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Zhu Yanxue. Red Cotton Full-time Job

Dec 7th, 2022 at 08:03   Medical & Healthcare   Davydkovo   87 views
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"Ha ha, so Sister Rou likes to play like this?" As soon as Brother Long thought that Bing Rou was flirting with him, he was immediately in high spirits. With one arm around Bingrou's slender waist, one hand quickly unbuttoned the top two buttons of Bingrou's jacket, and a big hairy hand immediately reached into Bingruo's underwear and grabbed a plump breast. "Let's play after business.." Bing Rou is not good at struggling, soft language. Xin Dao will endure this in any case. "We can talk about it this way.." The dragon elder brother is rubbing the ice soft rich elastic breast vigorously, now the delicious food is in the mouth, how is willing to put? "Then how will the goods be delivered tomorrow?" Seeing that Brother Long was focusing on his breasts, Bingrou lost no time in asking. At 11:30 in the evening, the goods were picked up at the Moss Pier. It's in the middle of nowhere, and the police don't usually go there. When the time comes, my whole gang of brothers will be out. Take your brothers and meet them there. Seeing that Bingrou had shown full "sincerity," Brother Long also felt that there should be no obstacle to this cooperation, so he stopped hiding it. Moreover, this piece of delicious meat, which had been coveted for a long time, was about to be obtained, and he did not want to annoy the beauty with huge breasts in front of him. Moss Pier? Hasn't it been abandoned for a long time? How you can think of it! Bing Rou laughed. In the heart secretly pleased,uns s31803 sheet, plans how to inform the news as soon as possible the younger sister. "How much do you really want?!" Brother Long asked as he wantonly unbuttoned Bingrou's jacket. The hand that was playing with Bingrou's breasts was reluctant to let go, and the other hand unbuttoned and immediately pushed Bingrou's bra over her two huge breasts, holding the other breast. "No, I'm so ashamed.." Bing Rou's breasts, which she had always been proud of, were now exposed to the eyes of the man who killed her father and allowed to play with them. Brother Long smiled and rubbed Bingrou's snow-white and plump breasts rudely with his palms. Such a perfect breast,x52 line pipe, he is the first time to play, can not help but desire to rise, crotch has already bulged up high. When he couldn't help it, he buried his head, put a nipple in his mouth and sucked it excitedly. Ah.. No Ice soft hit a shiver, a drum of cold from the soles of the feet all the way up to the forehead, the body seems to be a little light. The most important thing was that a strange itching feeling was slowly spreading between her tightly clamped legs, and Bingrou herself clearly felt that she was already a little wet there. It seems that Sister Rou really seldom touches men. Don't tell me you're still a virgin! Long Ge found the red clouds on Bing Rou's face, and his desire to conquer the woman was even higher. More energetically, he trampled the snow-white peaks on Bingrou's chest, the tip of his tongue from the peak of one nipple through the hillside to the valley, and then slowly climbed up another snow-white and smooth peak, fondling around the tip of the nipple. "Ah.." Bing Rou could not help but let out a slight groan. "It's very comfortable, 316 stainless steel plate ,321 stainless steel sheet, isn't it, Sister Rou?" Brother Long grinned. "Oh.." With a gentle hum, Bingrou suddenly sat up straight and blushed, "I.." I'm going to the bathroom.. He broke away from Longge's embrace and rushed into the bathroom with his handbag. This bitch must be soaking wet down there.. It seems that she really hasn't touched a man very much. This time I'm rich! Brother Long licked his lips and thought. Turn around and open a small cabinet behind you, which is a small monitor. Usually this is used to monitor the situation of his men hiding drugs and dividing stolen goods in the bathroom, because it is often necessary to separate different people when dividing stolen goods, this spacious bathroom is actually another hidden warehouse. But now, this monitor can be used for peeping. Brother Long shivered with excitement at the thought that he would soon be able to see the beautiful gangster elder sister's head going to the toilet. "Is it your sister?" As soon as Bingrou locked the door, she immediately took out her cell phone and dialed Hongmian's phone. Tomorrow night at 11:30, the moss pier.. Yes, don't say so much, BY E!. Bing Rou finished, stroked his nervous heart, cut his hair, washed his face, pretended to be as if nothing had happened, and opened the door of the bathroom. As soon as she stepped out of the bathroom door, Bingrou immediately found several black gun barrels aimed at her forehead. Brother Long looked at her angrily with a sullen face and his hands crossed behind the four men with guns. "What for?" Bing Rou said calmly and quietly. You're good, Bloody Cotton! So you want to betray us? Take it! Brother Long, like a little boy who had been deceived in his feelings, roared with red eyes. The two men grabbed Bingrou's shoulders and held them down. "What a joke!" Cried Bingrou. Unexpectedly, the matter was exposed, and she thought quickly about the countermeasures. Her body was pressed tightly on a chair. Brother Long stood in front of her with a sullen face and shouted, "Who did you just inform?"? Say "I told my men to get ready.." Bing Rou made up flustered words, was pressed behind the hand quietly into the handbag, pressed the speed dial button, dialed the pre-set number. "Trying to trick me?" Brother Long slapped Bingrou in the face and felt a burning pain. 'Hello! I'm here to cooperate with you. What do you mean by that? Bing Rou stared at Feng's eyes and shouted. What does it mean? You Suddenly, there was a mess outside. Brother Long turned around and opened the curtain. He saw a man driving a motorcycle roaring in, carrying a machine gun and shooting everywhere. In front of Aqiang, he threw a gun from his bag to Aqiang. Ah Gang has arrived! Bing Rou was delighted, and while Brother Long and several of his men were a little distracted, he flashed down, swept down one of his men, rolled on the ground, rolled behind a desk, quickly pulled out a small pistol from his boots, and fired a shot. "Da-da-da-da.." Several pistols in the office fired fiercely in the direction of Bingrou, and immediately the sawdust was flying, and the things on the table were shot everywhere. Just scruple Bing Rou has a gun in his hand, the dragon elder brother they also dare not approach,x70 line pipe, one by one separately, just to Bing Rou hiding around the table shooting. "Sister Rou, are you all right?" Gang is shouting outside. lksteelpipe.com

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