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The world of mortals Sihe You Sijie Full-time Job

Nov 15th, 2022 at 09:07   IT & Telecoms   Parnas   264 views
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When I passed by Xiaoji, I bought a bronze mirror, which was exquisite and lovely, only the size of my palm. She took it out and lit it on fire. She was the kind of skin that was not easy to blacken, but it was exposed to the wind and the sun. There were thin cuts on her cheekbones. At first glance, she looked red. He found a jar of lard and wiped his face at random. The pain was relieved. He pulled the thick felt to cover his body and lay down. All night long, the wind whistled in his ears, and the wolves howled one after another. I was a little scared at first, but then I couldn't resist falling asleep, and I was lucky to wake up the next day safe and sound. She was startled to find a pool of blood on the sand when she packed up her things and led her horse. This kind of place does not care about people and animals, and it is difficult to get out when they are injured. She hurriedly went to examine the horses and camels, and looked everywhere. It was fine, and not even a piece of skin was broken. Where did the blood come from? He was puzzled, and it was important to go on, so he tied up the felt and went on his way again. Walk a day, gradually to Erlianhot, standing on the dam, the garrison put up the shelf opposite is the land of Khalkha. She tightened her belt and led her horse and camel past. If you want to cross the border, you have to have an ultimatum. Thanks to the help of the Seventh Master, when the destiny is ready, it doesn't seem to be a panic to use it now. The man on the edge raised his hand and looked her up and down. "Where did you come from?" "I came from Beijing to join my relatives in Ulan Bator," she said. The leader, Zuo Ling,plastic pallet bins, looked through the document and sneered, "There's a war going on outside. What kind of plan is it to go to relatives?"! I think it's a lie, right? She was a little worried, but she couldn't contradict him rashly. "It's not a lie," she said with a smile. "I really went to my relatives. You see, my ticket is issued by the imperial court, and it can't be true or false. Zuo Ling laughed. "Who knows if you stole it and want to defect with contraband?" The whip in his hand pointed to the horse and the camel. "What's on it?"? Let's go over and have a look. A few ranks to start a rummage, DingYi understand,plastic pallet suppliers, want to go out is not so easy, light ultimatum is not enough, you have to spend money to buy the way, or casually give you a stolen goods, prison punishment a word. Knowing the current affairs, she took out a silver ticket from her sleeve pocket, pulled the assistant collar and stuffed it into his hand. "You keep this, not much, twenty taels. I'll give you and the army men tea to warm up.". I am a good citizen, do not know what is defection, because the family is gone, only a cousin outside the pass to do business, I have to go to him to find a meal. You are right. If I look like this, no one will defect, right? Be merciful and let me pass. Zuo collar a look, this boy is still sensible. There is not much income at the border, drum spill pallet ,collapsible pallet box, so we rely on collecting and scraping people in and out to get some oil and water. Twenty taels, say no more, say no less, barely fill the gap between your teeth, it's better than nothing. He said happily, "It's not our intention to make things difficult for people. Now the two armies are at war. The higher authorities have ordered all passers-by to be strictly checked. Please forgive me." Said to tuck the silver ticket into the sleeve pocket, Gao Men shouted twice, "There is nothing suspicious on the line, but also intend to open the mattress is how?"? Stop it. Stop it. Two ranks obediently came back, should look back, turn to pieces, have to lose nothing valuable. She led the arch hand, "this military gate, I am timid, the front of the war is very afraid.". Ask you where the army is now, so that I can avoid it. Zuo Ling shook his head. "We're all in the hinterland of Khalkha. We're so far away that we can hear a little bit, but it's not true.". I heard it was in Delun a while ago, but I don't know if it's moved now. If you go to Zamyn Uud and ask the local people, the border people can speak Chinese and can figure it out. You can't go any further. You can't understand half of the Tartar language. You're looking for someone. It's hanging. She hesitated, and it was true that the language barrier was a big problem. Just as he was about to inquire about the battle ahead, a team of horses came from behind and leaned forward to see that there were only three or five people, a cart, and dozens of horses behind them, presumably horse dealers with two heads turned upside down. Zuo Ling must be used to the benefits of others, and he is very familiar with these horse dealers. The men brought in two jars of wine and stuffed in some silver, and he and the others stood shoulder to shoulder and called each other brother. The ranks beside the halberd frame returned the document to her and sent her through, but she didn't leave. Pulling up the sackcloth to cover his mouth and nose, he stepped forward and said next to Zuo Ling, "Military Gate, these gentlemen are going out of the pass. Where are they going?" This assistant collar just got twenty taels of silver from her, and he was particularly accommodating. She knew what she meant as soon as she opened her mouth. "Old Huang," said the horse dealer, "this little brother is going to Ulan Bator. You can give him a ride by the way. He doesn't speak Tartar language. He's afraid he can't find the way." Those who run in Jianghu are very moral and speak directly. "Do you dare to leave the customs if you don't know how to speak?"? It's all right if you want to follow, but the horse team doesn't have idle people. You have to help drink the horses and feed them. Can you do it? Ding Yi said in a loud voice, "I know the rules, and I'm very diligent." "That's good." Someone patted her on the shoulder and almost collapsed half of her shoulder blade. "Take your thin camel and go on your way!" So there is care for the time being, but also have to be careful, a group of big men, but not as gentle as Hongce. She tried her best to pretend to be vulgar, and even if she grew up in the street, she could learn seven or eight points from the incongruous appearance of Sanqingzi and Summer Solstice. The horse team went all the way north, and it was easier to walk on the road after the Gobi Desert, but it was still very cold in Khalkha after the spring, and it would definitely freeze to death if they dared to sleep in the open air this month. Old Huang often walks on this road, where there is a checkpoint, when there is an inn, the door is clear. To stay in a small town called Balang, a group of people drink and eat meat in the lobby. The Mongolians are a bold and unconstrained people, and it is appropriate to look at the red-faced strong men around them, all of whom speak like a loud bell and make every move in a tigerish manner. You can imagine how vigorous and resolute the Little Man Fujin of the Seventh Master's family is. But now in the war, the town is no longer as lively as it used to be,plastic pallet crates, but the foreign merchants are more active. Horse dealers, for example, made a good living during the war. Horses were the foundation of prairie people. They could not drink without horses. binpallet.com

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