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Yingtong The president's fake girlfriend ... Full-time Job

Nov 15th, 2022 at 09:04   Marketing & Communication   Pavlovo   37 views
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As soon as he took out one of the little demon's hearts and threw it into the stove, he suddenly saw a flash of blue light in the shadow of the woods under the moonlight. Although the demon was not one of the few people in the alien sect, he was not an ordinary person either. He had recently learned a few magic methods from a famous accomplice, and had been trained in the black silk. Finally, he had been a formidable enemy for a long time. Fengzi was just eager to look forward carefully, but carelessly, the sword in his hand flashed behind him, and he saw the movement. The demon was originally ruthless, but as soon as he found someone, he hurriedly made the demon throw the heart of the little demon back, and with a loud shout, he put the black silk up and flew towards Fengzi. Although his black evil silk refining method is the same as that of the demon corpse Gu Chen, for one thing, the skill of the demon way is far different from that of the demon corpse Gu Chen, and for another, it is not refined by the gas of the poison fog condensed by the poor Yin of the earth orifice, which can withstand the treasure of the immortal family refining demons, so it becomes a wisp of smoke and flies away with the wind. When the demon saw that the black silk had gone out without success, he guessed that the man was not weak. Then see the enemy jump out, raise the sword to stab, the demon way to see the enemy only a good sword, and can not fly out of hand, operation freely. In the heart certainly, which also allows the wind son to approach, the robe sleeve raises, then has a yellow light to fly out the hand. Fengzi thought that the yellow light was the same as the black silk. When he raised his sword to lift it, he felt very heavy as soon as he touched it. Only then did he realize that the enemy was a flying sword. He was surprised. Fortunately, he was gifted and agile. As soon as he saw that the head of the sword was pressed by the yellow light, his strength was not small. He hurriedly used the method of using the real to resist the virtual according to the true biography of Emei. The next one is in the air, the next one is on the ground, one is green and the other is yellow, and the two rays of light come and go and collide endlessly. For a while, it was too close to call. The demon first thought that the light of the sword would fly out, and the enemy would be wounded unless he died. He saw that the man was fighting with his own sword light with a sword in his hand. The blue light was not weak. Although he could not use it at will like his own sword light, he relied on his agility and excellent swordsmanship. He was as tall and short as lightning. In this short time,CNC machining parts, it has been seen that people are not ordinary. Plus covet that sword, intend to sword two, one hand command the yellow light in the air and come to fight, secretly in the display of magic. Fengzi was thick and thin. He knew that the sword could not break the yellow light, and the enemy could use the flying sword at will, but he had to spend all his strength to resist it. If he was slightly negligent, he would suffer from the yellow light, and his life would be in danger. After a long time, he must have lost his strength and suffered losses. He had already had the idea of retreating. But the enemy's yellow light is very tight, Hugh said to escape, even dodge can not. When he was in a hurry, he suddenly felt that the yellow light had slowed down a little. As soon as he stole a glance in his busy schedule, the demon said that his fingers were dead and his lips were moving. Just expected the enemy to make a mystery, suddenly heard a strange smell, black smoke, split face flying, immediately two eyes a flower, car radiator cap ,Stainless steel foundry, two temples straight out of the stars. Shout: "Not good!" With all the strength of his life, with a loud shout, he stepped up, and with a white rainbow through the sun, he danced with his sword into a large circle and went straight into the forest. It is also Fengzi who should not die. On the one hand, the skill of the demon is ordinary, but the power of the flying sword is not enough; on the other hand, when exercising the demon method, he is distracted. When the wind rose vertically, it was catching up with the yellow light. The demon knew that Fengzi's sword was so powerful that he was afraid of hurting his own flying sword. Whenever Fengzi met the enemy fiercely, he always withdrew and came back again. This time I just retreated a little, and I happened to put the black silk up. I thought that Fengzi Flying Sword was caught by the yellow light. I paid attention to the air, and it was difficult to take into account the situation. I just wrapped it up and fell down. I never expected that Fengzi would use this unique skill to save my life in Emei Swordsmanship. Huang Guang withdrew at the right time. When Fengzi's sword passed by, the black smoke was still scattered. When Huang Guang flew forward again to take the enemy's head, it was just when Feng Zi broke the black silk, and even with his sword, he met him. Fengzi seemed to hear the two swords meet, clanging, the body has jumped into the forest, flying away. The demon saw that the black smoke was about to fly in front of the enemy. The enemy had just fallen from the sky and had not yet touched the ground. At the same time, his flying sword flew out twice and attacked twice. This situation was extremely difficult to dodge. Unexpectedly, as soon as the enemy's feet touched the ground, like dragonflies touching water, they suddenly rose again, the sword light lifted, and the black smoke scattered with the blue light on the enemy's hands. Startled and angry, he suddenly saw that both the green and yellow lights were flying up like lightning. As soon as he touched them, he felt his vitality shaking. Knowing that something was wrong, he wanted to take it back, but it was too late. The yellow light was struck by the blue light, and a few yellow stars fell. Like a flying yellow snake, it was hit at the waist with a heavy object, and it meandered and stirred across the river. It's a pity to know that the flying sword is injured. Looking at the enemy again, he jumped into the forest and became more and more furious. One hand designated the flying sword in the air, and then returned a move, the black smoke in the stove like a chimney just lit, vigorous, rolled up hundreds of black belts, with the demon behind, straight to the forest. By this time, Fengzi was like a frightened bird. As soon as his feet touched the ground, he did not even look back. He fled forward. Flee not far, then listen to the wind behind the head, the demon way to chase, a wind how fast the soles of the feet, eventually not as fast as the demon way to escape light flight. About to flee to Taniguchi, suddenly changed his mind: "How can I be so timid today?"? If you can't defeat someone, you'll die. How can you bring a ghost into the house and bring your eldest brother into trouble? On second thought, the pace slowed down a little, and in a twinkling of an eye, the demon was not far behind him. Seeing that he could not escape anyway, Fengzi turned his heart and pulled out the iron mace behind him. Just as he was about to turn around to meet the enemy, the yellow light and black smoke of the demon path flew in at the same time. Feng Zi was at ease to fight to the death. He held a mace in one hand and a frost sword in the other hand to perform Emei swordsmanship. He danced in the wind and rain. This time the demon had already made up his mind. Seeing that Fengzi turned around to meet the enemy, he knew that his sword was a fairy sword, so he did not come forward. He let his sword fly and dance, and only set off yellow light and black smoke at the same time to surround Fengzi. Wait for the wind to disperse,Investment casting parts, and then take advantage of the void and take his life. Less than half a cup of tea, Fengzi saw the enemy's intention and gnashed his teeth in the dark. Thought: "If you go on like this, sooner or later you will die of exhaustion.". autoparts-dx.com

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