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The world of traditional Chinese medicine Full-time Job

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Song Zihe looked at the little boy's big deep and bright eyes and was stunned for a moment. The child's expression brought him an incomparable sense of intimacy. He thought that if his son Song Qiang did not die, he would give birth to a grandson like this child in a few years. The little boy suddenly grinned at Song Zihe, as brilliant as if he had seen a relative. This smile made Song Zi and his mind swing, and he could hardly hold it. He reached out and shook the little boy's fleshy hand. "Do you know me?" He said with a friendly smile? But I think you are familiar with it! "Grandpa!" The little boy gave a timid cry, and the childish voice was somewhat full of vigor. Be good! What a polite boy! Song Zihe answered with joy. The corners of his eyes were moist. How nice it would be if the child were his grandson. Tell Grandpa, what's your name? Song Zihe is kind and authentic. Haohao! The little boy answered, turned over and sat up, looking around for something, apparently looking for his parents. Your parents have left in advance and will come to pick you up in a few days. Will you stay with Grandpa for a few days? Song Zihe said hurriedly that he was afraid that Haohao would cry and cry, which was really not easy to handle. Mom Haohao gave a cry of grievance, looked at Song Zihe, and held back the tears in his eyes but did not cry. Song Zihe said, in the heart big strange, good a special child, unexpectedly in front of strangers to hold back not to cry, character tenacity is evident. He found an object to play with him and brought a plate of candy to distract his attention from missing his parents. When a child has something to eat and play, he will be happy. Song Zihe relaxed in his heart, and it seemed that the child was really easy to take care of. But to coax Haohao to sleep,smart board for conference room, Song Zihe sitting there can not help but worry, the child is too small, in the daytime he has to receive patients, no time to take care of Haohao. Why did his parents leave this young child alone and go in private, when something urgent happened and they could do such a thing? Never met, meet by chance, this should be out of common sense. Song Zi and the hidden feeling that there seemed to be something wrong with it,4k smart board, and for a moment they couldn't figure out what the problem was. He shook his head and sighed helplessly. It would only take some time for the couple to come and pick up the child. One uneventful night. Early the next morning, Song Zihe found a neighbor, a middle-aged woman called Aunt Wang, and asked her to take care of Haohao during the day. She only said that she was a distant relative. Because of an urgent matter, she had to send the child to stay for a few days. Song Zihe was usually kind and had high medical skills, and his neighbors all respected him. As soon as he said what he meant, Aunt Wang promised and took Haohao to her home. So after five or six days, and did not see the couple to pick up the child, Song Zihe can not help but panic up. What had happened to the couple? How could they live for such a long time! Half a month later, there was still no news of the couple. I'm afraid they won't come. Song Zihe regretted not remembering the license plate number of the car, otherwise there would be a clue to look for. Asked who Haohao's parents were and where he lived, he shook his head blankly and did not know that he was too young to know these things. Haohao these days is also clever, do not cry do not make, interactive touch screens education ,smart interactive whiteboard, want to parents want to be anxious, then quietly sit aside to ignore people, just endure not to cry. People feel pitiful when they see it, but they have to admire the tenacity of their young age. Volume 1 Bronze Man of Acupuncture and Moxibustion in the World of Traditional Chinese Medicine Chapter 3 All Things Are Medicine Lung-Hand-Taiyin meridian starts from the middle energizer, descends to the large intestine, and then follows the stomach. The upper diaphragm belongs to the lung, and from the lung system, it goes out of the armpit, descends along the interior, runs in front of the heart of Shaoyin, in the middle of the lower elbow, along the lower limb (side) of the upper bone in the arm, enters Cunkou, ascends the fish, follows the thenar, and goes out of the end of the big finger; its branches go straight out. — — Selected from Lingshu Meridian: Meridian No.10 —————————————————————— A month later, the couple seemed to have disappeared forever and never came. Song Zihe's hope finally turned into disappointment. He knew that something must have happened to the couple, otherwise it would be impossible to abandon such a lovely child here. Helplessly, Song Zihe began to plan to raise Haohao. "Are you a child who is destined to be with me? Is it God who sent you to me?" Looking at the sleeping Haohao, Song Zihe said to himself. From Haohao, he seemed to see a hope, a hope that Song's medical skills could be passed on. Song Zihe's eyes showed a light of surprise, because the child in front of him brought him a strong feeling that it was a good material for studying medicine. You are an orphan abandoned by your parents. Just follow my surname and call you Song Hao. I want to train you to be an excellent doctor. My Song's medical skill has been passed down to me for fourteen generations. I really need you to inherit it! Song Zihe was very excited. In this dull evening, the decision he made also decided the birth of a famous doctor in the future. From then on, in his spare time, Song Zihe taught Song Hao to recite some songs of traditional Chinese medicine, such as Tang Tou Ge Jue, Yao Xing Fu, and Song's family prescriptions, which were also compiled by Song Zihe into catchy, easy-to-learn and easy-to-remember songs. Traditional Chinese medicine songs are the experience of doctors in past Dynasties. Medical theories are vast, and some basic knowledge and skills must be memorized and recited, so that they can be used freely in clinical practice. It is the basic skill of learning traditional Chinese medicine, and most famous doctors have gone through this process. In a poetry-like song, the composition, efficacy and indications of a prescription can be summarized, and even one or two words can express a variety of meanings, and the wonder of Chinese characters is here. When night falls, the childish voice comes from the hall of peace. Sijun Decoction neutralizes righteousness and compares ginseng, Atractylodes rhizome, Poria cocos and licorice. Beneficial to the six kings of Xia Chen,75 inch smart board, dispelling phlegm and invigorating Qi and Yang. The rhinoceros horn relieves the heat in the heart, and the antelope clears the lung and liver. Alisma orientale can induce diuresis to treat stranguria and tonify yin deficiency, and why is it difficult to treat hernia by dispersing galls and breaking qi? hsdsmartboard.com

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