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The reborn imperial concubine from the throne Full-time Job

Dec 7th, 2022 at 08:03   Medical & Healthcare   Dalnerechensk   87 views
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"Who said I was going to marry the prince?" On the marriage of Chongzhi Ling and Dugu Yecheng, she did not want to step into Rongwangfu. Yun Yu shook his head confidently: "If you don't believe me, just watch. You must be from Ye Lan." Strange to say, his sister talked about marriage without the shyness of a young girl. Could it be that I have been with him for a long time, and my character is like a man? That's not good. Thinking of this, Yun Yu pointed to the Chinese rose planted by the pavilion and patted Miao Dao on the table: "You cut down a flower with it and show it to me. I will judge your knife skills." Ning Yu didn't even think about it. She drew a knife across the flower stem, leaving a silver light in the air. Then the stem was broken. She caught it at the right time and let the flower with the stem be thrown to her brother: "How is it?" "You are really a man's wife. How can a daughter play with a sword as freely as she uses chopsticks?"? "Hello!" Ning Yu refused to accept: "It is clear that you told me to cut down the flowers for you to see, but you came to tease me?" Yun Yu took the flower branch and looked at the knife edge of the flower stem in turn. She smiled for a moment and said, "It's a woman after all. The knife is too heavy for you.". The strength and speed of the sword were not enough, and the flower was cut to death by you. "Hack to death?"? The flower stem was cut off and the flower was already dead. Yun Yu shook his head, looking like a pedant: "There is a person who can wield a sword to break the flower, but the flower is alive, and I just said, the speed is fast enough, although the head is broken, but people still have consciousness is the same reason.". Flowers-don't know they've been cut off. Do you know who this man is? Deliberately keep me in suspense. "It's Dugu Yelan," Ning Yu said when she was worried. Ning Yu was stunned and then chuckled, "Brother, even if you say good things about him,316ti stainless steel, it's useless. I won't believe it.". And now is the emperor refers to the marriage, you are to flatter Dugu Ye Lan to the sky, the emperor a decree, I should marry who also have to marry. Had the elder brother to persuade her memory for Ye Cheng, regarding the present situation, unavoidably does not associate to this aspect. "Believe it or not, I'll confiscate his benefits.." asked Yun Yu. Although Ye Cheng has a low profile everywhere in front of you,uns s32750 sheet, in fact, he is much more powerful than you think. Low profile? Did he? I don't want to talk about it. Ning Yu deliberately made the appearance of a little girl, holding her cheeks in both hands: "." Marry a chicken with a chicken, marry a dog with a dog, no matter who I marry, I will let him help our family! — Yu Mo did not understand why Ning Yu had to wear a veil when his facial injuries were all healed, and he had to come to see him on time every day. This day, he cannot help eventually: "Young Lady, small doctor still did not come tomorrow, your facial injury healed already.". The little doctor has nothing to do for you. Besides, you're already talking about marriage, and it's no good for you to hide your injuries. "It has something to do with you?" Ning Yu frowned and said, "I have my reasons for doing so.". I can't find the black hand behind the scenes, uns s32760 plate ,x52 line pipe, but I can still use it to detect the face of my future husband. Jingzhong all know that her face is damaged, if the other party is a person like Ye Cheng who is just a moment of speculation, knowing that he will marry an ugly woman, he will try to refuse the marriage. Your Highness doesn't care. Yu Mo said with an expressionless face. Ning Yu gave a cry and looked at Yu Mo incredibly: "Did you also receive the prince's black money?" Yu Mo did not understand: "The prince did not give the little doctor valuables." Forget it, I can't say it clearly with people like him. Ning Yu decided to say another important thing: "Yu Mo, how many years have you studied medicine?"? If I start learning now, what level can I reach in six years? Yu Mo replied truthfully, "More than twenty years.". When I was five years old, I followed my father to practice medicine and see a doctor. I was influenced by my eyes and ears and was diligent and eager to learn. Today, I can see some difficult and minor illnesses. The little doctor did not understand why the young lady had the idea of learning medicine, but in six years, the young lady should be able to see a cold disease steadily. ”……“ She was sure that Yu Mo must have laughed at himself in his heart, although on the surface he said quietly, "Doctor Yu, you are too modest." "Medical skill belongs to miscellaneous learning. First, learning medical skill is not popular, and second, women's learning is even less popular.". Such an idea does not match your status, so you'd better give it up. "Oh, Dr. Yu is really outspoken." This guy is really unkind. It's stupid to try to explore the idea of studying medicine with him. As long as the prince does not ascend the throne, the Tseng family will have a way out, and the prince has been appointed for more than ten years, it is almost impossible to change the ability of congealing jade. So the next best thing is to postpone the time for the crown prince to ascend the throne-to let the emperor survive. Ning Yu doesn't remember what disease the emperor died of. This is just a headache. Can I become a medical woman who can cure the world's helpless diseases in six years? Maybe Yu Mo is right-it's impossible. Yu Mo was silent, which made Ning Yu even more embarrassed. Fortunately, Bizhu came in from the outside and broke the solemn atmosphere. Bizhu had always been quiet, but now she looked a little flustered. "Miss," she said, "the master has sent someone to tell you to change your clothes, saying that there is a chariot in the palace to take you into the palace." "Hey?" Ning Yu's hand holding her chin slipped off: "Entering the palace?"? Why did you suddenly enter the palace? "Well, Juner, who came to deliver the message, said he didn't know either.". It is said that the chariots and horses will arrive in an hour and you are told to get ready quickly. "The maidservant will wait on you to change, Miss," said Bizhu. Ning Yu's heart missed a beat, and then her heart beat badly. She had a bad feeling and unconsciously surrendered her eyes to Yu Mo. It should be related to your marriage. Yu Mo Dao. In the same direction as Ning Yu's guess. But why only take her into the palace? Who in the palace wants to see her? 036 Two glasses of poisoned wine Ning Yu asked Wei Yu, the Chamberlain who was leading the way, "Grandfather Wei, where are you taking your daughter?" Wei Yu was a young eunuch under Wei Qingchen, the emperor's personal eunuch. He was one of the best eunuchs of the same age. He was not very old and full of style. "The prince wants to see you. Of course, the slave will take you to the Chaohua Palace where the prince is." Ning Yu stepped forward and said respectfully, "Grandfather, can you reveal one or two things?"? Why did the prince summon his daughter? Wei Yu Hei Hei smiled: "Don't you know?"? Prince Rong entered the palace this morning,x70 line pipe, and then the prince sent you. What do you think is the matter? "That's all the slave knows. Don't ask if there's too much. You'd better straighten up your appearance and get ready to meet your Highness." Say that finish, walk freely in front, no longer answer Ning Yu's question. lksteelpipe.com

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