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Wu Zetian Full-time Job

Mar 8th, 2023 at 03:21   Security & Safety   Saransk   60 views
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The road of migration and busking seems to be near the end, and the little girl Yusuo is about to arrive in the capital where she yearns for day and night. Before going to Beijing, we set up a stage in Youzhou for three days, and it seems that we have intentionally or unintentionally postponed our return to the capital. The little girl Yusuo was spinning around me like a top in those days. She asked me about all kinds of things about the capital and Daxie Palace. I was speechless. I only said that you knew everything there. The little girl walked to Yan Lang, and I saw Yan Lang silently holding the little girl on his knee, and his eyes were full of sadness. Why are you unhappy? Are you afraid to enter the capital? Jade lock said. Afraid. Yan Lang said. Afraid of what? Are you afraid that the people in the capital won't watch us perform? Nope. Afraid of things we don't know. Yan Lang's words revealed the doubts and fears in my heart. As the day of returning to the capital approached day by day, I could not sleep in the big inn of Youzhou City. I imagined my rope-walking performance in front of the old ministers, officials and imperial relatives, and whether Duanwen, the eternal enemy, had really forgotten me. If I set up a platform on the grass behind the Great Xie Palace, will a poisonous arrow shoot at me from the turret of the Great Xie Palace, and finally end my strange life of forgetting my ancestors? There is no denying that I am really afraid of things we don't know, but I know that the Juggling Class must finally arrive in the capital, which is the ultimate place of a ceremony. On the morning of the fourth day,interactive touch screens education, the Suowang juggling class pulled out the fence and withdrew from the camp. Eighteen artists left Youzhou in three carriages with all the juggling equipment. It was a misty morning, and the fields in the middle of the country were filled with the soft color of grass and the fragrance of newly ploughed black soil. The farmers who hoed the fields saw the group of artists who had all disappeared by the roadside. Where are you going? The farmers said, "There is a war in the north. Where are you going?"? Go to the capital to perform. The little girl Yusuo answered loudly in the car. In the spring, the State of Peng invaded the State of Xie on a large scale, and more than thirty battles were fought on both sides of the long and winding border line. Accustomed to frequent wars,4k smart board, the performers of Zousuo Wang's juggling class moved north, talking about lost juggling skills on the way, occasionally talking about vulgar and obscene affairs, incest and bed affairs, mixed with the half-understood laughter of Yusuo, an eight-year-old girl. The artists are always so happy on the road that they are unaware of the coming disaster of Xie Guo. They arrived in Beijing in the early morning of the seventh day of the third month of the lunar calendar. According to the Secret History of Xie Palace, this day happened to be the anniversary of Peng's death when his army of ten thousand men marched straight into the gate of Xiejing. Now it seems that this coincidence is carefully arranged by history. When the troika passed through the south gate of the capital, the sky was dim, and the familiar sour smell of vegetables, fruits and rotten dead livestock wafted from the trench under the city wall. The drawbridge is down and the gate is open. If you look up at the high flagpole on the gate tower, it is not difficult to find that the Panther Flag of Xie Guo has been pulled down and replaced by the Double Eagle Blue Flag of Peng Guo. Several soldiers guarding the city leaned motionless in the city gate, touch screen board classroom ,interactive flat panel display, ignoring the arrival of the jugglers in the early morning. The man who drove the bus turned to the entertainers on the bus and said that they were probably drunk to death. They often drank half to death, which saved us the road tax into the city. After a night of turbulence, each of the eighteen artists was very sleepy, and none of them noticed the unusual movement near the South Gate. When the carriage stopped in front of the porch of the South Gate Inn, several artists went up and knocked on the door of the inn. The door was locked from the inside. A frightened and trembling voice came from inside. It's closed. You can find another place to sleep. Knock on the door and say, how can there be a reason for an inn not to keep guests? We've been driving all night. Let's come in and have a rest. The door of the inn was pulled open a crack, revealing half of the owner's swollen and flustered face. He said, "You have come at a bad time. Don't you know that the people of Peng have entered the city?"? Don't you see that the tower is full of Peng's soldiers? The jugglers on the bus suddenly woke up from their drowsiness and looked back. The wall of the south gate was indeed crowded with dark figures. The little girl Yusuo was frightened by the horrible atmosphere in front of her. She habitually let out a scream. Yanlang immediately covered her mouth. Yan Lang said, don't scream, don't make a sound, no one makes a sound now, Peng Guoren is a murderous madman. There was a creaking sound of the suspension bridge being re-suspended from the gate, and then the gate was closed by Peng's soldiers. I suddenly realized that the gate of the dead city had just been opened for me and the juggling class of the King of Suo. I don't know if this means my long journey is coming to an end. Did you see it? The city gate is closed again. Do you know why the people of Peng only put us into the capital? I asked Yan Lang who was sitting in the car. Yan Lang hugged the little girl Yusuo and covered her eyes with his hands to prevent her from screaming again. 'Maybe They found out we're a bunch of buskers, 'he said.' Maybe they like vaudeville, too. '. No, it's an invitation to die. I looked at the blue flag of the double eagle on the gate tower in the morning breeze, and suddenly saw the melancholy and crazy face of Sun Xin, who had been dead for many years. The disaster of Xie Guo had come. I said that this disaster had been predicted since my childhood, and I had been very afraid, and now the day had really come, and my heart was empty. You touch my hand, you listen to my heartbeat again, now I am as calm as water, I am a commoner, I am a juggler who walks the rope. What I face is not the sin of the king of subjugation, but the choice of life and death, so I have nothing to fear. We are like a flock of ignorant lambs running into the wolves, and the way to escape has been blocked. After the city gate was closed, the hidden Peng soldiers rushed from the walls, houses and woods to the houses in the streets. I saw a young army official running in the streets with a knife on horseback and shouting, "King Peng ordered, kill, kill, kill.". I witnessed with my own eyes the extremely tragic scene of Peng people's bloodbath in Xiejing. The frenzied killing lasted from early morning to afternoon,smart board interactive whiteboard, and the city was full of Peng's cavalry in blue and white helmets. Their swords were crimson with human blood, and their armor was spattered with blood stains and strange shapes of minced meat. The city resounded with the cries of the slain before they died. The disheveled and dishevelled people of Xiejing fled here and there. I saw several men climb up the wall in the chaos. They were soon hit by arrows. I saw them fall from the sky like falling stones, crying in despair. hsdsmartboard.com

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Wu Zetian