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The nation split, as e'er mounts and rivers remain. Full-time Job

Nov 15th, 2022 at 09:33   IT & Telecoms   Pavlovo   48 views
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"Brother Kim!"! Don't worry if I handle things! Several boys in my family who usually like to be noisy have contacted them and are discussing plans with them. How are your preparations going?! Sun Xing was smoking a hookah pot. The Japanese brigade stationed near Sun Jiapu was very active these days. Relying on its many people and sharp weapons, it sent a brigade out to sweep the public order today. Tomorrow, a squadron went to the village of the common people to do some offensive and defensive drills. After that, it touched a few chickens and ducks in the village. To put it bluntly, it was the middle-level officers who took the opportunity to take their subordinates out to fight the autumn wind and sweep away the oil and water, which made the villages miserable. This was because the soldiers of the Anxi Brigade were not in charge of this. They just ate and grabbed, wiped their mouths and left. Alas! It's a little short! Jin Quanshun sighed, "I'll send things over tomorrow, but I don't know how to make up for the difference." "Old Jin, why can't you get over this elm pimple?!"! Anyway, it is in the mouth of the Japanese, do not let the Japanese eat into the mouth, as long as roughly do a look, is not still a little bit?! Get some sand to pack him dozens of bags, a car mixed with a bag, the Japanese can not see, we should be a scene on the line, why serious! In the end is the old Youtiao level character, Sun Xing saw the key point at once, confidently pointed out the countermeasure. Blimey! Yes As soon as Jin Quanshun patted his forehead,pump tube, he looked happy and said, "Why didn't I think of that? It's a good move. The Japanese can see it, but they can't eat it." The Sun's parents patted the ash, took another puff, and squinted: "Wait for the news, soon!"! But Lao Jin, you have to keep your mouth shut. If you leave the news,empty cosmetic tubes, you can lose your head with me. On the surface, the old fox did not move, but in the dark before, it took a lot of effort to catch up with the Japanese. It was so exciting that his legs were a little weak. Sun Xing had to pretend to be an old God, as steady as Mount Tai. Baidu Search Book Bar to Read the Latest and Most Complete Novels/ [db: wangzhi] Section 506 WWW. XiAosHuoTXT. Com ", Lucy! Your contribution is great! Very good, very good! See a long line from the entrance of the barracks to the warehouse in a long line of motorcades, the Japanese army brigade commander Anxi Dazuole's eyes quickly narrowed into a slit, bags of food almost in the corner of the barracks set up a warehouse piled into a hill, this batch of free food can let his brigade here a good rest for a period of time, do not have to worry about the problem of supplies, do not have to rush to the front Superior let him stand by in situ orders for Anxi Daisuke, is simply too understanding, although the soldiers of the Empire, metal cosmetic tubes ,pump tube, but also need to relax. Hey! Hey! Tai Jun is wise, and the little one just contributes a little! Jin Quanshun, the president, was so submissive that he didn't mean to take credit at all. Raising food this time was like letting the people in the Sunjiapu area bleed a lot. If he did it twice more, he might as well follow the parents of the Sun family and take the villagers to vote for the Eighth Route. Uh! Put it in storage as soon as possible! Only when the imperial army is full can they help you fight off the Eighth Route Army guerrillas! Anxi Daisuke reserved with a finger hook under the nose of the sanitary beard, in order to let these places on the straw bag people work hard, he sent out nearly a brigade of troops to move around, to the local pro-Japanese elements to encourage support, but also a good deterrent to those soil eight routes and guerrillas, kill chicken to show the monkey, this gang of untouchables finally did not drag himself down. Brigades and regiments will not be reduced to grabbing food everywhere. Yes, yes, yes! The grain will soon enter the warehouse, and there will be no shortage of one or two. Jin Quanshun bowed and bowed, with a cold sweat on his back, hoping that Sun Xing, the head of the Sun family, could buy off the guy who weighed the weight smoothly. Although he tried his best to collect the weight, some of them passed off sandbags as pearls. Between the maintenance committee and the Sun family, they depend on each other. In order to get through this disaster smoothly, the two sides spared no effort to cooperate, providing money and people, and managing up and down. Finally, the plan to treat the Sun family as a family was pushed forward smoothly in a state of anxiety. "Yo!" Anxi Daisuke nodded and returned to the barracks to solve the big problem of food. He could really rest assured that he had food in his hands and was not in a panic. He was not familiar with people and places in this area. He kept a big grain depot and slept a lot. Seeing Anxi Daisuke turn away contentedly, Jin Quanshun looked at the warehouse full of grain. It turned out to be a temple where the villagers worshipped the Bodhisattva Avalokitesvara. He sneered a few times for no reason, and once again shouted to the civilian workers to transport the grain in as soon as possible. Brother Kim! Have a bite! Sun Xing, who seemed to be in high spirits, turned around from nowhere and took out a pack of cigarettes from his pocket, "Pegasus?!" Jin Quanshun's pupils shrank, some surprised and surprised, and he grabbed it straight and looked at it in his hand. "The goods of the Fourth Master?!" He tutted! What an old thing you are! Ha ha ha This old man has always been a hookah pot. When did he start to make cigarettes? It is simply too rare, but with this cigarette alone, there is no need to explain, Jin Quanshun knows that their plan really has a door, the cigarette in his hand has explained everything. This Pegasus brand is not an ordinary cigarette. It is a cigarette factory set up by the New Fourth Army in Huainan. The tobacco leaves are all the best tobacco leaves that do not touch the top branches and the bottom soil. They are better than the Great Britain brand, the Kingfisher brand and the Knife brand. After one point, there is no tobacco stem from beginning to end. It is very popular on the market. Sun Xing took out the cigarette, and the meaning behind it was hidden. Try one first! As soon as Jin Quanshun swept away his depression in front of the Japanese, he pulled out his cigarette case and skillfully pulled out two cigarettes. One was put in his mouth, and the other was thrown back to Sun Xing. Sun Xing just struck a match and said, "Come on, taste it.". Absolutely authentic, much better than my hookah. "Mmm!"! Uh! Good stuff! Between puffing, Jin Quanshun squinted his eyes,tube lip gloss, a face of enjoyment, the smell of smoke gave him a different feeling, "enough taste!"! The Fourth Master's goods are really authentic! emptycosmetictubes.com

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