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Undercard _ Agatha Christie _ txt Fiction Paradise Full-time Job

Dec 1st, 2022 at 07:37   Medical & Healthcare   Dagestanskiye Ogni   87 views
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Colonel Reese stood up. I'm sorry I can't be with you. There is too much to do. I really want to see the end of this case. I wouldn't be surprised if it never worked out. Even if you find out who the killer is, it will be very, very difficult to prove. I'm giving you the facts you asked for, but I don't think Despax is the killer. I don't believe he murdered anyone. Maybe Shattana heard rumors of Professor Ruxmore's death. I think that's all. Despa is a man of integrity. I don't believe he was a murderer. This is my opinion. I know something about human nature. "What does Mrs. Ruxmore look like?" Asked Bart. She lives in London. You might as well go and see for yourself. There's an address in these files -- somewhere in South Kensington. But I'll say it again. The murderer is not Despax. Colonel Reese came out of the room, quick and silent as a hunter. When the door closed, Bart nodded thoughtfully. "His words may not be wrong," he said. Colonel Reese knows people. But we have to be skeptical about everything. He thumbed through the large pile of papers that Reese had laid out on his desk, occasionally writing a few words with a pencil on the pad beside him. "Well, Inspector Bart,inflatable floating water park," said Mrs Oliver, "aren't you going to tell us what you do?" He raised his eyes and smiled, and a smile slowly appeared on his wooden face. Everything is incomplete,inflatable amusement park, Mrs. Oliver. I hope you understand that. "Nonsense," said Mrs. Oliver. I knew you wouldn't tell us what you didn't want to say. Bart shook his head. "No," he said flatly, "show me your cards-that's the motto this time. I intend to act openly. Mrs. Oliver drew her chair closer. "Tell us," she implored. Inspector Bart said slowly, "First, I want to say something.". Who killed Mr. Shattana? I don't think so. No clues or hints could be found in his papers. As for the four men, Inflatable mechanical bull ,inflatable bounce house with slide, of course I sent someone to keep an eye on them, but there was no real result. This is expected. Monsieur Perrault is right. The only hope is the past. Find out what crimes these people have committed before-maybe we can deduce who did it. "Well, did you find anything?" "I found some information about one of them." "Which one?" "Dr. Roberts?" Mrs. Oliver looked at him with an expression of excitement and anticipation. Monsieur Perrault knows that I have experimented with various theories. I'm sure none of his close relatives died violently. I tried to explore every dark path, and found only one possibility-and it wasn't very likely. Roberts probably had an affair with a female patient a few years ago. Maybe nothing-but the woman was neurotic and liked to make trouble, and the husband probably got wind of it or the wife admitted it to him. In short, as far as doctors are concerned, it is a disaster. The angry husband said he would report it to the doctors' union-which could ruin his career. "What's the matter?" Mrs. Oliver gasped. "Roberts briefly soothed the angry gentleman-but he soon died of anthrax." Anthrax fever? Is that cattle plague? The inspector grinned. "Yes, Mrs. Oliver.". Not the untraceable curare of the South American Indians! As you probably remember, there were some cheap shaving brushes that were infected with germs and caused quite a panic. It turned out that Craddock's illness was caused by a shaving brush. "Did Dr. Roberts treat him?" "Oh, no, he's too smart to do that.". And Craddock must not be treated by him. I only got one piece of evidence -- a precious little piece of evidence -- that Dr. Roberts had a case of anthrax among his patients at the time. "You mean the doctor got a virus on the shaving brush?" This is a great concept. I'm telling you, it's just a concept. It's nothing. Pure speculation. But it's possible. "He didn't marry Mrs. Craddock afterwards?" "Oh, God, no. I think she's attached to him.". I heard that she intended to make trouble, and then she went happily to Egypt for the winter, and died there. It's ambiguous blood poisoning. The name of the disease is very long, and I don't think it can convey any profound meaning. That disease is rare here, but it is very common among the natives of Egypt. " "So the doctor couldn't have poisoned her?" Bart said slowly, "I'm not sure.". I was talking to a friend who studies bacteria-it's hard to get a straight answer from these people. They never say yes or no, they always say it's possible under certain circumstances -- it depends on the pathology of the vaccinator -- there have been examples of this before -- it probably depends on the individual's constitution -- it's all of this kind of thing. But I pressed my friend as hard as I could, and I came to the conclusion that the bacteria might have been injected into her body before she left England. It takes a while for the symptoms to manifest. "Did Mrs. Craddock have any typhoid shots before she went to Egypt?" Asked Perrault? I think most people have. "You were right, Mr. Perrault." "Injected by Dr. Roberts?" "Yes.". You're right again -- we can't prove it. She got the usual two shots-which could have been the typhoid vaccine,Inflatable meltdown, or one of them was the typhoid vaccine and the other was something else. We don't know. We'll never know. Everything is purely hypothetical. It can only be said that it is possible. Bai Luo nodded thoughtfully. This is exactly what Mr. Shattana said to me. He praised the successful murderers, saying that they could never be identified for their crimes. "And how did Mr. Shattana know?" Asked Mrs. Oliver. Bai Luo shrugged his shoulders. We'll never find out. He himself once lived in Egypt. We know this because he knew Mrs. Lorimar over there. He might have heard one of the local doctors mention one of the curious features of Mrs Craddock's condition-that she was strangely infected. And on another occasion he overheard a conversation between Roberts and Mrs. Craddock. Perhaps he amused himself by saying a few cryptic words to the doctor, catching a startled and alert look-we'll never know. Some people are particularly good at guessing secrets. Mr. Shattana is one of them. None of our business. We just have to say -- he's right. Did he guess right or not? joyshineinflatables.com

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