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Yin Xiao Xi -- Yiye Qingchen Full-time Job

Feb 21st, 2023 at 06:16   Engineering   Saransk   78 views
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At present, there is no reason not to eat delicious food. He's got hors d'oeuvres, vegetable rolls and a drink. Slow down. Save your stomach. There's dinner and dessert in the back. "Well, I stayed early and didn't eat all afternoon.". Hungry, "as he spoke, he looked at Tan Yichen and said a good word, which made her miserable and pitiful. It made Tan Dashao feel a lot of pain. He was willing to order the servant girl to feed her water and run errands." What about Michelin? "It's in your stomach." "I want to eat their snacks," he added, "I want to eat them very much." Lick your lips. Get up and hug her. "Walk!" The atmosphere of this kind of banquet after the meeting is relaxed and quite free. There is no rigid seating arrangement. It is completely open. Those who talk happily can find a seat in the leisure area to sit down and chat while eating, or have a few drinks. Tan Yichen is completely to accompany Ye Xiao to eat, now or before the meal, dinner did not go, had to lead her to the backstage. The phone vibrates. It's Manager Zhou of the branch. "Mr. Tan, the president of French Aylan Company is in the lobby. He is interested in cooperating with Mr. Tan. Would you like to meet him?" "Just deal with it and pretend I'm not here." Think about it, I feel that I should be polite to talents. "Well, Manager Zhou, I am very optimistic about you." Hung up the phone smartly. In the backstage operation room, the top chefs are shaping their own "works of art" in an orderly manner. While one was not paying attention, Tan Yichen came out with a plate in one hand, and the two of them went into the side hall next to him. You don't eat? The little thing had a conscience, so he stepped forward and sealed her lips. Before he could swallow the salmon, he said contentedly, "Well, it tastes good. Let me show you the dessert." Then he left Ye Xiao in a daze and said, "It's too presumptuous. It's against him. Where is my majesty?!"! Chocolate brownie,mulberry leaf extract weight loss, pine nut cake. Ye Xiao was very spineless to be knocked down by sugar-coated shells, that's all. In the cup was a grapefruit drink, with a ring of pink sugar of the same flavor around the rim and a white milk cake bar on top. When you're full, go to my father. "The overlord is busy with government affairs." Sitting down to stop Ye Xiao who wanted to go, he kept his arm across the front of him, the other on the back of his waist, and hugged him from his side. Ye Xiao did not stand firm, his posture was strangely caught between Tan Yichen's legs, and his hands were propped up on his left leg. Chest soft,carnosic acid price, unstoppable over his arm, his thick breath just sprayed on her neck, stirring Ye Xiao itching to hide, "I told him I'd go home first." "Don't move." Tan Yichen gave an extremely depressed low drink. Ye Xiao's body was fixed, and when he was hiding, he scratched his hands and stopped on his shoulders, and the flat mouth of his bra was coming to his eyes. Tan Yichen in the heart burst a foul language, he is not Liu Xia Hui, his family two times the spirit, energetic, not to mention by the little thing in front of a tease. Go find your dad. I'll take you home later. "Oh." Then he ran out and ran into Simon who came out of the operation room. Sorry Then seeing that he was a foreigner, he said "Sorry." And ran away. Let go of her, Tan Yichen hurriedly stepped to the air outlet of the air conditioner, turned down the temperature again and again, and the white gas hit his sweaty forehead one by one, until he felt a headache, then he restrained a little and closed his eyes to calm himself down. It took some time to find her in the lobby, lycopene for skin ,rosmarinic acid supplement, where she was talking to a male species, standing next to her father and a middle-aged man. After tidying up, he stepped forward, "Hello, Director Ye, I'm Tan Yichen." Be polite. Ye's father certainly knows the number one. "General Manager Tan, you are young and promising." "You can call me Xiao Tan." The three adults were polite over there, and Ye Xiao had already stopped talking to Gu Wei. When she found her father, Gu Wei and Uncle Gu happened to be there. This was the first time they had met since the hospital. They both tacitly broke the awkwardness. Goodbye was also a friend, restoring the appearance in the eyes of adults. From Gu Wei's point of view, he could clearly see the man's big hand sticking behind Ye Xiao's waist, and of course witnessed Ye Xiao's unevasive attitude. Director Ye, you're busy. I'll send Ye Xiao back first. Ye Dad does not know the situation, "where can trouble you, let Gu Wei go back with her.". ” "Dad, he's Tan Yixi's brother, and he's very familiar with Ye Chi." Ye Xiao answered. Oh, then please Xiaotan. "It should be." The two old people did not understand this sentence, so they felt that Tan Yichen should have good appearance, talent and education. Gu Wei declined their kindness to carry him, "I wait for my father to go back together, you go first." In Ye Xiao's ear, he said, "I don't want to be a light bulb." He turned around and went into the hall. Ye Xiao glanced at Tan Yichen in the car and smiled shallowly. There was no expression on Tan Yichen's face all the way, and Ye Xiao did not know where to provoke the Buddha. Blowing the wind all the way, to the community, he did not put her downstairs, but carried her around to the back of a building downstairs. He got out of the car, went to Ye Xiao, opened the door, pulled her out, and hurried to the elevator. Wrong, not here. She shouted in the back, and he dragged her into the elevator without looking back. Before the door closed, he pressed her against the mirror, holding her fluttering arms with both hands, and invading with the tip of his angry tongue. Tossing and sucking her lips, the tongue with enough lubrication wrapped around her uvula, slippery. Ye Xiao has always been a good student, this aspect is no exception, in the previous "confrontation" with Tan Yichen, her experience is not accumulated in vain. Stop the resistance on his hands, he also reduced the strength, she admitted that she had indulged in the arms of Tan Yichen, he kissed her heart trembling, want to ask for more. Climb on his shoulders, encircle his neck, reach into him, and the dexterous uvula learns to set off a storm in his mouth. Ye Xiao's initiative surprised Tan Yichen, slowing down the pace and enjoying the taste she offered. The number jumped all the way to 16, the door opened, Tan Yichen picked up Ye Xiao and stepped out of the elevator, took out the key, but always could not fit. Ye Xiao took the key and opened the door. Looking out of the window,phycocyanin spirulina, he was facing his own house. So, the heart is clear. Put me down. Chin on his shoulder, whispering. prius-biotech.com

Company Description
Yin Xiao Xi -- Yiye Qingchen