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Under the cherry trees Full-time Job

Dec 30th, 2022 at 03:21   Real Estate   Fatezh   100 views
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The content of the novel is simple, close to life, without deliberate affectation and exaggeration, and the occasional humor will not make people feel boring. Through the novel, they can certainly see their own figure and prototype. It can be said that writing this novel is my personal inner monologue and the inner revelation of my peers. I hope to share the same mood with you through this novel. Text 1. I accidentally went to high school. The summer vacation after the senior high school entrance examination was particularly difficult. I waited for the exam results with a restless heart, and every day was like a year. The main reason why it is difficult is that I have too much pressure, which is not from myself, but from others. Most of the time, we are like this: it's not that we don't let ourselves go, but that the rumors and finger-pointing from the outside world make us feel that we shouldn't let ourselves go. To put it simply, many people said that it was a big joke that I couldn't get into three high schools. According to my aunt's words, the dog ignored the steamed buns and beat the dog. The dog really ignored them and urinated. As a result, he drowned himself. That is to say, the impossible happened without hesitation. And I'm not so sure myself. Three high school is a good place, there is the pursuit and yearning of junior high school students, they forget to eat and sleep day and night, no one does not want to test there. So when I finally got the admission letter from Sanmen High School, my parents, relatives, friends and other people who rushed to the market were all ecstatic and said that the child had hope. Their performance is not very surprising,smart board for conference room, after all, no one has attended a key high school in a place like ours. At that time, I exceeded the admission line by ten points. Although my parents thought it was too little, they still said with one voice: "It doesn't matter. It's good to be admitted." My aunt grinned and said, "I'm just saying, how can the sun come out from the west?" I heaved a long sigh, and the heavy burden finally melted and disappeared. In this way, a careless,classroom interactive whiteboard, I went to high school. On the first day of school, I was so excited that I began to think about the coming high school life early in the morning. When I think of the different life in junior high school, I can't help but be fascinated and begin to look forward to the future. Are you sure you want to go alone? My mother asked me this question for the fifth time, and she could not rest assured. Yes My answer was very straightforward, and I was afraid that a little hesitation would destroy my determination that had been somewhat shaken. Mother helped me pack up my things, and there were bags all over the house. Mom, don't pack it up. I'll be back in a few days and take it with me little by little. I see so many things that I feel like I'm moving or running away from home. It's all right. If you don't get used to it or something is missing, you can call back. She finally said. Suddenly, I found that I had been so spoiled, in the eyes of adults, I will always be just a child. No, I need to be independent, and I can't be a good baby in the eyes of others. I need some freedom of my own. After a lot of trouble, I finally got on the bus to school. At the moment when the car started, digital interactive whiteboard ,interactive whiteboard for schools, my mother waved to me and asked loudly, "Why don't I take you there?" "I really don't need it." I shook my head. Then the car roared past. I left all my luggage at home, carrying only a small bag with a few of my clothes, and I intend to come back in a few days. So I feel relaxed at this time. Although the school is not far from home, it takes an hour and a half to drive. Staring at the houses and trees outside the car window, I suddenly felt a kind of sadness, as if once I left, I would have nothing. This is the journey, and for the first time I feel the feeling of being away from home. No wonder some people say that when we are at home, our thoughts are far away; when we are away from home step by step, our hearts are looking forward to going home. The car moved smoothly all the way, without the slightest bump to interrupt my thoughts. Time passes quietly, and unconsciously it has come to an end. As soon as I got off the bus, I lost my mind, because it was so strange here that I didn't even know where the school was. I began to search around with my eyes habitually, trying to find something, but I found nothing except row upon row of tall buildings and traffic jams in front and back. "Excuse me, do you know how to get to Sanmen High School?" Just when I was at a loss, a female voice sounded behind me. I hesitated, maybe not to ask me, I think. Don't respond, so as not to make a fool of yourself. Classmate, do you know how to get to Sanmen High School? The voice sounded again and got closer and closer to me. I was sure it was me, so I turned my head. Ask me? I was completely taken aback: a girl in a yellow dress with a ponytail stood there smiling at me, carrying a soft leather suitcase with a quilt in her right hand, a denim bag across her shoulder, and an orange suitcase in her left hand. I never expected a girl to be single and carry so much luggage! I was stunned. Yes She nodded. Yes, yes, I'm sorry. I went there too, but I didn't know the way. I came to my senses and answered sheepishly. So coincidentally, we were in the same school. "She seemed a little surprised." If I had known earlier, I wouldn't have hesitated behind you for so long. " "Huh?"? Uh, yeah. That's the way I am. When I'm nervous, I have a lisp and a stammer. In that case, let's take a taxi. She loosened the straps of her backpack, as if it made her uncomfortable. Then he smiled again. Ok I also said with a smile. Anyway, I was wondering what to do. I stopped a taxi, turned around and asked the girl in yellow, "Can I help you?" "Mmm." After I helped her carry the luggage to the car, I was sweating all over. It was really heavy. I can't help but admire her for coming here. You have so many things. Why are you alone? I gasped. My family wanted to send me, but I refused. In high school, I don't want to be too dependent on adults. She stroked her hair, which had been blown around by the wind, and answered with a smile. So, I thought,smartboards in classrooms, why don't I do that? "You are not familiar with this place, so your home is not close?"? Why do you only bring so little? She asked suddenly. Yeah, a few clothes. "Do you live on campus?" "Of course." "Where do you sleep at night?" hsdsmartboard.com

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A critical biography of Chiang Kai-shek