves. I just do what I like to do,Flush valve price, and as for Grandpa's position, he always lets nature take its course. Never give in to what is your own, and never covet what is not your own. cnkexin.com

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