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Wildfire Full-time Job

Dec 1st, 2022 at 07:36   Medical & Healthcare   Fatezh   106 views
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And this cognition is only, all the bandits are ready to rob the road, all the bandits rob the road back, the bandits divide the spoils, as for what the outside world is like, she does not know. Although Yang Yi has read some historical allusions in modern times, her most intuitive understanding of ancient times still comes from TV and movies. Therefore, although she knows that those things are unreliable, there is still a feeling in her subconscious that emperors love to visit incognito and rich young masters like to molest good women. It's even easier to say that people who travel through time need to know someone who has a background. And that is to say, when she came to Quqiu and really lived here, she realized from reason to sensibility that she was in ancient times, in an era completely different from modern times. Before she came to the hill, she actually had the intention to climb the line of Zhizhou, can't say to be a guest of Zhizhou, but at least know his subordinates around, or have a countermeasure to Dayu County, but after she came here, she found herself a little too taken for granted. She has no fame, her identity is fake, and there is no weighty person to help introduce her. It really takes some luck to get in touch with that class. But if the young master really has this heart, you might as well stay for a few more days. This is the Dragon Boat Festival soon. I always have the custom of competing in the Dragon Boat Festival. If the young master shows his skill at that time, it will surely attract everyone's attention. "Dragon Boat Festival, I don't know what the Dragon Boat Festival is here?" "That's a lot. Polo and dragon boat are inevitable. It's also suitable for young masters to compete in poetry, literature and characters. Young masters can take part in any aspect if they are good at it. If they can win the first place, maybe they can enter the eyes of Zheng Shanchang of Longhu Academy." Yang Yi knew Longhu Academy. The first day she came here, Jiang Changhong showed off the Academy to her. She said that there were two hundred students here, and Zheng Dan, the head of the mountain, was so great. She didn't care too much when she heard it. In modern times, an ordinary university has thousands of people at every turn. The two hundred people were really not in her eyes. Of course, she also knew that the two hundred were not easy in this era. But after all, she is not a person of this era, and she will not be as awed by scholars as they are, so she listened at that time,x60 line pipe, that is, listened, and now she realized that this is actually a way. Thinking of this, he pretended to be surprised at the moment: "Will Zheng Shanchang attend such an occasion?" "Zheng Shanchang will naturally attend this annual event." Jiang Changhong immediately said that he did not think Yang Yi could get any place, but if she could stay for another twenty days, his income would naturally follow those more, so he immediately said the rules of the Dragon Boat Festival without waiting for Yang Yi to ask again, and finally emphasized that if Yang Yi was more prominent in a certain way, then in addition to being favored by the elders, It is more likely to be admitted directly by Longhu Academy without examination. If the young master can enter the Longhu Academy, the scholar's fame is absolutely indispensable, even if the master is very easy. "That's what the third brother said." I'll think about it. Jiang Changhong was delighted to hear that she had this intention. After he left, Niu Hongle said, "Young master, do you really want to stay for the Dragon Boat Festival?" "You might as well have a look at the Dragon Boat Festival, but you don't necessarily want to stay." Yang Yi said with a smile, "We'll pack up and get ready to go back, 347 stainless steel ,uns c68700, and we might as well come back when the Dragon Boat Festival comes." Niu Hongle was stupefied and looked at her in puzzlement. He was a clever man. Although he didn't understand at first, he gradually thought clearly these days. He knew that Yang Yi came here to find a way. Goodbye, she kept inquiring about all kinds of things these days, thinking that she was looking for a channel to start. How could he suddenly say that he wanted to go back? Are you really going to make a big splash during the Dragon Boat Festival? Although he had never seen the Dragon Boat Festival, he had heard some of it. He knew that it was a grand event. Yang Yi wanted to take part in polo, dragon boat and other competitions. He also believed that she could make a big splash, but if he said that she would stand out in poetry and songs.. Then he wouldn't believe it anyway. After we went back, we went to Dayu County again. I went there, and I thought it was too simple. ” She said, shook his head, she came to the hill this time, said it was for Yang Zhen, but also to see the way out, even if she did not understand the ancient times, also know that the relationship is not easy, although she did not think it would be so difficult, but at least a little psychological preparation, she felt disappointed that at present she did not see the way out of Zizhuzhai. 21. Chapter 21 Chapter 21 For the future of Zizhuzhai, Yang Yi originally thought that the most likely one was to do business, and the other was to take the dart. The former had her own experience, while the latter had a foundation. But not to mention the former, walk dart is not casually can go, to have word of mouth guaranteed but also in the yamen have notes, that is to say, if she wants to go this way, then first of all to make a name for himself, like the water margin sung river, mention his name, others will give a face; Second, she has to have a part of the family property, such as how many acres of land and how many stores, so that if something goes wrong, she also has the family property to compensate others. Third, she has to do a good job of dredging in the Yamen. The most difficult of the three is the first point, that reputation can not be built up, if there is no chance, it will take time to accumulate. In contrast, doing business is easier, but it also needs accumulation. Not the money, but the background and connections, which are not only what she lacks, but also the fatal point. If someone seizes this point in the future, then no matter how big her property is, it may collapse in an instant, and even more likely to lose her own life. So after thinking about it, all she could think of was that the business was done by herself, and then a small number of people in the cottage participated, as for most of the rest. Let's stay on the mountain for the time being, so that she can finally have a way out. But even so, the problem is not solved, those people on the mountain, in the end let them do what? Training for half a year, a year, and then in the middle to beat Lv Laosan,x52 line pipe, she increased rewards and punishments, maybe can delay for two or three years, but can it delay for twenty or thirty years? "Maybe I can run the Escort Agency when my business is successful?" lksteelpipe.com

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Became a heartthrob after dressing up as a cannon fodder