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When he smiles, he is in his prime (campus secret love sweet text) Full-time Job

Feb 21st, 2023 at 06:26   Engineering   Saratov   209 views
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Chi Zheng half opened his eyes to see that she had relaxed her vigilance, and the hand on his waist slowly slid to the hem of his short sleeve and touched it. The skin wants to stick, Meng Shengnan shakes. Chi Zheng stopped and squinted at her. Love-full of desire, voice bewitching. Itch? Meng Shengnan gently'um 'sound. Chi Zheng smirked, "how can I endure that moment?" She blushed and her heart began to beat. Chi Zheng again bowed his head and went up to kiss her. How could the thin cloth defeat his deliberate ruthlessness. Meng Shengnan trembled again, and Chi Zheng laughed in a low voice. He deliberately teased her, and his finger pulp slowly went up along the skin. She was so frightened that she reached out to stop it. He freed up a hand to grasp, pressed down his face and asked with a low smile, "Are you afraid?" Meng Shengnan couldn't help biting his lip. Chi Zheng said with a smile, "wasn't it great just now?" He was referring to the time when she took the initiative to kiss him, and Meng Shengnan was a little embarrassed and didn't dare to look up. Chi Zheng slanted his head and lowered his eyes, and the hand in his clothes drifted away from her chest. Her heart is beating harder. Chi Zheng smiled, "I'll go on if I don't say." There was only a faint white moonlight from the window on the bed in the room, and his hand slowly moved to the hidden button on her back. Meng Shengnan suddenly closed his eyes,tube fitting manufacturer, he heard a soft, gentle sound, some flinch. Chi Zheng. Chi Zheng took a hard breath and couldn't stop. In the end, he could only endure the fire of desire in the body and let go of his hand. Don't go. He whispered. Meng Shengnan raised his eyes. He said, "I won't touch you." Then he raised his hand to turn on the light by the wall. The sudden light made her unable to open her eyes,38 tube fitting, and Chi Zheng turned sideways to block the light overhead and looked down with a smile. Meng Shengnan slowly opened his eyes, but he was a little coy and embarrassed. Chi Zheng smiled and then took her hand and sat down on the edge of the bed. I'm going to take a shower. It smells all over me. She nodded slowly, and he rubbed her hair with a smile and turned out of the side door. Under the shower, he rinsed with cold water. The desire under his body grew, and he laughed that he had just said that he would not touch her. For the first time in so many years, I have to cover myself with a quilt to chat. In the room, Meng Shengnan put his hands on the bed and looked around. Dozens of square meters of small houses are full of mess. She sat down for a while and began to make his bed. It smelled of him. Looking at the night from the narrow window, it is bright and new. She breathed lightly and smiled. Behind him, he pushed the door and came in. Meng Shengnan was standing at the foot of the bed, bending down to get his dirty clothes. Do you want to wash it? She turned back hurriedly, 14 needle valve ,stainless steel tube fitting, and the man was naked against the door, his hair still dripping. She was too frightened to move, and her hands were still holding her clothes. I won't wash it. Chi Zheng was happy. "Are you afraid of what I can do to you?" Meng Shengnan bit his lip and said nothing. I said I wouldn't touch you. I can hold back. Chi Zheng smiled, then bent over, lips to her ear, a low voice, "next time it's hard to say." Meng Shengnan blinked nervously, "I-" "Hm?" "I still want to go back." She spoke shakily. It's not good for them to sleep together as soon as they admit their relationship. Meng Shengnan feels that he hasn't reached such an open level yet. Hearing this, Chi Zheng frowned as if he wanted to see through her. Go back? Meng Shengnan: "Yes." Chi Zheng squinted and smiled ruffianly. Do you think I might let you go? She was stunned. Chi Zheng lowered his head close to her face. "Not touching you is already my biggest concession." Meng Shengnan: ".." Chi Zheng smiled, "really don't wash?" She straightened her back and was in a dilemma. You're sleeping with the smell of wine all over me, and if I can't hold it- His voice became more and more soft, and Meng Shengnan's ears were numb. Chi Zheng was afraid of teasing too much, and she ran away again. So he bent down and took out one of his short sleeves from the cabinet under the table, as well as the double slip dress she had left in the mall. This will be worn later. He handed her the short sleeve and lifted the paper bag in his right hand. "This will be changed tomorrow." She recognized the dress at a glance. Why are you here? Chi Zheng raised his eyebrows. "Didn't you run away?" Meng Shengnan held his clothes and did not speak, nor did he dare to look him in the face. Men have broad chests and strong muscles. She blushed a little, and Chi Zheng tried to laugh and held back. He put down that pap bag and took her by the hand out the side door and down the corridor. She followed him and suddenly wanted to walk like this for the rest of her life. He took her to the bathroom and tested the water. It's a little shabby and a little wronged. Meng Shengnan shook his head gently. He smiled, backed out and closed the door. Meng Shengnan was alone inside, slowly taking off his clothes and simply washing his body. The water flowed on her skin, and her whole body relaxed. Everything just now seemed like a dream, and she laughed. I used to be afraid that he would make a play, but now he really is. A good son has lived for thirteen years, and the prodigal son is not afraid to return. There was a voice-controlled light in the corridor, and Chi Zheng had been leaning against the outer wall of the door. He looked down at the light from the crack in the door and lit a cigarette. The light went out and came on again. He finished one and laughed. When the shower stopped inside, Chi Zheng put out his cigarette and went back to the house. After a while, Meng Shengnan came in. Her legs were long and thin, and her skin was soft and white after a bath. Chi Zheng glanced away, clenched his fist and coughed a few times. You sleep inside. What he said is awkward. Meng Shengnan put the changed clothes into the bag, and then gently climbed into bed. She was a little nervous and hugged her knees against the wall. Chi Zheng smiled helplessly and sat at the foot of the bed looking at her. The wooden board beside the bed separated the inside from the outside, the air was stagnant, and Meng Shengnan was stared at by him with some discomfort. See what I'm doing? "What do you say you do?" Meng Shengnan looked down at the bed and said nothing. Chi Zheng laughed. She looked up just in time to see the H tattoo behind his shoulder as his head turned to the other side, and her eyes stopped for a moment. Chi Zheng looked back and noticed that his eyes were fixed on her, "Meng Shengnan." "Huh?" Chi Zheng bent his legs and put his arms on his head. Is there anything in particular you want to ask me? They were separated by the length of a bed, and she looked over,hydraulic fitting manufacturer, and he was rarely serious. Meng Shengnan was silent for a long time and asked, "If I say yes, will you answer?" Chi Zheng: "Yes." Meng Shengnan shook his head. Chi Zheng frowned. "No?" "No." She said. chinaroke.com

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When he smiles, he is in his prime (campus secret love sweet text)