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Yingtong The president's fake girlfriend ... Full-time Job

Nov 24th, 2022 at 08:13   Independent & Freelance   Gavrilov-Yam   62 views
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Jiang Xue Gu Nian Lord's grace, although not fainted to death, but also sad heartbreak, heart such as fried. On the one hand, she had to take care of Yao Xian. She managed to endure her grief, rub and shout, and wake Yao Xian up. She almost fainted. When Yao Xian woke up, she stared at her dead mother in a daze. Suddenly she stamped her foot and pointed to the side where Xiao Yi lived. "I won't kill your whole family," she scolded. "I'm definitely not human!" Turn round to cry again: "Mom is at ease follow my father to go, what you say, the daughter also cannot forget a word!" Finish saying, one is anxious, "wow", spit out a mouthful of blood. Jiang Xue put her arms around Yao Xian's shoulder and said, "Miss, now that my aunt has been driven to death by her enemy, there are still many things to be done behind her. If you cry like this, people will listen to you. Don't say that it's hard to avenge yourself. It's still hard for us to stand here.". Since he was going to take revenge, the first thing to do was to take care of himself, bury the aunt quickly, and do as she said. "What's the use of making your enemies laugh in vain when you are so sad that people are worried?" "Sister," said Yao Xian, "you and I have been ordered by our mother to be sisters in need. Don't call us that. You're right, but mom made a mistake and made the whole village enemies. Now that a man is dead in his bed, what face should I have to listen to gossip? I am in a mess at this time. Although you are my sister, you are only a few days younger than I am. Please try to be in charge. Jiang Xue said, "Since it is mother and sister's love, there is no need for sister to say empty words.". Supposedly dead, dead, mother has committed suicide, they will never become enemies with our poor daughter,Inflatable outdoor park, nor will they be so mean and gossip. Mom did things, to be fair, it's no wonder that they made the public angry, but they shouldn't push people too hard. Especially Xiao Yi should die, this revenge is not reported, mother in Jiuquan will never be able to close her eyes. The elder sister came forward to look for someone to bury her, and they had nothing to say about what the village should do as usual. However, the elder sister was greatly hurt at this time, and she was thinking of her mother's enmity, so it was hard to avoid showing too much color. This burial is not easy to get close to the enemy. The younger sister is duty-bound to do this, and the elder sister will pretend to be ill even if she is not ill, not to mention that she is really too sad and physically weak. The elder sister can pretend to be seriously ill and sleep beside her mother. When she sees someone coming,Inflatable meltdown, she just kowtows and cries bitterly without saying anything. Everything is done by the younger sister. I think although Hsiao Yi is a great enemy, on the one hand, he can't get away with this, and on the other hand, he knows that he has done something wrong to others. From his tone, if the Hsiao family's aunt hadn't gone crazy and made trouble, it would be hard to guarantee that she wouldn't have the heart to seek perfection. If she heard that her mother had died tragically, she would certainly pity us. Happy to play the trick and take advantage of the situation. At this time, he was the only one to report the funeral, and let him arrange the disposal, which could be done immediately. Jade brother brother, mother disease crazy, reveal the truth, mother died today, Xiao's aunt died of illness, not to mention, do not die of illness is to be bullied by the whole village, the same inevitably suffer. Although they and surnamed Xiao are brothers of the family, but friendship is not as deep as Cui, Huang two families, but also a disaster root seedling, inflatable bounce house with slide ,Inflatable water park on lake, will not allow them. At present, it is the time for the mud Bodhisattva to cross the river, and it is difficult to protect himself. Just now I went to visit him, and many people came in and out to abuse him. If you don't come for a long time, you can see that the situation is critical. He and his sister are so good that in this situation, it is difficult to send a letter. Apart from the head of the village, we only report our funeral to his family. Isn't it more obvious that we are close and that both the old and the young are members of the same party? In order to make people suspicious, for the harm of the other day, it is useless to do things. In this time of apprehension and fear, not only should he not appear to be intimate with his brother now, but he should be as distant as possible in front of all before he joins forces to avenge himself. Yao Xian is lonely at this time, no relatives, in addition to Jiang Xue, only Xiao Yu is her relatives. First, I blamed him for not coming. Just as I was thinking about Jiang Xue and his funeral, I felt a little bitter. When I heard Jiang Xue's words, I began to wake up. Knowing that he was hurt too much, his mind was confused, and his actions were all wrong, it would be better to let Jiang Xue make all the decisions, which would be more appropriate. "My dear sister," he said, "I'm in a daze. It's up to you to decide what to do." Since her master rescued her in distress, Jiang Xue has treated her in the same way as her little master, studying and practicing martial arts, all together. Seeing the tragic death of the master, the young master regarded him as his own flesh and blood, and became more and more excited. He was already determined to be sharp and anxious. Hearing this, he said, "Now that you believe me, sister, you can only bend over your mother. When you see someone coming, you can't afford to cry.". The other sisters don't have to worry about it. Don't be really sad. If you stay here, you can get things done. My sister has gone. Yao immortal has lost his soul, always sad and anxious, do not know what to do. "Good sister," he said, "I have no choice but to rely on you now. Hurry up and go back. "Jiang Xue advised again:" Take advantage of this time, eat on the table ready-made food, barely eat some. If you know that people are the most important, you must take care of yourself. When they were young, funerals were held in front of outsiders, and they still had to be pretentious. Before the night came and the people dispersed, they would not be able to eat even if they were hungry. The younger sister is just as sad, and she is more open-minded than the elder sister. "Things have been decided. There's no need to be busy for a while. I'll be relieved to see my sister eat something before I leave." As he spoke, he picked up some ready-made New Year's snacks on the table and ate them. Yao Xian was determined to take revenge at this time. Although he was reluctant to suppress his grief, he did not mourn too much. In the end, he suffered great pain. Five things were like knots. How could he swallow them. Seeing Jiang Xue's gallant advice, she ate very naturally and did not want to brush her good intentions. At the time of employing people, she was afraid that she was oversensitive, so she barely earned it and picked up a piece of eight-treasure cake with chopsticks. Before the entrance, I saw the pulp of the melon kernels peeled by myself and my mother two nights ago, and I couldn't help but shed tears again. Seeing this, Jiang Xue sighed and said, "After I leave, I'll think about it carefully.". Plan to revenge, just sad useless, the first energy body is to be strong to go. When I see my sister like this, I'm going to be sad. I can't eat any more. I'd better take some to eat on the way. In any case, the village is full of enemies, and I, as a maid, am not afraid of their jokes as usual. Yao Xian was also afraid that she would be sad, so she quickly wiped away her tears and took a bite of the cake. Jiang Xueguo took a few snacks on the table, got up and went out of the house. He put on his snow gear, spit out the food in his mouth, and threw away the snacks in his hands. He sighed softly, "Have I ever really wanted to eat?" Say,Inflatable water park factory, a mouth full of silver teeth a mistake, spat into the snow, step on the snow to Xiao Yi home. joyshineinflatables.com

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