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You Jian Jianghu-Liang Yusheng _ txt Novel Paradise Full-time Job

Mar 14th, 2023 at 05:15   Real Estate   Balashov   7 views
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The busking man hurriedly shouted, "Your Excellency, you can't!" He stretched out his hand to pull the officer away, but before he could say anything and pull the officer, he heard a "click" and the girl grabbed the officer, broke his wrist bone and grabbed his steel knife. The girl sneered, "If you say I'll rebel, I'll rebel. So what?" With a knife, he made a gesture to kill the officer. "Miss," cried the man hurriedly, "I can't!" Suddenly, a young man came out of the crowd and beat the busking man. He pulled the girl away and complained to her, "Haven't you made enough trouble?"? Why are you always so nosy? The officer cried out like a pig in pain and rushed out of the crowd. "Wait and see, smelly girl," he scolded as he ran! I don't want you to know what I'm capable of. My surname is not Zhang! The people who were watching the scene of bustle were already frightened and fled in all directions. A kind-hearted old man said, "Girl, you're in trouble. The man you beat is the adjutant of the chief soldier of the city. Why don't you go quickly?" The girl pulled the boy away and said, "What do you mean by meddling in other people's affairs? Can you watch this dog official bully people?"? I can't! "Silly sister," said the boy in a low voice, "she is more skillful than you." Busking that little girl came forward to thank, said: "For me to implicate your brother and sister,Blue Bottle Serum, I really feel sorry!" " "Don't say too much," said the man with a smile. "It's hard for a strong dragon to fight a local snake. Now that the trouble has broken out, let's go quickly." In a twinkling of an eye, the spectators, the busking father and daughter, and the brother and sister all left clean. As soon as Miao Changfeng saw the young girl appear on the Grand View Tower, he was shocked and almost suspected that he had misjudged her. It turned out that the girl was Wu Zhuang,Glass Cosmestic Containers, and the boy was her brother Wu Duan. Miao Changfeng had no time to elaborate with Yun Ziluo and hurried downstairs with her. Unfortunately, it was a slow step, and when they arrived at the scene, all the people were gone. Miao and Yun wandered about in the garden, asking people when they met, but they didn't know who they were. Some of them regarded them as spies of the government, saying they didn't know. Others advised them to run away quickly so as not to cause trouble. But even those who had no suspicion of them did not know the direction in which the Wuduan brothers and sisters had fled. It turned out that there were rockeries and trees everywhere in Daguanlou. Although Miao Changfeng was looking down from upstairs just now, the Wuduan brothers and sisters fled in the crowd. In a twinkling of an eye, they disappeared. When they came downstairs, of course, it was even more difficult to find them. "It seems that they have escaped from the garden now," said Yun Ziluo. Miao Changfeng said with a wry smile, "It's even harder to find such a big city as Kunming." "Who are they?" Asked Yun Ziluo. "Do you remember the Elder Martial Sister I told you about?" Asked Miao Changfeng. Yun Ziluo said, "Are you saying that I am a bit like your Elder Martial Sister who has passed away, the wife of Wu Dingfang, cosmetic packaging wholesale ,30ml dropper bottle, the Great Hero Wu of Wucheng, Shandong?" "Yes," said Miao Changfeng, "the two brothers and sisters I saw just now are the children of my Elder Martial Sister. The man's name is Wu Duan and the woman's name is Wu Zhuang. I broke up with them at Hongze Lake a year ago, and I didn't expect them to come here. Not long after they left the garden, they saw the officer with a group of soldiers running to arrest people, and a few tourists who had just stepped out of the garden gate were stopped by the soldiers for questioning. "Shall we go to the Western Hills to play?" Asked Yun Ziluo. Miao Changfeng thought for a moment and said, "The busking man is an old Jianghu. It seems that they probably won't stay in the city. Let's go." Miao Changfeng was unhappy all the way. Yun Ziluo comforted him by saying, "Life is fixed. If I could see them, I wouldn't have to look for them.". Fortunately, they all have a body of martial arts, and I don't think they will be easily caught by the Eagle Claw. Miao Changfeng said, "I miss my elder martial sister who passed away. She has been very kind to me since I was a child.". After she and her husband died, I was ashamed that I couldn't take care of her children. It was not until last year that I met their brother and sister. "I know," said Yun Ziluo with a smile. When you were a child, you had a fight with a brother named Hao for your elder martial sister. "Thought:" a person is always bound to have some bitter or sweet memories of the past. Of course, Brother Miao and his Elder Martial Sister are not the love between men and women, but in his life, his Elder Martial Sister is undoubtedly his most beloved person. I'm afraid part of the reason why he and I became bosom friends was because I was like his elder sister. Can not help but think of her and Meng yuanchao's past, the heart is at a loss. Although her feelings for Meng yuanchao are not the same as Miao Changfeng's feelings for Elder Martial Sister, her deep nostalgia is the same. "What are you thinking about, Ziluo?" Asked Miao Changfeng. "It's nothing," said Yun Ziluo. I remember you told me that Wuzhuang had a good friend named Liu Kang, who was an important person in the Heaven and Earth Society. "Yes," said Miao Changfeng, "I'm thinking of Liu Kang, too. He is a big man, and his temperament is very congenial to me. But I am a little strange, Wu Duan brother and sister and he was together, now how can not see him? "Maybe he's in Kunming, too," said Yun Ziluo, "but he didn't come to the Grand View Garden today." Miao Changfeng suddenly remembered Liu Kang's temperament and said, "Liu Kang is both civil and military.". He is not only a heroic Jianghu hero, but also a literati with a bit of celebrity temperament. He likes to visit mountains and rivers very much. "Then maybe we'll meet him in the Western Hills," said Yun Ziluo. Miao Changfeng said with a smile, "There is no such coincidence." Arriving at the Western Hills, the sky is clear at noon, and the sky is blue, which is the best weather to visit. Overlooking the land of Yunnan, the clouds, shadows, and ripples looked like a picture. Sure enough, it was written by Sun Yanweng's long couplet. It gives people a feeling of "boundless and boundless happiness". When Yun Ziluo ascended the Western Hills, she was suddenly enlightened and said with a smile, "No wonder people say that the Western Hills are a beautiful place in Kunming. It really lives up to its reputation." Miao Changfeng said with a smile,16 Oz Clear Plastic Bottles With Caps, "Up there, there is even more beautiful scenery to see." The mountain is getting more and more strange and dangerous. When it comes to "Dragon Gate", it is even more shocking. penghuangbottle.com

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