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Zhu Xian 1 Full-time Job

Nov 24th, 2022 at 05:47   Marketing & Communication   Dagestanskiye Ogni   64 views
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But at this moment, the big fellow to red magic eye red awn to attack the fire stick, nature is without success, this is Zhang Xiaofan young and ignorant, carrying a treasure and don't know, if it is a thousand years ago that the evil religion ancestor black-hearted old man, with a single devouring blood bead, only a few dance, then the big fellow sucked blood dry flesh shriveled, only a red magic eye in his body dripped around. It's just that none of the people present could think of these incredible things. When the big fellow was concentrating on the enemy but still couldn't stop Zhang Xiaofan from approaching slowly step by step, the young man with an evil face standing beside him in silence from the very beginning suddenly sneered: "Old and old, your red demon is useless. Even a few young people can't deal with it." Thanks to your scolding of wild dogs just now, I think it's better to give up your position as suzerain to me. The big fellow and the young woman on one side both changed their faces. The beautiful young woman frowned first and said, "Lin Feng Daoyou, it's a formidable enemy at the moment. Why did you say such a thing?" Lin Feng, who had an evil look on his face, took a glance at the people of Qingyun Gate. When he saw Lu Xueqi, he took a special look. Then he said with a sneer, "These yellow-haired boys are also great enemies. Then why should our Blood Refining Hall have a foothold in the Holy Gate of the Immortal Sect? How can we talk about restoring the great cause created by the black-hearted old man's predecessors thousands of years ago?" The big fellow surnamed Nian shot a red awn at Zhang Xiaofan, temporarily stopping his progress. Then he said angrily to Lin Feng, "What else can you do besides boasting? Why don't you come up and have a try?" With a strange smile on his pale face, Lin Feng said, "Well, I'll convince you." He took out a golden fan from his bosom and fanned himself. All the people at Qingyun Gate heard their conversation, and they were a little more alert to the young man who was full of evil spirits. But after a long time, they saw that the young man was just shaking his fan slowly,ultrasonic handheld welder, but he did not move at all. They were all stunned. Could it be that Lin Feng is really just a boastful talker? That year, the eldest brother was even more angry with him. He said angrily, "Lin Feng, if you don't have the ability, just stand aside. I can deal with these young people. I don't need you to speak coldly and look at your own ability." As soon as Lin Feng's face changed, he snorted coldly and said, "I didn't want to join hands with you to win, but now I don't show my hands. Do you still think I can't cheat you?" As he spoke, he threw the gold-painted fan in his hand into the air, and the whole fan,ultrasonic spray nozzle, with a faint golden light in the air, opened with a brush. On the golden fan, a mountain, a river and a ROC are painted with meticulous brushwork, which is exquisite and lifelike. Wind, clouds, thunder, lightning. This was deep underground, inside the ancient grottoes, and there should not have been such a vision, but at the moment there was such a scene in front of the ears of the four people at Qingyun Gate. Suddenly there was a loud noise, and the fan trembled in midair. After a moment, the mountain in the painting in the fan moved out, and it grew as long as the wind. In the rumble, it grew as high as a hundred feet. It almost filled the huge space, and then it pressed down on the four people of Qingyun Gate like Mount Tai. Zhang Xiaofan turned pale with fright, but when he saw the huge object pressing down on his head, he was unable to resist it at all. He didn't care much about it. He kicked back with all his strength and flew back. Seeing the mountain pressing down, ultrasonic spray nozzle ,ultrasonic emulsifying machine, he still had half of his body inside, and was about to be pressed into two halves. Suddenly, his back collar was pulled out abruptly. Zhang Xiaofan looked back, but it was Qi Hao who saved his life. At this critical moment of life and death, he suddenly felt a burst of inexplicable bitterness in his heart, but he still whispered, "Thank you, Elder Martial Brother Qi." Qi Hao where will think of this boy's heart, all over the face serious only slightly nodded, he just stood a little later, back faster, see Zhang Xiaofan just in the side, conveniently pulled him. But in front of this sudden huge hill is a headache, only to see this hill crashed down, suddenly the ground shook, the stone wall trembled, even more than a hundred feet of rock dome has also fallen rubble like rain, the power is so great that it is alarming. Ceng Shushu also retreated, but his face was full of astonishment. "Mountain and river fans!" He said in astonishment! This is the gatekeeper's magic weapon of Fengyue Laozu in Jieshi Mountain. How could it fall into the hands of this man? Everyone is a surprised, Zhang Xiaofan is still, but Qi Hao has a wide range of experience, but he knows that this Fengyue Lao Zu is a famous Xiuzhen of Qingxiu on Jieshi Mountain in the East. He has profound Taoism and is quite famous in Xiuzhen Taoism. He usually acts between good and evil, and there is no great evil and he is at peace with the world, so the right way and the evil way did not provoke this person. I just didn't expect that this young man would appear among these sorcerers with the magic weapon of Fengyue Lao Zu. The crowd was surprised and uncertain, but the mountain rose into the air again without mercy, and did not know how much magic power it would take to move this huge thing. The stone wall was behind them, and there was no way to retreat. On the huge hill, the rocks were like rain, lightning and thunder. At this critical moment of life and death, the people of Qingyun Gate were in a hurry. As soon as Qi Hao gritted his teeth, he would come forward and protect the people with six mirrors, intending to resist the huge mountain. Suddenly I saw a flash of blue shadow, Lu Xueqi suddenly appeared in front of the three people, with a clear roar, but saw the blue light soaring, "Tianyi" Shenjian Dragon Yin out of the scabbard, immortal gas, straight into the dome. The thunder in the sky was even more urgent, and the mountain, with its invincible momentum, was about to crush four people into meat pies under its hood. Lu Xueqi's face was like frost, and her long hair was flying in the wind, like a nine-day fairy! The body of the sword trembled slightly, as if it sensed the master's heart, like an angry dragon leaping into the sky, soaring into the sky, thousands of blue lights instantly illuminated the whole huge cave, merged into one in the air, and cut the mountain with one sword! "Zheng!" Sand flying stone walk, the wind howling, people staring at the air, but only saw a huge airflow, almost like a tangible thing to rush around, Lu Xueqi people in the air, face blood suddenly lost, the whole person was a huge anti-shock force straight into the stone wall. But the mountain was cut down heavily by the blue light pillar, and the pressure stopped. It trembled a few times in midair. After a loud noise,ultrasonic sonochemistry machine, it shrank back. In a moment, in the flying sand and stones, the whole mountain disappeared and reappeared in the mountain and river fan. fycgsonic.com

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