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Wolong Sheng Yu Shou Dian Jiang Lu Full-time Job

Dec 1st, 2022 at 04:57   Medical & Healthcare   Raduzhny   87 views
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With that, Huo grew up and hit the four men in black clothes. But hear the palm wind whir, the sound of screams followed, there are two Xuanyi people lying on the ground. The black-robed old man turned around angrily to be stopped. Lu Wenfei laughed and raised his sword to stab him. He had been ready for a long time, and the power of the sword was very strong and vigorous. The black-robed old man did not care to rescue his subordinates, so he quickly withdrew. Lu Wenfei deeply hated him for his cruelty and viciousness. As soon as he launched an offensive, he did his best. Within a few strokes, he had already enclosed the old man in a sword light. Wu Guoan is the first disciple of Zhang in the west of Sichuan. He is strong and impatient, and his achievements in martial arts are better than Zhang Nan's. On the one hand, he deeply hated each other's vicious means, and on the other hand, he heard that his younger martial sister was missing and was in a mess, so he made a ruthless move and showed no mercy. Within a moment, the four Xuanyi men were all killed. Under Lu Wenfei's all-out attack, the black-robed old man had no chance to display his time. At the moment, four subordinates were killed by people, and they didn't want to fight again. They took the opportunity to attack three hands in a row. As soon as they withdrew from the circle, they rushed away. Lu Wenfei took the sword and returned it to its scabbard, saying, "These are not the people who secretly ordered the five poisons to chase the soul. Maybe there are still people who ordered the chasing of the soul lying around this pavilion." "Why don't we search separately?" Asked Wu Anguo. Lu Wenfei shook his head and said, "The grass is dense and the forest is deep. It's very easy to hide things. It's just a waste of time to search." Wu Anguo said angrily, "Even though my brothers have killed a few of them, it's still hard to get rid of my hatred." "Now that you've come to Taihang," said Lu Wenfei, "you'll still have a chance to see them sooner or later. Why hurry?" Then he changed the subject and said, "Brother Tai, are you here alone or are you with a companion?" Wu Anguo did not hide either. He replied casually, "My brother came here first, and the rest of us will come later." Suddenly, a spark rose from a distant place and went straight into the sky. "This is the emergency signal of this gate," he said. "I think something very bad has happened." Looking at the spark in the distance,bottle blowing machine, he ran away. Lu Wenfei, who had not saved the Jianghu people, was very upset. Seeing that Wu Anguo had gone, he walked slowly into the mountains. Suddenly I heard the delicate voice in my ears again: "It's my fault that I was careless for a moment. I never thought that someone would ambush me, but I didn't save these people." Lu Wenfei stopped and said, "Who are you? Why don't you show yourself?" The voice rang again: "The situation is getting more and more urgent. I don't have time to talk to you. There is a warning sign at the two gates of Sichuan. Go and have a look." Lu Wenfei is waiting to ask, the ear has been silent. The bearer asked him to help Zhangmen in the west of Sichuan, but there was a reason, so he went to Zhangmen Xingtan in the west of Sichuan. Lu Wenfei walked about a mile away. Suddenly he saw Wang Sun staggering over. He couldn't help but be surprised. He hurried forward to help him and said, "Elder brother, what's the matter with you?" "Don't touch me," shouted Wang Sun. "I've been poisoned by a very powerful invisible poison." Lu Wenfei saw his white jade like face, already looming gray, know what is true, in the heart of a great sense of fear tunnel: "Where did Big Brother get poisoned?" Wang Sun shook his head and said, PET blowing machine ,liquid bottle filling machine, "I have no time to elaborate. There is a mountain temple ahead. I'm going there to drive out the poison." Lu Wenfei reached out his hand and broke off a dead branch. He handed one end to Wang Sun and said, "Elder brother, take this." Wang Sun reached out to catch, Lu Wenfei dark luck kungfu, concentrated on the dead branches, led Wang Sun slowly forward. About three or five miles, there is a very old small temple, arrived in the temple, in front of the mountain God, there is a small single room behind, it must be the people who look at the temple. Lu Wenfei found some withered grass, first brushed the dust off the couch, and then let Wang Sun sit down. Wang Sun took out a small porcelain bottle from his body, poured out two pills of elixir and took them. Then he said slowly, "Foolish brother, you must expel the poison from your body within two hours. I will ask my good brother to guard me." "" This is my duty, "said Lu Wenfei." I don't need your orders. " Wang Sun added, "If a strong enemy is hard to resist, you can use the nine strokes of swordsmanship passed on to you by Uncle White Beard.". Although only nine strokes, enough to give first aid for a while. Remember, after an hour, is the most tense time, then be sure to pay attention, must not be disturbed. When Lu Wenfei saw his repeated solemn orders, his heart became heavy unconsciously. He thought to himself, "If Uncle White Beard were here, it would be foolproof.". By this time Wang Sun had already begun to enter samadhi, and Lu Wenfei gently closed the door to him. He brought a big stone and sat down at the door. In order to get rid of the boring time, he secretly reviewed and pondered the swordsmanship passed down by Uncle White Beard in order to apply it to the enemy. Time in Lu Wenfei's anxious mood, slowly slipped by, see has passed nearly an hour. Suddenly I heard the sound of footsteps outside the door. A vigorous voice said, "This temple is very quiet. Let's talk inside." Another noise laughed and said, "If the master is interested, the brothers will accompany him." Lu Wenfei recognized the familiar voice and peeked out to see that it was Xie Qingwen, the eldest of the Xie family in Jinling, and Sima Wen, who was traveling with him. He was greatly surprised and thought to himself, "I have to hide.". The temple was so small that there was nowhere to hide. In a hurry, Wang Sun was locked in a small room with an old copper lock on the door. But he jumped up and hid behind a plaque of "Welling Prominent". Xie Qingwen and Sima Wen walked together. Sima Wen brushed the dust off the stage with his fingers. Then he asked Xie Qingwen to sit down and said, "The master has told me to look for your son. I have found some clues. If there is any news, I will tell you immediately." As soon as Xie Qingwen heard that there was news of his beloved son, he said anxiously, "What is the clue? Why don't you tell your brother first?" "I'm not hiding anything from the master," said Sima Wen. "I can't tell you until this has been verified." "Why is it inconvenient?" Asked Xie Qingwen with displeasure. "Just because it matters so much," said Sima Wen, "if the suspicion is not true, this village is bound to offend people." Hsieh Ching-wen was in a very anxious mood, but on the surface he relaxed and said, "It's important that since it's difficult, you don't have to say anything." Sima Wen changed the subject and said,Vegetable oil filling machine, "What is the master's plan for tonight?" As soon as Xie Qingwen's heart moved, he pretended to be puzzled and said, "What Brother Sima said is about the Five Poisons Chasing the Soul Order." gzxilinear.com

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Peerless Thief: Miss Waste Wood Seven by Night North [Crossing]