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The Most Powerful Medical Concubine of Di Kuang Full-time Job

Dec 1st, 2022 at 05:50   Independent & Freelance   Dalnerechensk   44 views
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Bamudai hurriedly tidied up the room. Bamu Niang saw that the four of them were covered with mud and was busy finding clean clothes for them to change. She found two sets of Bamu's father's clothes and gave them to Bamu. She asked him to take Qiao Yue and Mei Liang to change them. She called Wen Hanyu and Ali into the room and handed them their clothes respectively. She said, "These are my clothes. They are all newly made. I haven't worn them yet. They have been washed clean. Change them quickly. The rain has stopped for a long time. Your clothes are still wet." What if I catch a cold? "Thank you, sister." Wen Hanyu said. Thank you for what? Change it quickly. Bamu Niang urged. She saw that Ali was thin and small, and her hands and face were all scarred, so she came forward to give her a hand. When she saw all the scars on Ali's body, as a mother, she couldn't help feeling distressed, "Sister, what's wrong with you?"? Why are you injured all over? It hurts, doesn't it? Ali shook his head, the pain is very painful, but with no conscience with them, she felt less pain, and with the little sister's medicine, her injuries have been much better. How can it not hurt? Bamu Niang is more and more distressed, "poor child, what have you suffered?"? How can there be such a cruel person? Looking at Ali,temperature check kiosk, Bamu Niang was like looking at her own child, and she couldn't help touching Ali's head. "It's all right. When you get to our house, you can keep your heart at ease. No one will bully you again." Li stared at Bamu Niang, opened his mouth, and blurted out: "Ah Niang..." Bamu Niang was stunned. Li quickly raised his hand to wipe the corners of his eyes and shook his head in a panic, "I'm sorry,digital whiteboard price, Sister, I-" But Bamu Niang interrupted her with a smile: "You can call me Ah Niang. If my daughter is still alive, she is about the same age as you. You call me Ah Niang, just like she is calling me. I am very happy." As soon as Li's nose was sour, she couldn't help hugging Bamu Niang and sobbed, "Ah Niang, Ah Niang.." Her mother had never cared about her so much. The Ah Niang in her heart, just like the Ah Niang of Bamu, even if she only has a little injury on her body, she will be anxious and distressed. Bamu Niang's nose was sour and tears came out of her eyes. But soon she raised her hand to wipe it away and patted Ali on the back with a smile. "Silly girl, if you like me here, you can come here often, facial recognition thermometer ,digital signage screen, or you can regard it as your home. You are the wife of our benefactor, and that's our benefactor. And ah, I like you very much at a glance." Ali nodded forcefully. After changing her clothes, Bamu Niang picked up the little wooden figure she had just put down and the little bell and gave it to Ali. She took a look and received it in her arms. After Bamu Niang helped Ali change her clothes, she could not help laughing when she saw Wen Hanyu holding a long belt and winding it at random. She came to her side to help her. The other room. Because of the inconvenience of Mei Liang's right hand, Bamu and Batu came together to help him, let him sit down for a while and let him stand up for a while, which made Qiao Yuezhi next to him laugh. But Ba Mu thought Ba Tu was a hindrance, so he pushed him aside. Batu pouted his mouth so high that he was obviously unhappy, but in a twinkling of an eye, he ran to one side with a smile. Then they turned out all the silver ornaments of their father. Looking at the delicate silver ornaments, Bamu gave his brother Batu a thumbs-up. -- -- -- -- Digression -- -- Well, it's time to walk again. How about the warm content? Four Seasons 347, Beautiful (1 more) When Wen Hanyu and Ali changed their clothes and came out of the house, they found that Qiao Yue and Mei Liang had not changed their clothes yet. Bamu Niang was a little worried, thinking that the two children had not properly handed over their clothes to Qiao Yue and Mei Liang. The door of the side room was not closed. Anyway, the man could not see anything when he changed his clothes. Bamuniang hurried into the room to have a look. But as soon as she reached the door, she stepped back quickly. Holding her hands tightly, she pulled Wen Hanyu and Ali at the same time. She pushed them into the house and said with a smile, "You two little girls should go and see for yourselves." When they were pushed into the room, their faces were inexplicable at the same time, and when they saw Qiao Yue and Mei Liang in the room, they were all stunned. Inside the house they were turning around and looking at them. This is Qiao Yue, whom Wen Hanyu has never seen, and Mei Liang, whom Ali has never seen. Although they all wore Miaojiang's clothes all the way to Miaoling, they all wore the clothes that were the most convenient for them to move in order to make it convenient for them to travel. The clothes were so simple that they only embroidered some colored threads on the edges of their clothes and trouser legs. Qiao Yue's hair was still high on the top of his head, while Mei Liang's was messy. Now they are still wearing Miaojiang's clothes, but they are completely different from what they wore before. Bamu Niang found two of Bamu's best clothes for them to change into. Qiao Yue's long hair, which was tied up high on the top of his head, was untied and scattered on his shoulders and back. There was no trace of being tied up on his long hair like black silk. It was as smooth as silk satin. Now his silky black hair was pinned behind his ear and his ear was exposed. On his ear hung a plain silver earring as big as his thumb and forefinger, with three small bells on it, which tinkled as he turned his head. Because he was born taller than Bamudai, Bamudai's clothes were obviously shorter on his body, revealing his strong abdominal muscles and even his navel, while his wide-legged trousers showed his ankles. He was now following the enthusiastic "orders" of Bamu and Batu to wrap his legs with leggings. Both clothes and trousers are embroidered with gorgeous patterns, even if it is not appropriate clothes, wearing on Qiao Yue,interactive whiteboard prices, Wen Hanyu not only does not feel any inappropriate place, but also feels perfect. Mei Liang was sitting on a stool by two children to prevent him from moving. His earlobes were not pierced like Qiao Yue's. Naturally, he could not wear earrings. Bamu turned over his father's headdress for him to wear. Bamu put his feet on his neck to straighten the silver collar. hsdtouch.com

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