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Wife Seduction Addiction: Si Shao, Please Stop Full-time Job

Dec 1st, 2022 at 05:49   Independent & Freelance   Davydkovo   193 views
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When the light hit his face, you could see that his face was defeated. He was covered with a thick quilt, but since the doctor said it was safe. Don't you go in? The housekeeper did not know when to stand behind him and asked faintly. Did the doctor send it away? What else did he say? Is there anything to pay attention to? I was still standing in the doorway, holding the doorknob. Told some matters needing attention, I have asked the servant to write down, this incident suddenly, everyone panicked, tonight is very noisy, the young master woke up all right. "Well, that's good." I answered softly. Miss Su, you're actually quite concerned about the young master, aren't you? I stood still and silent. Miss Su, allow me, an old man, to say one more word. Life is too short. If you don't grasp a lot of things at that time, you may lose them in a flash. You still have to be satisfied with life, don't you think? When I turned around, he looked at me kindly. I turned my head and stared at the room for a long time. Then slowly step out, the person lying on the bed is getting closer and closer to me, and his quiet and peaceful sleeping face gradually appears in front of me. There was a squeak at the door and the housekeeper closed the door. I carefully sat on the edge of the bed, staring at the people on the bed. Perhaps too tired, coupled with the injury, Si Shaozhen's breathing is very shallow, chest slight ups and downs, so I smiled at him,face recognition identification, unconsciously stood for a long time. Originally, just staring at his sleeping appearance, will also feel satisfied. I reached out and held his hand in the palm of my hand. Si Shaozhen, what shall I do with you? Fingers across his handsome face, I read softly. The man on the bed lay quietly and did not answer. Helplessly sighed, gently leaning on his side, smelling the smell of his body, see the sky is white, the light through the window,smart interactive whiteboard, under the reflection of the two compartments, the light has become bleak. I closed my eyes gently and fell asleep. Si Shaozhen, you always soften my heart and make me feel helpless. I didn't know what time it was, but when I got up from the edge of the bed, Si Shaozhen had already woken up. As soon as I looked up, I was right in front of his eyes. Startled, I stepped back. Si Shaozhen looked at my clumsy movements and suddenly laughed, pulling the corners of his mouth. My ears quickly turned red. I pulled the quilt and sat up straight. Just as I was about to speak to him, the housekeeper's words suddenly flashed into my mind: "Before Miss Su appeared, the young master never laughed." As if by magic, I turned a corner and swallowed what I wanted to say, staring at him awkwardly. "Are you awake?"? Is there anything else uncomfortable? I'll call the doctor. Then I got up, but one hand pressed the corner of my clothes, and before I could react, the whole person had already pressed on Si Shaozhen again. A burst of moisture on the forehead, Si Shaozhen's lips gently on the skin, the heart quickly swung a circle of small ripples, touch screen kiosk ,information kiosk price, I was frightened to open my eyes, trying to break free from him. The man below me did not allow me to do so, holding me tightly in his arms with his arms behind him and his chin against my hair. Don't move. Let me hold you for a while. Si Shaozhen's hoarse and deep voice sounded from the top of his head, reminding me that he was still injured, so I stopped struggling and lay on him without effort. Also do not know how long, time seems to be frozen, Si Shaozhen did not continue to speak, I did not say much, the flow of time seems to slow down, I can clearly hear the two of us breathing. Especially Si Shaozhen's heartbeat, I stuck to his chest, his heart hit my eardrum forcefully, the breath on my body haunted me, and my whole body became hot. The feeling that my heart is full, I suddenly feel that if I can go on like this, time will stand still, which is also a wonderful thing. However, the truth will not be satisfactory. Cough. The housekeeper's voice came from the door. I suddenly felt embarrassed, the whole person like a ripe shrimp, hurriedly climbed up from Si Shaozhen, flustered eyes to other places, a wheel from the bed to stand up. Young master, Dr. Yang is waiting in the living room to change your dressing. "The housekeeper's voice was calm, but Si Shaozhen looked at me, raised the corners of his mouth, and smiled silently.". Chapter 131 I want to be your most important woman. Si Shaozhen's smile contained infinite spoiling, I inadvertently glanced at it, almost stunned, staring at his face motionless. Let him come in. Si Shaozhen clenched his fist with one hand, covered his smile, and said calmly that I woke up with a start and looked at him with embarrassment. My God, I'm stunned! What time is this! It's a shame. It's a shame. Beauty is misleading. It's right. I looked at myself, straightened my face and said calmly, "I have nothing to do. I'll go down first." As soon as I finished, whether he agreed or not, I rushed out of the door without looking back. In the eyes of others, I'm afraid I thought there was something urgent to burn my ass. I went back to my room and closed the door quickly. According to the ups and downs of the heart, the bedroom was silent, the window did not know when to open, the wind blowing the white curtain, whirring. I went to close the window, took off my shoes and fell on the bed, looking at the ceiling. The heart feels tired, but the body doesn't. After trying to make sure I couldn't sleep, I got up and went to the bathroom to take a shower, looking at the misty mirror reflecting my hazy self, with a big belly, and my restless heart settled down slightly. Su Nianbai, you are a mother now, remember. Probably ordered by the housekeeper, or by Si Shaozhen, the servant was very considerate to bring the food to the room. After a few bites of lunch, my eyelids sank again. I sat on the couch by the window, wrapped in a blanket,Interactive digital signage, and looked out of the window absently, yawning. Sleepiness can't be stopped as soon as it comes up, and it's even more obvious after pregnancy. The most important thing to do every day is to sleep. hsdtouch.com

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