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Tianxinpu Full-time Job

Mar 14th, 2023 at 05:16   IT & Telecoms   Balashikha   19 views
Job Details

Behind Chen Tengyun, there are seven young women with the same clothes and different colors. In the middle is a hibiscus face, willow eyebrows, black and white phoenix eyes, Yao nose like a jade mountain, vermilion mouth like a cherry, soft and white skin like autumn frost, beautiful as a fairy's appearance, still emerging a dignified and elegant temperament, like an autumn water for the God jade for the bone. She is the "Huang Feng" Hsiao Chin-feng, a fairy without human fireworks. She was dressed in a silky and bright yellow suit, with a yellow knee-length cloak on her back, a "yellow phoenix sword" with the same color as her clothes hanging from her waist, and a golden ring carved with primitive patterns on her neck. Behind her, there were four dignified and beautiful maidservants named Xiaozhi, Xiaoyao, Xiaoxian and Xiaolu wearing yellow suits and swords with the same color as her clothes hanging from her waist. The first one on the left of "Huang Feng" Xiao Jinfeng is a young woman with melon seed face, willow eyebrows and phoenix eyes, Yao nose and cherry lips, wearing a sky-blue suit and cloak, and hanging a "blue phoenix sword" around her waist. She is a beautiful and refined young woman like an orchid. She is "Blue Phoenix" Liu Wanlin, but the difference is that she wears a bracelet with blue light flashing and crystal clear on her left wrist. Behind her, there were also four maids who were less than 20 years old, wearing sky-blue clothes and swords of the same color as their clothes. In addition to the sweet smile on their round faces, which showed a kind of mischievous color, and the maid Xiao Rong, who had a slightly melon seed face and a pair of big eyes that turned flexibly and shone with intelligence and brilliance, the other two maids who were also very pretty were Xiao Li and Xiao Qiang. The first one on the right is also a crystal clear melon seed face,L Methylfolate Factory, eyebrows like willow leaves, dark eyes shining like water, Yao nose small and tall, cherry mouth red and tender to drop, wearing a cloud white suit and cloak, waist hanging "white phoenix sword", like a white plum "white phoenix" Xiao Yufeng, hanging on her neck is a silver chain, the chain pendant is about the size of a bird's egg. Behind her are four beautiful maids named Xiaoqin, Xiaoxiang, Xiaoyi and Xiaoqing,Quercetin Dihydrate Manufacturer, who are dressed in cloud-white clothes and have swords of the same color as their clothes hanging from their waists. In the second place on the left is Wang Qiuxiang, a "orange phoenix" with a peach red suit and a wind, with a "orange phoenix sword" hanging on her waist, a glittering and translucent, soft and white as jade goose egg face, a pair of phoenix eyes, smiling with charm, Yao nose, red lips, and a charming dimple like anger and joy, just like a beautiful peach blossom. Behind her were four gorgeous maids named Xiaoyan, Xiaotao, Xiaoyu, and Xiaofu, who were dressed in peach-colored suits and had swords of the same color hanging from their waists. The second one on the right is Zhang Meiyun, a "Zhu Feng" with melon seed face, big eyes, red lips and cherry red, wearing a vermilion suit and cloak, Quillaja Saponin ,D BHB Factory, hanging a "Zhu Feng Sword" at the waist, and a beautiful smile with the color of Wei Leng, like a thorn rose; In her hair, she wears a jade hairpin with the blood of a flying phoenix. Behind her, there are four unsmiling maids named Minor Cold, Xiao Jian, Xiao Bing, and Beware. They are dressed in a vermilion suit with swords of the same color as their clothes. Left first not seat is the melon seed face, the double phoenix eyebrow, the binocular Pure Brightness like water, in the softness is bringing the wisdom, the lip is red, the skin is white, wears the water blue strength attire and the cloak, the waist hangs "the green phoenix sword", as if one flutters against the wind to sway along with the wind, contains the pistil to want to bloom the green lotus, she is "the green phoenix" white snow plum, but her waist is hanging one to glitter out the crystal firefly blue Of the four maidservants with swords of the same color as their clothes, three of them turned out to be the former maidservants Xiaoyu, Xiaoyao and Xiaohui, while the other maidservant, Xiaoling, was added. At the end of the right, Huang Yuexia, the "pink phoenix", was supposed to be in the row, but because she was about to give birth, Chunhua, wearing a pink suit and cloak, hung a "pink phoenix sword" on her waist, and wore a pink gem ring on her left middle finger, took the place of Huang Yuexia. Xia Lan, Qiuyue and Dongxue, wearing a light pink suit and hanging a sword of the same color as her clothes, stood behind her. As soon as Chen Tengyun and his six wives and twenty-eight maidservants came out of the building, they immediately bowed to the guests with folded fists, and then said in a loud voice.. Although it was said in a loud voice, the sound was not loud, and it was very clear when it reached the ears of all the guests. Even in the ten greenhouses at the foot of the mountain, the guests could hear the sound clearly. Therefore, all of them were extremely silent in amazement, listening to the words of "killing the devil's son." First of all, I would like to thank Wang Ye and all the elders and seniors for traveling thousands of miles and crossing mountains and rivers to come to this castle to congratulate them. Therefore, I am deeply ashamed! Although Jianghu Wulin has been in disorder in the past Dynasties, and has been fighting fiercely and killing constantly, it is very difficult to avoid this in Jianghu Wulin. However, it endangers the whole Jianghu Wulin, and even brings disaster to the people. It is not what people who practice martial arts should do. This castle and all the Wulin Black and White have been harmed for ten or twenty years by the evil people of the Nine Hidden Palaces headed by the True King of the Hades. Although they are now under the justice of heaven, can Jianghu Wulin avoid the evil thieves like the True King of the Hades from harming the Black and White of Jianghu Wulin? Moreover, the present emperor is very virtuous. More than two months ago, he learned from the guards in the palace that a great event had happened in Jianghu Wulin. After detailed inquiry, he learned that Jiuyou Palace had brought disaster to Jianghu Wulin for 20 years. Although the emperor knew from the bodyguards who practiced martial arts that most Jianghu Wulin people ignored the court and the government, the emperor's virtue, for the sake of the peace of the country and the well-being of the people, sent the three princes to investigate the inside story. More than a month ago, the star already knew that the people in Jianghu Wulin didn't want to communicate with the court and the government. However, for the sake of the well-being of the people in the country, he still sent the three princes to issue a decree to explain in detail the purpose of the people who practiced martial arts. The original purpose was to defend the country, eliminate violence and bring peace to the people. The responsibility was that I should focus on the peace of Jianghu Wulin and the well-being of the people in the country. I should do something according to justice. He also thought that the name of the bloody'Blood Soul Tianzun 'was inconsistent with what he had done in addition to the magic way, so the imperial pen granted him the name of'Demon Childe'. Although I didn't want to set foot in Wulin again because of my own experience, but the emperor's virtue,Thyroid Powder Factory, in the palace, worried about the peace of the country and the well-being of the people, how can I live up to the benevolence of the stars. pioneer-biotech.com

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