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The most scheming pregnant father who wears fast Full-time Job

Nov 29th, 2022 at 04:31   Independent & Freelance   Ruzayevka   137 views
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Mi Li, who was wearing a wedding dress for him, said with a smile, "This flower probably likes you." Qin Yao said shyly, "Don't tease me. How many clothes do you want to wear?" Mi Li turned to look at the tray in the hands of the demon servant and replied, "There are three more. The material of this dress is as light as paper. The demon queen doesn't have to worry about not being able to walk." Qin Yao lowered his head and touched the cool and slippery material. He was dressed in a red wedding dress, which was comfortable and light. He was embroidered with auspicious clouds and flamingos, which were lifelike. How many times did he get married? The sound of whips outside the hall resounded through the sky, and the picture outside the door could not wait to open the door, looking at the figure behind the red gauze, "Demon Queen, the auspicious time has arrived." Listening to the words of joy with some anxiety, Qin Yao's heart began to be nervous, "aren't you waiting outside?" Xiao Tu lifted the red gauze and saw the beautiful little beauty in front of him. He exclaimed, "Ah Yao is more like a banshee with makeup." He kissed Qin Yao and dipped the red cream on his mouth into three points. "It's really fragrant. If I had known earlier, I would have let the brocade palace prepare the wedding skirt." Qin Yao glared at him. "Let's go. The demon people should be anxious." Xiao Tu stretched out his hand and said proudly, "I am holding you." Qin Yao handed over his hand, his heart was hot, and today his hand was particularly warm. Walking out of the gate, he looked at the flower spirits circling in the sky, which were brought by Emperor Ling, and the sound of blessing was constantly rising and falling. Qin Yao looked sideways at the arrogant Xiao Tu beside him, as if there was nothing he was afraid of in the world. Emperor Zun, who stayed on the side of the flying sedan chair, looked at the couple happily. Among them, Emperor Ling was the most eye-catching, and his peerless appearance was faintly better than Qin Yao's. It was the first time Qin Yao had seen the legendary Emperor Ling. His eyes were starry, his lips were as red as blood, and he was dressed in a dazzling silver moon. Qin Yao almost lost his mind on him. "That man is so beautiful." Xiao Tu heard his words and whispered back, "You are the most beautiful in my eyes." This is beauty in the eye of the beholder, Qin Yao did not expect to experience one. When Feng Kui saw him sitting in the flying sedan chair, he smiled at the corners of his mouth and said to Cang Qing beside him, "He has grown up, and he is no longer the child who blushed in secret love that year." Cang Qing said in a gentle voice, "I said they would definitely be together." Seeing that he was happy, Cang Qing felt a little itchy in his heart and whispered, "Wife, go to my place to have a look after they get married. Manzhu flowers are withered. I suspect they are sick." He turned his head sideways and just saw a flash of heat in his eyes. His earlobes were pale red, and he replied, "Good." … Above the demon world, the bright color of joy was about a thousand feet long, and the armor on the demon guard changed from white to bright red. It is time to sprinkle the spirit of joy, my king. Standing beside the sedan chair, Chuyan handed the Xiling, collapsible pallet box ,plastic pallet containers, which had been ground into powder with the upper step Lingshi, to Xiaotu. Xiao Tu took it, waved his hand, and the spirit of joy fell on the body of the demon people, proudly saying, "See, the blessing of the demon people to us." "I see it." Qin Yao was holding the hand out of some sweat, want to pull out to wipe a wipe, did not expect the hand to hold more tightly. Xiao Tu said, "We can't be separated. It's unlucky." Qin Yao raised his hand and kissed the back of his hand, saying in a gentle voice, "Good." Xiao Tu raised his hand like him and kissed him back. When they returned to the palace, the two demons strolled up to the high level. Halfway through, Qin Yao was a little tired. Seeing this, Xiao Tu bent down and picked him up. Complicated etiquette spent a lot of time, Qin Yao also in the nest of Xiao Tu out of a thin sweat. Three days and three nights of the wedding, Qin Yao has been tired to the extreme, the red gauze is still bright and dazzling, the demon palace is crowded, outside the hall, for the wedding feast, Xiao Tu one by one, until the look of thin red pretended to be drunk and helped into the palace. I thought Qin Yao would give in on the wedding night, but looking at his tightly wrapped clothes and sleeping face, Xiao Tu was discouraged and sat on the edge of the bed watching him until dawn. The morning glow reflected a layer of light behind the picture of the sky. This was the scene Qin Yao saw when he woke up. He sat down and slept. The demon who drank too much was really silly. Qin Yao got up and bent over his head and kissed his thin lips. The wine was so fragrant that it did not fall down at all after a night. He gently opened his teeth and swept his calm and warm tongue. Xiao Tu consciously launched a counterattack, slowly opened his eyes and bent over his lover who was close at hand. The hand hanging on his leg was put behind Qin Yao's head. He put him back on the bed bit by bit and hoarsely said, "I won't go in." "恩 . "Qin Yao untied his wedding dress and responded.". The long-lost wedding candle was finally filled. The leaves were withered and yellow. Strolling in the back garden, Qin Yao bent over the leaves that had just fallen on the ground. The weather was getting colder and colder. He pulled the wind robe on his body and stroked his little belly with his hand. The smile at the corners of his mouth slowly fell down. He couldn't see the snow in the demon world. What are you thinking about? There's no smile on your face. Xiao Tu hugged him from behind and gave him some warmth. Qin Yao lowered his eyes and said, "It's nothing. How are things going on the demon field?" Xiao Tu replied, "There are a group of tough barbarian demons. I'm going to deal with them. Would you like to go with me?" The number of barbarian demons was very large, and the demon soldiers suffered heavy casualties. He had to go in person. Qin Yao turned and looked at him. "Aren't you afraid I'll get hurt?" Xiao Tu hung up his nose and said with a smile, "I'm here. Who dares to hurt you?" "How many days?" "Three days." Qin Yao pondered for a moment, "I don't want to go. I'll wait for you in Xiaoyao Huazhuang." Xiao Tu kissed his forehead and whispered, "If I don't see you for three days, I'll get sick." Qin Yao a pain, clenched his waist clothes, three days. Maybe never. "If you get sick, call the demon doctor together." Xiao Tu was wronged. "How can you have the heart to do that?" Qin Yao explained, "I'm going to give birth soon, and I can't walk so long." Xiao Tu looked at his stomach, silent for a long time, it seems that Yao has not given up, "wait for me to come back that day is not born?" Qin Yao nodded and forced himself to grin. "Yes, you'll have to hatch your own eggs." Be sure to keep your promise, don't cry, don't be too sad. Xiaotu bent down and kissed his stomach through his clothes. "I'll come back soon and see you born with my own eyes." Qin Yao asked, "how long will it take?" "After noon." Qin Yao looked up at the sky,plastic pallet crates, covered with clouds, unpredictable, "I really can't see how long without the sun." binpallet.com

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