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Twelve Full-time Job

Mar 2nd, 2023 at 04:47   Training   Barnaul   54 views
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Han Ke used to say, "The Yan manager sitting in the hall is the boy who stretched out his hand in the ten-mile shop that day and ruined the great event of Shaobao." Meng Dongyang was stunned and said, "What do you say, this Yan manager.." Is that what you meant when you said you looked at him kindly? Hanke nodded and said, "Yes, chief." "You're not mistaken, are you?" Said Meng Dongyang. "This is no joke." Han Ke said with a sinister smile, "No, chief, I don't have any other advantages, but I can see a person at a glance and I won't forget him for a long time. Not to mention that the boy had a relationship with us. Just now I called Ma Wu and Ma Wei brothers and asked them to recognize each other. They recognized each other at a glance." Meng Dongyang's face changed and he said, "Wait a minute. Let's figure it out first. Ten years in the east of the river, ten years in the west of the river. Maybe he's done well.." "Yes." Han Ke nodded his head and said, "The general has no seed. Anyone can get along well. But don't forget that the boy surnamed Yan had something to do with the master of Jade Goddess of Mercy that day. Today he came to our Leijiapu at this critical juncture, but with his heart.." Meng Dongyang's face changed color again and he said, "Call Gong Yingmin and go quickly." Han Keyong promised and flew away. In a twinkling of an eye, he arrived with Gong Yingmin. Gong Yingmin didn't know what was going on. He bowed to Meng Dongyang and said, "Chief, what do you want?" Meng Dongyang said coldly, "I ask you, when did the Yan manager from Beijing arrive in the town?" "What's the matter at noon today?" Asked Gong Yingmin. "Did you welcome them into the town?" Asked Meng Dongyang. "It's not a subordinate," said Gong Yingmin. "It's Ah Liu.." "Ah Liu told you they were from Lord Situ,Automated warehouse systems," said Meng Dongyang. "Yes," said Gong Yingmin, "Ah Liu said that these six are from Beijing. You think that those from Beijing are not from Lord Situ. Where else?" Meng Dongyang looked at the sky and said, "You and Ah Liu are very clever. Do they have proof?" "Prove?" Gong Yingmin was stunned and said, "What's the matter, chief? Is it possible.." Meng Dongyang said coldly, "I ask you, do they have proof?" "Chief,teardrop pallet racking," said Gong Yingmin, "think about it. I've only heard that they're from Lord Situ in Beijing. It's too late to curry favor with them. Who dares to prove it to them?" That's also true. Meng Dongyang snorted coldly and said, "You know how to handle affairs. You and Ah Liu both know how to handle affairs. When you welcome guests, you welcome your opponents to the door. Moreover, you are respectful. You are afraid that you will not be the first to receive them into the castle. Get out of here." Gong Yingmin was stunned and immediately trembled. He bowed hurriedly and flew away as if he were granted amnesty. Gong Yingmin ran away. Han Keyong stepped forward and said, "Chief, look.." Meng Dongyang shook his head slightly with a sullen face and said, "Don't make any noise. I have my own idea. You go and get ready." Hanke promised and hurried away. Meng Dongyang went back to the hall alone. He bowed to Lei Zhennan and said, "Lord, all the guests on the west side have been settled." Lei Zhennan waved his hand and said, "Thanks for your hard work, Brother Meng. Sit down." Meng Dongyang promised to sit down. He was really calm and calm. Lei Zhennan accompanied Yan 12 and so on to chat, not much time, someone came in to report, food and wine ready, industrial racking systems ,heavy duty metal racking, Lei Zhennan immediately ordered to put on. There are so many people in Leijiapu that it is easy to handle affairs. In a twinkling of an eye, a banquet is placed in the hall, full of delicious wine and delicacies. Everyone has selfishness, and there are few people who don't follow the trend. For fear of snubbing other friends, Lei Zhennan opened a banquet in this hall to entertain the distinguished guests from Beijing. When seated, Lei Zhennan insisted on putting Yan 12 in the upper position, but Yan 12 knew the rules and refused to sit down. After a while, Lei Zhennan sat in the main seat, and Yan 12 sat side by side with him. Meng Dongyang even sent the servant away. He grabbed the flagon and said, "Come on, let me pour the wine for you." The chief protector of Leijiapu holds the pot, and these distinguished guests from Beijing really have a lot of face. He wanted to pour wine for Yan 12, but Yan 12 stretched out his hand to stop him and said, "I don't deserve it. Let's do it ourselves.". ” Meng Dongyang said, "If Manager Yan says this, it's an outsider. What kind of friendship do we have with Lord Situ? It's my honor that I can pour wine for you. There are still many places for Manager Yan to take care of in the future. Doesn't Manager Yan even give this face?" Lei Zhennan opened his mouth and said, "Brother Meng is sincere. I think let him pour the first cup for you." They fawned on each other with good intentions and were so polite that Yan 12 and others were very happy. As soon as the first cup was poured, Lei Zhennan raised the cup in front of him and said, "Come, come, come. Let me propose a toast to you first." A cup, a cup, another cup, after three rounds of wine, the old black head first lay on the table, followed by Zhang Yifei and Liu Dalong. Lei Zhennan was stunned. "What's wrong with these three?" Li Guangyi suddenly stood up and said, "Brother, they drugged the wine." "I see," said Yan 12. He grabbed Lei Zhennan. The two men sat side by side, and Lei Zhennan, without knowing it, was not on guard at all, and naturally let Yan 12 catch him red-handed. Lei Zhennan felt his wrist pulse tighten. "Manager Yan, this is a misunderstanding," he said. Li Guangyi stood unsteadily and sat down with a bang. He fell to the ground and wanted to climb up, but he couldn't get up. He fell asleep immediately. Yan 12 smiled coldly and said, "Lord Leibao, can this be called a misunderstanding?" Lei Zhennan suddenly looked at Meng Dongyang and said, "Brother Meng, this is-" Meng Dongyang smiled and said, "Back to the castle, my little brother put your unique stuff in their wine." Lei Zhennan looked excited and said in a deep voice, "What do you mean?" Meng Dongyang pointed to Yan 12 and said with a smile, "Lord of the castle, Han Sandi recognized him. This Yan manager is the Yan boy who sold jade Guanyin in Shilipu that day.". Lei Zhennan was stunned. He immediately turned to Yan 12 and said, "Are you-" Yan Shier said indifferently, "Evil Han Ke is very powerful with his thief eyes. After so many days, now I have changed my appearance and costume,automated warehouse systems, and he can still recognize me.." "Brother," said Zhao Hualong, "I can't stand it any longer." kingmoreracking.com

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